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Take your pick: Linux on Windows 10 hardware, or Windows 10 on Linux hardware


Pi's could be interesting

If you could chain a few up and run the OS across them, a grid of Pi's would have the power to run the OS and an application and still be relatively cheap.

Could be "a great way of teaching the kids" about clusters..

Ever used VFEmail? No? Well, chances are you never will now: Hackers wipe servers, backups in 'catastrophic' attack


Re: Backups?

What's it matter the VM's authentication when you wipe the images from the hypervisor.

Also, as mentioned above, no pity, a backup server isn't a backup, it's a hot copy at best, three physical locations and an offline to boot. None which may be much use against an ex-employee who's pissed.

Apple puts bullet through 'Do Not Track', FaceTime snooping bug and iOS vulnerabilities


End of Chrome?

If they're going to make changes to prevent adblock extensions then this could make a sizeable dent in their userbase as the switch back to Firefox?

Things that make you go .hm... Has a piece of the internet just sunk into the ocean? It appears so


Obligatory XKCD


Senior slippery sex stimulator sales exec sacked for shafting .org-asmic cyber-space place, a tribunal hears


Re: resumebuzzword.com

I'm pretty upset to find that resumebuzzword.com isn't an actual thing...


Well, still an idiot

If they switched from .org to .com but didn't retain the .org as a redirect (which is not clear in the article but a presumption from the drop in sales) than he is indeed a bit of an idiot.

YouTube supremo says vid-streaming-slash-piracy giant can't afford EU's copyright overhaul


Re: @ msknight

I'd like proper copyright control, the DMCA auto flag stuff is ridiculous, I've had several video's flagged at the moment of upload for non-copyright violations but the code has decided otherwise.

My last one was a bicycle event, I was cycling along with some friends on the Sydney to 'Gong 90k ride, not even four minutes of a nice down hill and interaction with friends, happened to be near someone with a bluetooth speaker playing a song barely audible in the background, in fact, I had to watch the video a few times with the sound cranked to eleven to even pick it out.

It's all a pain in the ass as the monetise or disable something or other. I actually watch a fair bit of original content on YouTube and don't recall watching anything pirate, but then, I'm also in Australia so not affected by this, but, would welcome a change to how copyright is handled as apparently it's not working to prevent copyright infringement and the false positives are very annoying even for us casuals so god knows what it's like for a professional..

SAP slurps up Qualtrics for a cool $8bn, persuades firm not to IPO



As a customer something's been off for months. What was once a reliable platform was wonky as shit and sales teams were lying through their teeth to get us to stay another year, all starts making sense.

Good luck to SAP, they've bought a turkey, what was once the leading edge software has been quickly surpassed by those initially aping it and then capitalising on Qualtrics lack of movement over the last few years. I can get a system that offers all the features, plus a few more, for a whole decimal place less.

And I don't have to log several support tickets a day to get it to work.

And it's not blocked by the likes of Ghostery.

Brit boffins build 'quantum compass'... say goodbye to those old GPS gizmos, possibly



Lot of people talking about subs using GPS - and the article too, however, my watch loses GPS signal in mere millimetres of water. I'm not suggesting the military signals the subs are using are the same as the ones I'm using to log my triathlon, but, they've got to behave to the same physical laws, and if a little water's enough to block one, then a few leagues should impact the other?



Would this work in space? I mean, once you're outside the GPS satellites it must be pretty tricky to work out where you are, star charts can be so accurate but you'd have to have been there before to know where you are and how to get back?

But, if you know you've moved A miles on the X axis, B miles on the Y axis and C miles on the Z axis from Earth, you know how to get back.

Premiere Pro bug ate my videos! Bloke sues Adobe after greedy 'clean cache' wipes files


What an idiot

An external drive used in production for a start with the bottleneck that brings.

An external drive not backed up.

An external drive he couldn't recover the files from when they got wiped from the file allocation table (or similar, depending on the drives format). I mean, on the few occasions I've lost partition information or accidentally deleted a file I didn't want to, I've been able to recover, I've been able to recover co-workers files too, it's fairly trivial with the right tool.

All with such expensive work that he hadn't delivered, even though it hadn't been modified in 90 days..

I mean, bad form from Adobe as that's a stupid fuck up, but, he's also a stupid fuck up.

Foxconn denies it will ship Chinese factory serf, er, workers into America for new plant


Re: In other news, Amazon played a dirty game with its new HQ...

This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever...

It's raining drones, but just one specimen: DJI's Matrice 200 quadcopter


Re: Expensive brick

Given the model was released in 2017 that means the batteries have had ample time to be charged and discharged a fair few times, given they're commercial drones and not playthings, which probably means the batteries can't maintain peak output, so, although not depleted, output isn't high enough and that trips something (a resistor or capacitor is suddenly in the wrong state) and the whole system gets confused and goes down.

Kinda like my Note4 when I tried to open the camera, I'd have a 1 in 4 chance of it just shutting down, ah, those were the days, when you could easily replace a battery in a phone...

Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing


Oddly timed

Given I got an update from Cloudflare today on how there privacy conscious minimal cost system is coming along, about a month delayed, but sounds like a lot of 123-Reg customers will happy switch across when it is up and running...

Grumbling about wobbly Windows 10? Microsoft can't hear you over the clanging cash register


Re: Conditioning.

But do they? I mean, if they did, wouldn't they be using them?

I work at a place where the default machine is a macbook (air for most, I got a pro as I'm a "techie") and the constant moans and gripes about them boggles my mind for a system that's supposed to "just work", not to mention the faff of everyone having a VM as core business applications aren't osx compatible so they have to boot to windows to make them work.

Whereas I just have windows bootcamped, no faff, no fuss, no crashes.

I do wonder what pieces of crap people are running, or what they must do, to make windows so unreliable as it's often lamented as I just don't see it.

I'm not "fanboi", I use linux at home, but, given that's even less compatible with the apps our average run of the mill company needs, there's little alternative and it is fairly robust, especially when you conisder the open ecosystem the OS has to support unlike the closed ecosystem of our flakey macbooks.

(no nostradamus, but, I'm predicting being downvoted to hell here, don't care, fake internet points, I'm just sick of a narrative that doesn't fit the reality I witness).

Facebook, Google sued for 'secretly' slurping people's whereabouts – while Feds lap it up


Re: Good

What I disliked about maps when I had the setting off, is you can no longer store bookmarks for work and home if you disable the tracking.

Tracking my every move I do not want, being able to quickly click "home" and find the relative bus is entirely different, but apparently not to google maps.

My laziness out won my paranoia though as I've re-enabled it, which I guess was their tactic all along.

Well slap my ass and call me Judy, Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 is just as hard to fix as the old one


Re: Battery lifetime?

They're mostly Logitech with Microsoft logo's on them, typed on a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard that oddly uses the same "SetPoint" software as my Logitech mouse...

Crucial P1 minicard flash drive? Not if you grabbed Intel's 660p


Re: I'll never buy another

Oh christ yeah, how bad are Seagate drives, every single one of them died on me, in similar set-ups and use cases as Western Digital drives, which not one has failed (few have wobbled and been pulled before given the chance, but not a fail, unlike the Seagates that would just go down hard).

Huawei's Watch GT snubs Google for homegrown OS


Re: 2-week battery life

What it really needs is wireless charging to get me engaged, if a watch can be charged by placing it on a pad on the night stand without any faffing around pulling out a rubber grommet and orientating a cable (or such) then it doesn't matter too much if it last two weeks, ten days, or three, so long as it gets from being picked up in the morning to comfortably enough left over in case I don't make it home that night then it's fine.

But two weeks is still an interest, I get a bit over a week with my Tom Tom Runner 3, same as a I did with the v1 I had for two years, but, after two years that bit over a week was becoming half a week, so, it should last a few years if the batteries great out of the gate, I'd like to see where the iWatches are that barely last to the next day are in a few years after the batteries been charged/discharged a fair few times...

Samsung’s flexible phone: Expect an expensive, half-bendy clamshell


Re: Typical Samsung

The note 4 is an excellent phone, if I could get the electronics of my note 8 stuffed into the form factor of the 4 I'd be handing over my 8 and a wad of cash in a heatbeat.

Note 7 I think you'll find is the exploding one..

Watch Series 4: What price 'freedom'? About as much as you'd expect from an Apple product


Re: Not for me...

In terms of battery it's why I like my TomTom Runner 3. It has 7hr GPS track (1 more than the quoted iWatch 4) but it'll also last a week just sat on my wrist.

It has a heart rate monitor for novelty value and also a few gb of storage for music, it connects to my running headphones via bluetooth quite well.

So I can go for a jog, a cycle or a swim (waterproof to 40m) and leave my phone at home,which is all the smarts I need out of a watch rather than squinting at my wrist to read a text/email or try to harang an "ai" into voice composing something (I have what could be described as a "regional" accent, people struggle to understad me, nevermind machines, to the point that even the "ok google" activation signal only works 1 out of 15 attempts).

All in a device that costs me $150 AUD (thanks cyclinghereos).

Yes, it's a particular use case, but then I think that was the articles main point too, is that the iWatch is also a very particular use case, mine works for me, I don't feel I'm missing out on what it doesn't offer, as what it does offer, it does rather well, and I only have to charge it each week..

Python lovers, here's a library that will help you master AI as a newbie


Re: this has some potential

AI on an RPi? How long you willing to wait for that task to run?

Cisco sneaks hardcoded secret root backdoor into vid surveillance kit


At this point..

One has to ask, are there any Cisco products without hardcoded admin level accounts on them?

DNSSEC in a click: Cloudflare tries to crack uptake inertia


GoDaddy Confusing

Cloudflare link to GoDaddy's page on how to setup a DS record, however, like so many GoDaddy help files, it's outdated = \


One thing to note Digest Type shows only as a 1 or 2 in GoDaddy but Cloudflare say it should be SHA256 (the help page helpfully doesn't say what 1 or 2 is) - the long way around I found this means it's 2, when using 1 I got an error emailed "Invalid SHA-1 digest".

Timeout you can seemingly ignore, again, help page is of no help, but not entering a figure hasn't stopped me from being able to configure.

So, if you want to setup with GoDaddy as your host, that'll help. Now, to get my employer's to migrate to a better host...

Microsoft: Like the Borg, we want to absorb all the world's biz computers


Re: Testing

Using telemetry to see which users goof off all day on buzzfeed and flag them as the first to get the updates, so, if it doesn't work, at least a useful employee isn't impacted...

Apple in XS new sensation: Latest iPhone carries XS-sive price tag


Re: 6.5-inch OLED Screen

You mean like the last few years of Samsung models?

That said, I used my DeX to see what it's like, then put it in a drawer, as I have enough desktop devices that I really don't need it, as passable as it was.


Re: Emergency call

Just imagine, it's the end of a long day, you've pulled a double to hit a deadline, exhausted you get home and flop onto your couch, asleep before your face hit's the throw cushions, only to be rudely awakened by the emergency services some twenty minutes later...

Australia blocks Huawei, ZTE from 5G rollout


You mean it's not national broken network?

Just how rigged is America's broadband world? A deep dive into one US city reveals all


Re: There's a worse place?

Last flat had 100/40mb NBN (and at one point Netflix said it was off-lining files at 120mb/s during peak times whilst the flatmate streamed the footy = \ ) and new flat has 100/40mb NBN and again performs admirably even at peak times.

Prior to NBN the ADSL was total shite: couldn't get it in my first flat (I moved here five years back) as the exchange was over subscribed, next I got 1.5/0.5, that double to 3/1 a year later as I moved again and then got up to the heady heights of 6/1 before I moved to a wireless broadband box that had a capped speed 10mb/s down and 1mb/s up but worked at that regardless of where I lived (and had unlimited data).

All of these cost more than the $60/m I pay for NBN - all located in the surrounds of the populous city of Syndey (I've lived in Bondi, Bondi Junction, Pyrmont, Brighton-le-Sands, Ultimo and then three different flats in Surry Hills) where ADSL should've been at it's best.

So, there's lots of problems with the NBN rollout, Turnbulls attempts to kneecap it, but, that the actual product in my experience is a vast step forward on the Telstra monopoly of ADSL lines before it.

Fire chief says Verizon throttled department's data in the middle of massive Cali wildfires


Re: Unlimited; that word does not mean what you think it means

Coming to post the same thing - it's amazing that in the same breath they refer to them having unlimited data, up to a limit...

Apple tipped to revive forgotten Macbook Air and Mac mini – report


Re: I love my Mac Mini

For the wife, get her an Intel NUC (or ilk) - we got one for work to run a 60" QHD TV in a meeting room and when we moved office and it was no longer required it found a new purpose as my home TV PC.

We got a middle of the road model (i5) and put 32GB RAM in it and a fast 256gb SSD (all that's needed for OS and apps, actually, a bit overkill) and it's a joy to use, would make a perfect every day PC for all tasks that don't require an enthusiasts GPU in the box and certainly less than the price of a mac mini.

You can pick between m2 or full sata drives and upgrade the ram yourself; chips are baked to the board but usually when I update a chip I need to update the board and memory as everything has a new socket anyway...

Security MadLibs: Your IoT electrical outlet can now pwn your smart TV


Re: I have a "Smart TV"

I found a "dumb" version of the 4k smart tv I wanted right on the same website, in the same section, handily for sixty bucks less, seemed like a "no brainer" ; )

TV doesn't have to have smarts, why build something in that a $30 dongle can do just as adequately and can be replaced/upgraded when the time comes rather than wiping out the whole set, never mind IoT paranoia (whether it's deserved or not).

Who was it that hacked Apple? Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, boy boy boy!


hacky hack hack

What a n00b, everyone knows you call the folder Hacky McHackface...

Google bod wants cookies to crumble and be remade into something more secure


Most browsers allow you to clear cookies on close, so, maybe not when you navigate away from the site, but certainly when you've finished your browsing session, which minimises, if increases your own hassle..

The last phablet? 6.4in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaves you $1k lighter, needs 'water cooling'



Not much to motivate me to move on from an Note8 then, was hoping they'd bring back more of what I missed from the Note4 when upgrading but it's much of a muchness. WIll wait to see if they bring out a 10 and what that offers..

Better late than never: nbn™ DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade starts


But we're not going to tell you..

..who's getting it first, in case they see no change in performance and complain about it online..

Sur-Pies! Google shocks world with sudden Android 9 Pixel push



there doesn't seem to be a single thing in the list that's appealing, sans the "faster and more stable" that they promise on every os update from any company and I've yet to see one that actually was...

OpenAI bots thrash team of Dota 2 semi-pros, set eyes on mega-tourney


Re: How about

Next you'll be wanting communication with team mates to be done in audio or text format too...

Get drinking! Abstinence just as bad for you as getting bladdered


Alcohol Free Wine

Isn't that just juice?

Oz government offers privacy concessions on MyHealth Record


Opt out


Oz digital health agency tightens medical record access as watchdog warns of crim honeypot


Re: No worries, its all good, nothing to see here....

Was going to post the same, in case the article wasn't clear, opt out here:


Samsung touts bonkers-fast 8 Gbit DRAM for phones, AIs


Overwriting cells with zeroes

| the chip avoids overwriting cells with zeroes
Coming soon, the security leak no one could see coming...

Two different definitions of Edge Computing arrive in one week


On the Edge of my seat..

Creep travels half the world to harass online teen gamer… and gets shot by her mom – cops



PC nerds: Can't get no SATA-isfaction? Toshiba flaunts NVMe SSD action


Re: What do I need to specify on my next motherboard?

A 2242 M.2 compatible port using PCI Express using NVMe.

More details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.2

Telstra's mobile networks go TOESUP* in national outage


Woolies too, possibly

Not sure if it's related but Woolworths self-checkouts were down too (least the card only ones, implying they use Telstra backend for card payments). My phone was back online around half eleven (least, that's when I noticed it) but woolies were still out at one.

Second wave of Spectre-like CPU security flaws won't be fixed for a while


Re: Untrusted Code?

And your solution is? We're not running the javascript for shits'n'giggles, it's because it does something we need to do, how do then "trust" the code you need to do the thing you're after and "untrust" that which you don't (beyond current browser whitelisting of sites) which is trivial to setup when you disable javascript by default.

I got 99 secure devices but a Nintendo Switch ain't one: If you're using Nvidia's Tegra boot ROM I feel bad for you, son


Re: Nintendo vs Sony

Same Nintendo that sent let's play youtube videos dmca takedown notices?


Re: Yawn

No so much you get hacked, but now you as a skiddy can hack your console to do cool stuff..

Translating Facebook's latest 'Hard Questions' PR spin – The Reg edit


Re: I'd pay...

Because that's not how you grow ARPU..


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