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Help! My Exchange server just rebooted


@destroy all monsters

Quite so...convince the suits you will provide EMAIL...24x7, no toys!

anything else, prove the worth!

in my case, 9.5years of sendmail & postfix...outages? ohhh the couple of hours 3 years ago when we replaced everything :)

if they want all the other bits, do em on seperate programs and/or servers - and justify them.

otherwise, it's always the sysadmins fault.

I mean, MS is an "industry standard", apparently!

Memo gives full details of Nokia staff cull and closures


history repeating itself....

hohum. Just like palm - into bed with M$, and down the pan.

Tesco Internet Phone rings off the hook

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yeah thanks Andrew!

The man rocks! I found his guide on t'internet a year back - brilliant! Thanks Andrew.

MS botches Office 2010 prices, hikes Professional by £30


ye Gods!

coo.......so what does it do that's different for '07 or '03........is OpenOffice looking better by the minute?

GSHP: The green tech even carbon sceptics will like


Oh what a good idea!

yup - GSHP are a great idea. Until you start trying to find a suitable "govt approved contractor" whose price eats up any subsidy you might be given :(

Also, it's most suited to underfloor heating, as the water is best raised to about 30C rather than 70 for radiators. My own plans fell by the wayside when the cost (not including groundworks) when way over £7K.....and as for having the house converted to be suitable for underfloor - just the 30K!!

Great for a newbuild tho - and I'd recommend underfloor (water) heating, which is all that survived from the GSHP project in the new kitchen.

Windows 7 sales leave Microsoft coffers unstuffed


oh no, not again......

sheeesh...just bought a new laptop toshiba L450D. win 7 home premium. 64 bit. Short on RAM, upped to 4Gb. Added the missing bits (antivirus, malwarebytes, etc). BLUESCREENED!

After a lot of p*ssing about, learning more than I wanted to know, 7 troubleshooter tells me WDDM doesn't like the video driver! (it's a radeon hd3200)....now this might not be M$'s fault, probably AMD's, or Toshs' but as a user (on his day off from work) I am mightly pissed off....

and linux is complicated?

I sense 7 is very, very fragile, marginally better than Vista, but nahhh, stick with XP if you're working, this is just a beta release (in a hurry) making vista definatley an alpha, which joe public is dumb enough to pay for....actually, that does it for me. It's going back to store as not mechantilable quality. (yes, I checked for updates, new drivers, all the website.s...) - and MS - goodbye..

I stick with XP until you produce something the pirates think worth nicking,

Historian slams 'absolutely crazy' UK time zone


here we go again...

without fail, every few years some clown tries to stamp his place in history by making us european

by getting in line with the continent. (A few years back it was Jeffery Archer, I seem to recall).

1. We are geographically west of the rest. fact - the sun gets up here later.

2. notwithstanding the poor scots farmers if for "economic reasons" we should be on CET, get your wage slaves to start earlier! (and let them finish earlier too) But don't inflict your money grubbing on the rest of us!

3. Daylight saving is just that - makes more use of daylight, and must be a Good Thing (tm) cos it's energy saving.

4. I feel much better for my rant....happy winter festivals, folks!

Sony takes on the Kindle


let battle commence!

Accepting AC's idea of not be the target demographic (and the hackable bit!)

Lovely idea - but wayyyyyyyy to expensive - and the cost of the books!

they seem to have a more realistic approach in the states - just good ol' greed here I suppose.

It's not as if it's new technology - just a bigger screen. I wuz reading on my Palm M105.....!

(god I'm getting old)....Sony, cut the price to 99 quid, and charge less than 50% for the ebook versions. might take off then.


Windows XP Mode digs deeper into Windows 7



so where's my vista emulation then?

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