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UK transport's 'ludicrous' robocar code may 'put lives at risk'


Re: Missing the obvious

Humans have to pass a country's driving test before they are allowed on the roads of that country.

Has either the human safety or even the AI passed that test?

I'm a crime-fighter, says FamilyTreeDNA boss after being caught giving folks' DNA data to FBI


Re: Proof of ownership?

I think everyone is leery of being on an automated suspect list.

Is it a bit like being at a party with a policeman, but they're actually not off duty/there to party... They're looking for a suspect?

Or is it the thought of being on the Occam's Razor of well, you were at the crime scene, you are a suspect. If your's is the only DNA and you don't have a water tight alibi, does that make you Prime Suspect?

Even if you do have nothing to hide, the more investigations you are in, the more suspicious it will seem. Or a mistake in processing will be made, resulting in a miscarriage of justice (which is only a miscarriage once it's discovered/acted upon).

Romford Station, smile! You're in London cops' final facial recog 'trial'


This should have been trialed at Parliament.

It's such an important security enhancing tech, that the trial should have been inflicted, I mean tested there to highlight the numerous crooks and fraudsters entering the bastion of British democracy.

I ship you knot: 2,400-year-old Greek trading vessel found intact at bottom of Black Sea


cheap Persian knock offs

perhaps the Antikythera Mechanism was much more popular than we know as the very widespread adoption of the larger cheap wooden Persian knock offs didn't last. The Persian Wars were likely started because the Xerxes model was being forcibly marketed to the Greeks and the introduction of either trade tariffs or an Intellectual Property Rights dispute over the rounded shape of the device being derivative of the Athenian Brass model...

WWII Bombe operator Ruth Bourne: I'd never heard of Enigma until long after the war


Great book about this

Neal Stephenson wrote a great book about the period (amongst another story set in modern times), in the Cryptonomicon.

Made that point precisely about having to not get 100% but also to give the Axis forces enough clues to think other means were the reason the Axis losses occurred.

What did we say about Tesla's self-driving tech? SpaceX Roadster skips Mars, steers to asteroids


Re: It was never going anywhere NEAR Mars

IIRC, Ignition is the one where eager rocket scientists keep blowing fingers off in mad experiments...

This surf-and-turf robot swims using ribbon-like fins. And it's floated for US Navy approval


Re: They remind me of...


I've seen one in in the Red Sea too! Only in the day time.

Our dive master pointed out two little shrimps wandering over it.

Hmmm, should they ape nature to that extent by having generic maintenance bots wandering over it?

Dodge this: Fiat-Chrysler gets diesel-fuelled sueball from DoJ


Re: All this just to avoid using ad-blu

I think some people forget we all live on the same planet.....

Perhaps that should be a selling point - Not the cheapest, but better for all our lungs....

Weird/Obscure Factoid: A quote from Nemesis (1992) when an android is questioned about her eco terrorist actions she replies "I live here too..."

US Air Force networks F-15 and F-22 fighters – in flight!


Re: yep

Didn't the Harrier not do VTO when fully armed/loaded? They used the "ski ramp" to "boost lift" and presumably once finished with a mission were able to VTL as there was less weight.

But I haven't seen any mention of ramps on F35 aircraft carriers... It's all catapults.

Master of Dredd: Judge inker John Higgins speaks to The Reg


Re: Started at Prog 13...

I got it.

Turning into a fly is proof of mutant powers. Mutants were illegal in Megacity One.

Although if he co-operated, he'd probably just get exiled to the Cursed Earth.

NASA agent faces heat for 'degrading' moon rock sting during which grandmother wet herself


Re: Not again...

Surely it was Lunacy they were heading towards...

Microsoft's new hardware: eight x86 cores, 40 GPU cores


Hmmm, maybe LG only reserved the HDMI ports for the higher end TVs. The OLED55E6V does have 4 x 2.0a HDMI ports (http://www.lg.com/uk/tvs/lg-OLED55E6V).

Coming to the big screen: Sci-fi epic Dune – no wait, wait, wait, this one might be good


Re: Make something new

Yeah, I'd love a Lensman movie. Perhaps it's been done already in Anime! I keep seeing animes about Arisia and Lensman but never had the chance to explore. (seems it was really bad).

India trumpets seventh navigation sat launch


Re: I'm no rocket scientist

Yes, well the breed that actually does the propulsion chemicals research usually have missing fingers!

Europe's Earth-watching sat rides Soyuz to orbit


Nice to see the video using the official Register units of mass.

22 buses (presumably Red Routemaster London ones!) of payload.

And yes, wonderful to see international collaboration even if it is on a free market basis.

China's Great Firewall inventor forced to use VPN live on stage to dodge his own creation


Woah, that's quite skewed. Also indefensible with the "only what is most popularly searched on" arguement...

I love you. I will kill you! I want to make love to you: The evolution of AI in pop culture


Re: "In time you will come to regard me not only with respect and awe, but with love..."

Looks like you've picked up on some or Hari Seldon's Psychohistory from Foundation (funnily enough from Issac Asimov!).

Yes, religion is the first step, but what is the second? And the ones after?

IT security is a safe job? Tell that to Norse staff laid off this week


Re: talent upgrade

so the "redundancies" aren't. Isn't there any recourse to litigation for the employees if that's the reason given? I'm sure you can do that in the UK if they hire someone for the same role/purpose having made the original employee "redundant".

Did North Korea really just detonate a hydrogen bomb? Probably not


Perhaps they bought the thing explainer....

Perhaps they were waiting for the right documentation to be published - thing explainer with it's "city burning fire machine"!! It might be coincidence that not long after it was published NK "succeed" in their fusion test.

I guess if they make an "up goer" next (https://xkcd.com/1133/) and land people on the moon, we'll be a bit surer...

You CAN'T jail online pirates for 10 years, legal eagles tell UK govt


Re: I've seen...


Heckling protester at a Labour political party conference in Brighton arrested under Terrorism act.

They mention other instances in the article.

Quantum computers have failed. So now for the science


Re: Simply fascinating...

I thought there were thought experiments which didn't mention any numbers at all.... Indeed, wasn't that the whole point to conceptually work things out?

Perhaps I'm thinking too hard :)

ZX Spectrum 'Hobbit' revival sparks developer dispute


Re: Repeat after me:

heh, I thought Microsoft got there first with those....

Call girl gets six years for Googler's drug death


Re: Dumb and dumber

The more and more I read about the deaths of the rich and famous the more I realise that if I win the lottery (not likely to get there via the day job!), I will

1) Never do illegal pharmaceuticals.

You can get physical highs from parachuting, extreme bungee jumping/rock climbing etc

Or if I do succumb, realise that much like parachuting, best to rig your own gear.

Also if I take a break, when returning, you need much much smaller doses...

2) Never fly my own air vehicle. You're rich. Pay someone else to do it. Leave it to the professionals.

3) Get lots of therapy. With all the rich and famous stuff comes lots of baggage. You're not the first, so learn from other's mistakes and prevent it rather than kill yourself.

ICANN urges US, Canada: Help us stop the 'predatory' monster we created ... dot-sucks!


Re: I read about this a few days ago.

I just went to KevinSpacey.sucks and he's done nothing with it! It's just a blank page...

I thought he was a "creative" ;)

Price slashed on Reg-branded Swiss Army Knife


Re: Leatherman

I too carry the leatherman micra (since discontinued) instead of the much bulkier Swiss Army knife. Maybe it's because I did go for the camping version which had a wood saw and metal file/hacksaw (which I probably used as much as the corkscrew).

NB: it does have the phillips screwdriver (albeit singleblade version).

Lost WHITE CITY of the MONKEY GOD found after 500 years


Re: I always thought...

Heh, there's a lost white walled city in Syria called Al Resafa.

It looks red in the pictures (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resafa) but 1500 years of sand blasting by the desert will do that to white walls.

Blast-off! Boat free launch at last. Orion heads for space


Re: I wonder ...

China is set on the Moon, India seems to be set on Mars.

Prior to those objectives, the US was doing long term biomes and the Russians were investigating year long zero g both of which could have been focused on the roughly 9 month trip to Mars.

But how come no-one's tried Venus?

LG unfurls flexible SEE-THROUGH 18-inch display


See thru Haynes Manual Overlay

Wow, this has been done in the game Hydrophobia where the main character unfurls from a stick a tablet sized see thru screen. She lines it up with some spaceship engine and gets working schematics that allow her to more quickly determine the parts that need repairing.

If this comes out as a finished product, would it kill the nascent Augmented Reality tech companies using smart phones over your eyes? I suspect hands free would only survive in specific niches.

HARD ONES: Three new PC games that are BLOODY DIFFICULT


Super Hexagon - die in milliseconds on your first attempt

BUT - there is a learning curve and you do get to last longer!

I think my record now is 45 seconds.

Then there's the next level Super Hexagoner.

Oh and did I mention Super Hexagonest?

it's actually quite a nice brief game to while away some seconds on twitch reactions.

Indecision kills every time.

You've been warned!

Beyond: Two Souls - the game that thinks it's a Hollywood blockbuster


interactive movies... the best option today is?

Heh, I remember playing DL and when finished (didn't take long as I wasn't particularly good) I turned round to see an audience watching me! I think it was in a department store or something...

Back to the topic, about interactive movies, the more recent Metal Gear Solid Snake games on the PS3 have had lots of cinematic exposition but great gameplay. I find that interactive movie/game quite fun as it keeps the two parts separate. Of course you miss out on the branching play from your game choices, but if that was the most important thing to me, I'd be still playing pen 'n paper RPGs with a human referee.

Ooooh, wouldn't that be great to have a competition where the prize is a award winning script writer referees an RPG? Shall we say Joss Whedon? Bags I play River!

YES, Xbox One DOES need internet, DOES restrict game trading


Re: So...

Have u not seen all of 2001 Space Oddessey???!

Whilst seemingly cool and geeky to have Hal respond "Good Morning Dave, what can I do for you today?"

deep inside you'll be fearing for the response

"I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

Microsoft reveals Xbox One, the console that can read your heartbeat


Re: The sleek, black 64-bit system carries an eight-core x86 processor...

Ooooh! Score for AMD then!

Does anyone know if AMD's stock rose at all on that news?

Ground control to major strum: ISS's Hadfield sings Space Oddity


Heh, noticed in the credits at the end that the music was recorded before he went up.

But still, I'd love to have those problems of how to play in zero/micro G.


Re: It looks awesome

Heh, the most eye opening bit for me was watching the lights go by on the surface of the Earth.

Didn't realise it was all so visible. I mean I've seen piccies before of Earth from space but usually it's the blue and white gem. There are also the "night" shots of Earth showing lit continents but I always thought it was some kind of infrared shot thru the clouds or some photoshop effort....

So to see the lit up continents is as you said "awesome".


That's some tin can!

Gee, in terms of making the grade whilst we can all dream of being Astronauts, what's the actual number of people that have been in space?

I mean that's one select club and correct me if I'm wrong, don't most of them have military backgrounds with air force being the primary? Strangely enough in Sci Fi it's usually the Navy as the term is "space ship" and not "space plane". Sounds horribly wrong doesn't it and with no atmosphere, they definitely aren't planes. But there's no sea either so space ship is just as much an oxymoron.

Space capsules it is then!

Which petite model likes a fondle and GETTING WET? Sony's Xperia ZR


Re: Why aren't all phone water ressistant?

I have the Xperia Active.

That's waterproof to IP67. Look it up on Wikipedia!

The problem I have with it is when immersed in water, the speaker which is covered by a fine mesh that prevents the water penetrating becomes almost impermeable to sound. So it's difficult to hear people after your swim.

Hmmm... Maybe I'll remove the outside cover having gotten a safe distance from said water so I can use it as a phone again (usually for photos whilst swimming).

US Army engineer wins Air Assault wings after repairing hi-tech leg twice

Big Brother

Re: Didn´t get the message

Actually, you forgot to mention marathons or was that deliberate...?

Please don't confuse criticism of the policy for being anti troop. I have a healthy respect for those who are willing to lay their lives down in service of their country.

Unfortunately the average Politician has to be seen to be doing something. Even if it's all smoke and mirrors. Afghanistan and Iraq were that something. Did they find any of those underground bunker complexes that Dick Cheney showed on TV in Afghanistan? Did anyone find WMDs in Iraq?

The ends don't justify the means. Our wars in Afghanistan/Iraq and the prison camp at Guantanomo Bay have become perceived injustices and it doesn't make peace, it makes more willing martyrs.

Big Brother because we've got about as much control over the policy makers as in 1984.

Star Trek: The original computer game


Modern Update - multiplayer!

Artemis is an updated version per se. Each player with their own PC is assigned a station from Science officer to Engineering to Weapons and Comms. Yes there is a Captain's station too. But they don't actually have anything to do!

I managed to get a bunch of friends together to play this and it played out like the game scenarios people have been describing!

Inside the real-world Double-O section of Her Majesty's Secret Service

IT Angle

real deal

For a real deal amongst the US Spec Ops, you might want to check out the Richard Marcinko novels. Whilst the first book is an autobiography (and takes a while to get to the interesting stuff), the rest have to be "fiction". However fictional though, Mr Marcinko adds a realistic amount of detail which one assumes comes from having been there and done it. Also trodden on lots of toes so he's seen as a either a loose cannon or a maverick by the toe owners.

Yeah, and he's about as IT relevant as Bond :)

Panasonic Eluga DL1 waterproof Android


I think it's IP67 compliance that gives the dustproof/waterproofness, not IP57.

I'm the owner of a Sony Xperia Active which is also IP67 compliant. Very useful to go swimming with the kids. Not to mention the food and drink spillages that occur. The wet finger tracking is pretty good but listening and speaking are rather muted until the waterproof membrane bit dries out. However, the panasonic seems to have my Active beat on screen size and processor speed.

The Ruggedization nich seems to be spreading...

Motorola Defy Mini rugged Android smartphone


Re: Question?

The original Defy and Defy+ on which this Defy mini is based are both described on the Motorola website as "Water and scratch resistant and dustproof". They are both actually IP67 compliant which means can be immersed in water up to 1m for 30 minutes. Lots of videos online showing just that!

So if the Defy mini is the same level, I think it will survive British weather (which given the current drought doesn't look even close to giving us floods).

Funnily enough, I bought the Xperia Active which was Sony Ericsson's take on the same rugged niche. Took me a while to find out that was IP67 compliant too.



Re: Haters gonna hate...

heh, if I was you, I'd find the free mod Dystopia.

As I said above, the hacking side of Syndicate is militaristically simplified (honestly don't think Military Command would keep it very complex at all!). Breach most things (grenades, turrets etc) and some side skills like Heal, Damage Amp and Shield. All select and press L1 to apply.

Dystopia is more like Ghost in the Shell in that you drop into a cyberverse with cyber specific skills to hack the system (opening doors, shutting down turrets etc) whilst the nme team counter hacks with offensive and defensive cyber skills. The objectives for one mission for instance involve physically assaulting a firewall node, that then allows your Crackers to compromise the physical security of a nme fortress, to then lowering the reactor shields which are then physically destroyed to allow cyber access to the turrets which protect the data stores. Whilst there are no Tachikomas (the AI mini tanks) the armour and weapons plus the switches between defending cyberverse and physical is pretty evocative of GITS. Oh, and getting defeated in Cyberspace is no fun but sure beats being outflanked in meatspace when a devious nme makes it to the cyber nodes and takes out the entire cyber team...

Thumb Up

I'm a fan of the original so I downloaded the PS3 multiplayer demo of Syndicate.

In the original Syndicate, you watch as a bystander is snatched off the street and efficiently converted into little more than a corporate cyber enhanced meat puppet. Who were these dastardly fiends I thought to myself and as the view point changed to the controller of the 4 man team of agents I thought "who's going to stop this creep" only to have my viewpoint become the controller!

Well the controller has been lost but in multi player you do get 4 autonomous agents with customised cyber augmentation. The missions are supposedly remakes of the original Syndicate missions (u only get the one in the demo) but of course, you don't get the airship view but a much more personal and up close take. It is helped by a "see the enemy" view point courtesy of your advanced hardware. The enemy is various corp soldiers with officer types more proficiently equipped. They take cover and throw grenades enough to give you a run for the money. The mini bosses (turrets, officers etc) tend to have shielding or some armour that requires some by passing requiring breaching. The boss in the demo mission is reinforced with waves of underlings that need to be "managed" whilst other objectives are cleared to allow the boss to be finally taken down.

I'd say it does it's job of giving a dystopian corporate future with teams of agents doing wetwork with lots of "hacking" in a very much script kiddy "Breach" (but to be honest, would the military allow field hacking in any other way?) . The free ones like Dystopia or NeoTokyo take different avenues to applied Miltech/cybertech but I think the new Syndicate borrows enough from it's namesake to be a justified FPS variant.

The Darkness II


Re: Horrible horrible game

lol, IIRC in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, sacrifices are dropped into lava pits and their hearts are ripped out to the calls of Kali Maa!

So no, it's doesn't sound particularly gruesome or horrible.

Now Manhunt on the PS2... that was disturbing.

Whilst an involuntary participant in a "Snuff Movie" (having been secretly rescued from a death row execution), you get the director (excellently played by Brian Cox) whispering in your ear (if you had the PS2 headset mic) about what excellent material you were providing him with in your quest to escape. Utilising things like plastic bags, crowbars, baseball bats etc it was quite a cinematic experience.

All 18 rated of course!

Whistleblower: Decade-long Nortel hack 'traced to China'


"biometric solutions can be broken with a glass of water"

Most intriguing! Is the biometric scanner susceptible to a tipple of the old h2o?

After 5 glasses does the scanner tell you "you're my beshtest friend, go on in...!"

Lego builds Lord of the Rings collection


Actually, whilst the Two Towers and Return of the King were 12 rated, the Fellowship of the Ring was PG rated!

So I let my kids watch that (currently 4 and 7).

And yes, they'll probably be 10 and 7 when they watch the rest.

Hmmm.... I wonder if Lego LOTR the game will be out soon....

FYI That's how the kids got into Star Wars/Indiana Jones via the Lego games on the Wii / PS3

Hong Kong operators fudge unlimited tariff conundrum


Heh, to put things in perspective, most HK ppl are on the free 10MB broadband package. All my friends there pay for 100MB broadband connections and that was about 4 years ago.

So a 5GB cap would be quite detrimental given their upload/download speeds.

And the logo because HK is Pirate Central!

Brit CompSci student faces extradition to US over link site


hyperlinks to dodgy stuff are themselves illegal?

Hmmm.... I was wondering the subject so I checked online. Check this chilling effects brief FAQ about hyper links.


It would seem that it depends on the context of whether you were contributing to the dissemination of illegal stuff.

Whether he made money off of it may or may not be relevant as it may have been an ad banner that meant every page on his website similarly "generated revenue". The question is whether he is culpable of profiting from the end product (the dodgy stuff he was linking to). An entry in the footnotes of an article about copyright piracy I expect would not be culpable, whereas a prominent webite "frontage" would be a whole lot more culpable to me!

Nintendo takes control with next-gen games console


not kid or screen friendly

Remember the first thing Nintendo had to do with the original WiiMote? Issue a great big plastic cushion/cover.

People were throwing them left right and centre (albeit it accidentally) and busting their screens or their relatives/friend's heads. At least the WiiMote always survived.

Now you are gonna have to replace two screens!

And I'm not sure how long they'd survive with the kids, and yes, the old controllers are compatible but then why bother with the new one then?

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back


Playstation 2 was similar in that the memory pipe was huge...

As you correctly stated, you have to design to suit the hardware, and a large pipe means you grab it when you need it. With the HDD option in every PS3, a game can reliably pull data off a drive faster( than it could off the removable media) every so often and probably do the rolling texture update so there is no loading screen for levels. The Xbox 360 sounds like it has to use a slower media (the dvd disk) to read from. Yes, it can be all stored in video memory up front as it has more room, but that sounds like there will be lengthy loading screens.


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