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Vodafone and T-Mobile: 1800MHz bad, 900MHz good



Deviating slightly from the topic but hopefully somebody can advice me why there is no network sharing with Femtocells. Have a works mobile on Orange and personal one on Vodafone, coverage where I live is poor to non existent on both networks. Looked at the Vodafone Access Gateway(Femtocell) but on checking will only work with Vodafone registered handsets, so if I go this route would need two femtocells to resolve??? the problem. Ignore initially the fact that like roaming the networks will charge over the odds, is it feasible to set a femtocell up to cover more than one network. If it isn't then I fail to see the long term benefits for them in homes or managed offices, which is where they seem to be targeted? Can anybody help a baffled consumer.



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