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Great, you've moved your website or app to HTTPS. How do you test it? Here's a tool to make local TLS certs painless

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Re: Lol arcane knowledge of memory management

@Zilla "Nobody ever taught memory management to anyone."

Maybe not to your generation.

Brit boffins build 'quantum compass'... say goodbye to those old GPS gizmos, possibly

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"that we can't even launch without getting permission from the White House?"

Because that last bit is wrong.

Linus Torvalds tells kernel devs to fix their regressive fixing

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Re: A thin line

But you previously stated: "No doubt put in there as a result of poor management. ... unfortunately nobody thought of replacing said management."

I take it they don't do sarcasm where you're from.

'A sledgehammer to crack a nut': Charities slam UK voter ID trials

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Re: 44 allegations

@Loyal Commenter

But as a student your details are present on two different lists in two different polling stations.

Now do you understand the potential issue?

Wait, what? The Linux Kernel Mailing List archives lived on ONE PC? One BROKEN PC?

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Re: £120 for 4MB

First SIMMs I bought cost me £120 per MB

You. Apple. Get in here and explain these iOS slowdowns and batteries – US, French govt reps

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Re: Who's next then?


That is what Apple claim, and they want you to think.

The US and French response is to find if this is true.

I am not sure why so many people seem to leap to Apple's defence based purely on a one-sided interpretation.

One more credit insurer abandons Maplin Electronics

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Time to turn the clock back

Maplin used to be a place with a great catalogue full of electronic components I could order by post or later on on-line.

If they'd stuck with that as their business model rather than insisting they needed high-street outlets, they might not only be in better shape, they could have evolved into a UK competitor to Amazon.

Oops: LinkedIn country subdomains SSL cert just expired

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"If the certificate is invalid then we have no assurance that our communications are secure. We should think of HTTPS with an invalid certificate as the same as using HTTP, anyone could see or tamper with what we're doing online."

Err, no. No it isn't.

Seldom used 'i' mangled by baffling autocorrect bug in Apple's iOS 11

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A☐ see what you did there.

The new, new Psion is getting near production. Here's what it looks like

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Re: Can we stop calling it a Psion please?

I want one for the exact opposite reason - because it runs a standard Linux distribution. It should give me a fully loaded remote terminal/tech support machine that can fit in a jacket. Very useful when out and about for 24x7 support.

DIY music veteran SoundCloud flounders, lays off 40% of staff

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Re: Well....

In fact as a first worlder, isn't London and NYC basically the most identical 2 cities you can pick across countries?

Why pick London at all, if you're trying to appeal to the concept of new music etc. surely Liverpool or Manchester would make more of a statement, and save the pennies.

Trident nuke subs are hackable, thunders Wikipedia-based report

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Re: The weakest point ... ?

That is, of course, also it's strongest point.

You cannot prevent a counterstrike by "decapitating" the government.

German court set to rule on legality of IP address harvesting

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This hinges on what you mean by "identify an individual".

Your netblock identifies who is responsible for the IP address.

Not who was using it.

Dungeons & Dragons finally going digital

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Re: AD&D detailed rules?

See, that is where you went wrong.

(A)D&D is not supposed to be a simulation of a universe that details the rules to cover every situation.

It was intended to be a framework, with some standard rules that you could then use intelligently to cover other situations.

Interactive storytelling.

Not a computer simulation.

Up close with the 'New Psion' Gemini: Specs, pics, and genesis of this QWERTY pocketbook

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Re: 18:9?

Came on to say the same thing. It's 2:1 but the general public has been fooled into "bigger numbers are better".

British military laser death ray cannon contract still awarded, MoD confirms

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@James 51

The illegality is for weapons whose primary purpose is blinding, not those that are designed for another purpose but might also cause blindness when used.

Ubuntu 17.04 'Zesty Zapus'

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Re: Ubuntu naming convention

Because Microsoft Windows releases never have code named, right?


"Hey boss, we're going to skip Longhorn and Blackcomb and are going straight to Jupiter, OK?"

NHS slaps private firm Health IQ for moving Brits' data offshore

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Re: "This helps to ensure that ... data is kept safe and secure"

So what they're saying is: if it's stored in a cloud hosting provider in the UK, it's safe; if it's stored in a cloud hosting provider outside the UK, it isn't.

Except there is this thing called "The Internet" which connects all the clouds together.

No, what they are saying is that whilst it is stored in a cloud hosting provider in the UK it is subject to, and protected by UK law.

Whilst it is hosted outside the UK it is subject to, and protected by the laws of that country.

DVLA misses out on £400m in tax after scrapping paper discs

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Re: just get rid of it.

The problem with this is that it penalises those who have to commute long distances - we're all told to be flexible about where we work, but then required to pay for the privilege.

Seagate in 10TB drive brand brainstorm

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Re: Inflated prices...

Consumer hard disk drives have rarely been so expensive and surely not in the last 15 years or so.

I guess you're new to this IT thing aren't you? Speak to those of us who remember 10 and 20MB disks. I remember my first 32MB RLL drive. I also remember spending £500 on a second hand 500MB SCSI disk (yes, these are all MB not GB).

Disks now expensive? Get off my lawn!

What to call a £200m 15,000-tonne polar vessel – how about Boaty McBoatface?

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You'd think people would know better by now. The British public can be reliably trusted to take the piss...

Brits shun nightclubs and CD-ROMs for lemons, coffee and woman’s leggings

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>>while spending on acoustic guitars and power drills is relatively low

>The end of an era.

I'm old skool - bought an (electro) acoustic guitar a few weeks ago and looking at buying a new drill.

ICO fined cold-call firm £350k – so directors put it into liquidation

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Directors are still liable for criminal or fraudulent activity.

Lights out! Newbie IT manager's dark basement trip

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Re: Murph

That wouldn't have been a large American oil company would it?

Fortinet tries to explain weird SSH 'backdoor' discovered in firewalls

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Re: Trust?

Neither of those links are to do with x86 processors.

BT and EE, O2 and Three: Are we in for a year of Euro telco mega-mergers?

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Picky but...

Shouldn't it be O2 not 02 - should I trust analysis that doesn't even get the company name right?

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo good two go

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It's because there is no guarantee that the USA will not turn on Selective Availability (yes they have stated new satellites won't support it, but who knows...) or otherwise block GPS should it suit them. Having a Euro navigation system means that both consumer and military applications are not dependant on another nations geopolicies.

Thin-lipped chancellor tight-lipped on contractor-nudge-onto-payroll plan

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Re: Thin-lipped chancellor announces death of UK contractor market.


No, he knows *exactly* what an IT contractor is. It's a self-employed, usually competent and skilled individual who competes directly with the large IT consultancies who donate so much money to political parties, and therefore must be punished to ensure he does not get the same tax benefits that the large companies do.

Yesterday: Openreach boss quits. Today: BT network goes TITSUP

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Re: All Over The UK?

From BT's service status:

"Glencarse - 01738 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Belford - 01668 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

North Weald - 01992 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Husband Bosworth - 01858 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Buckland Newton - 01300 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Glenwherry - 02825 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Brenchley- 01892 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Ferndown- 01202 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Treforest - 01443 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Rothley - 01162 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Dinas Mawddwy - 01650 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Ashreigney - 01769 (estimated clear date 20/11/2015)

Watton - 01377 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

Chichester - 01243 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

Swansea - 01792 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

New Cumnock - 01290 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

Churston - 01803 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

Colwall - 01684 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

Painswick - 01452 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

Lydbrook - 01594 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

New Cross - 0203 0207 0208 (estimated clear date 19/11/15)

Broadstairs - 01843 (estimated clear date 19/11/2015)

Bayston Hill - 01743 (estimated clear date 19/11/2015)

Burton Bradstock - 01308 (estimated clear date 19/11/2015)

Magherafelt - 02879 (estimated clear date 19/11/2015)

Bunbury - 01829 (estimated clear date 19/11/2015)

Yockleton - 01743 (estimated clear date 19/11/2015)

Lisbellaw - 02866 (estimated clear date 18/11/15)

Alyth - 01828 (estimated clear date 18/11/15)

Epping - 01992 (estimated clear date 18/11/15)

St Boswells - 01835 (estimated clear date 18/11/15)

Midhurst - 01730 (estimated clear date 18/11/15)

Sedgley - 01902 (estimated clear date 18/11/15)

Carrickmore - 02880 (estimated clear date 18/11/15)

Salisbury - 01722 (estimated clear date 18/11/2015)

Walthamstow - 0203 0208 (estimated clear date 18/11/2015)"

Feel free to Google some of the locations to see how all over the UK this is.

Blane Bramble

Considering mine had been down for more than 3 hours when I left the house this morning, that seems unlikely...

Blane Bramble

"The Register has contacted BT for comment on the outage. We'll update this story if we hear back from them."

You might have to wait 3 days, they can't get online at the moment.

Volvo eyes kangaroo detection tech

Blane Bramble

Re: Vision

Or they could be trying to bring the price down by 2020 so that it can be standard equipment. Your 2015 Volvo will not be a "new Volvo car" in 5 years time...

Get that OFF dot-com, hysterical France screeches at Google

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Re: If I were in France...

It's not as simple as that.

Will French internet companies agree to be censored by the US government? The Chinese? The North Koreans?

If every company on the internet has to comply by every law passed in every country, we will not have an Internet.

Roll up, roll up: Microsoft, those Irish emails and angry Feds

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Re: "Microsoft maintains that the data is secured under EU data protection laws"

USA law specifies as per current interpretation of 14th amendment of the USA constitution (confirmed by supreme court cases) that:

USA law is universal, no other law applies (or exists for that matter).

Not sure how they reach that conclusion from the 14th Amendment which clearly only refers to the USA and it's individual States.

Blane Bramble


Not often I find myself cheering Microsoft on, but they've got my respect and support for this battle.

Have a virtual pint Microsoft.

Hacker mag 2600 laughs off Getty Images inkspots copyright claim

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Re: Bonkers


Shows the complete idiocy of any automated process. To summarise:

Party A uses a "free for commercial/non-commercial" use image as part of their image A1

Party B uses the same image as part of their image B1

Party B uses an automated process that notices that B1 is similar to A1 and decides this is copyright infringement. It has no knowledge that the matching section of the images is free for use.

Obviously, party B is at fault for not vetting infringement claims before they are sent out, but this is going to be a growing problem.

SPACE WHISKY: Astro malt pongs of 'rubber and smoked fish'

Blane Bramble

Scientific newbies

"as a result of the much higher surface area of woody material that the spirit was exposed to"

So they didn't keep a control sample on Earth that consisted of the same volume of Whisky (note to posters above, there is no E in Whisky) with wood shavings in it?

BOFH: Power corrupts, uninterrupted power corrupts absolutely

Blane Bramble

Re: Of course we had it tough...

"Up to 5 minutes power"

So 1 second would have done?

Google reveals OnHub WiFi router, complete with GLOWING RING

Blane Bramble


Oh, goody! So where do I plug it in? Assuming the one port is for the WAN cable?

You could read the actual specs and discover it has 1xWAN Ethernet and 1xLAN Ethernet.

Take redundancy if you want, Capita IS for turning now, after all

Blane Bramble

£1.2M over 10 years!

No wonder they're closing it down.

(Perhaps you meant £1.2B)

Reclothed BlackBerry Passport launched as Silver Edition

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Re: Tried one once

The kind of Manager/Director who needs a Blackberry doesn't understand numbers. That's for Nerds.

MoD splashes £1.5bn on 10-year IT deal to 'keep pace with threats'

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Re: What baffles me is

The Armed Forces employs approximately 180,000 people funnily enough.


Microsoft licenses are not concurrent. You have to license everyone who needs access.

Possibly all serving soldiers need a license to access DII


Mobiles? What are they? Nokia immerses itself in virtual reality cameras

Blane Bramble

Does it come with a blast helmet and light sabre, or do you have to get them somewhere else?

Windows 10 in head-on crash with Nvidia drivers as world watches launch

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Re: Fail on MS's term?

> More like NV didn't get the driver suit compatible enough in time.

They had the driver gloves and the driver hat fine, but the driver socks were missing.

Now car hackers can bust in through your motor's DAB RADIO

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Not if there is a substantial obstacle 10m West (wall, lake, large drop, etc.) of your destination.

Norks execute underperforming terrapin farm manager

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Re: Putting aside the absurdity of the punishment...

Terrapin Farm + Nuclear ambitions = He is assembling an army of shell-backed martial-art trained super troops.

Ford's 400,000-car recall could be the tip of an auto security iceberg

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Re: The more of this I read

The question is, why doesn't the key actually cut off the engine physically(/electrically)? This is not a function that software should over-ride. It certainly isn't a function that should provide a "hint" to a computer that the fleshy part might like the engine to stop.

VMware, Microsoft in virtualised Exchange blog battle

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Re: Shark jumped @AC

Modern IMAP can do most of what Exchange achieves (at least the useful bits from a mail user perspective).

Or to look at it another way, Exchange couldn't even do basic email for that number of users with those resources.

'Facebook without sin' attracts 0.00006 times as many users as Facebook

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Re: Religion get everywhere

sixdegrees was around pre-2000 and I used it from the UK.

Google yanks fake Android battery monitor

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Re: Will no-one think of the ads?

@Tony W

It should be simpler than that. There should be an "Application is Ad Supported" permission that only allows access to retrieve and display ads. No general internet access, no additional permissions required.


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