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Microsoft plans June Windows 8 tablet tease?

Owen B


I thought "immediately" meant straight away, but appearently it means "in 6 months".

Woman sentenced for breaching former employer's PCs

Owen B


Yeah 'cus the FBI aren't going to take all her USB drives with them, are they?

Although, they would be easier to hide, but then again, most people don't get tipped off if they're about to be searched.

Hackers mock North Korea heir-apparent birthday boy

Owen B


How effective was this prank if the people of North Korea can't even access it?

So they took the piss out of Kim Jong Un & Il for the rest of the world to see, that's nothing new.

Ok it's a stab at his ego, but I doubt it's overall effectiveness.

Canadian mobe firm sued over disappearing husband

Owen B

If she's clever...

If she's clever, she could approach a rival company with a pitch to do a paperless billing advert.

Ultimately I agree with AC @ 18th May 2010 15:45 GMT.

I don't think this case will be about what it should be; that being the privacy issues.

Oz cops turn to wardriving to fight Wi-Fi 'jackers

Owen B
Paris Hilton


So WEP might be vulnerable, but it's at least like locking the doors to your car. If someone really wants access to the inside they'll find away.

I've seen demonstrations of WPA being cracked too, and MAC addresses can be spoofed, so what do you uber-security gods suggest?

People would be better off if they didn't leave the things on all day every day. I agree that it's no different to the police trying your front door handle.

The testing of default passwords does provide an interesting debate though...

Paris, because I couldn't find a suitable "Face-palm" icon, it's Friday, and let's be honest, you wouldn't say no, would you?

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