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MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?


only IE6 or IE7 works with a lot of sites

My friend and i tried "unsuccessfully to upgrade to IE8 from IE7" and lo and behold .. all our banking related sites stopped working .. the IT guys at the banks said - we had to use only IE6 or IE7 .. sorry no support for IE8.. this seems to be a problem with a lot of websites - esp those where you need to get your work done - eg. Government web sites, Banking sites etc.. they seem to just dislike any other browser except IE6 or 7. These include banking majors like HSBC, Standard Chartered etc just to name a few ..

of course as Gordon rightly points out .. coding practices, then prevailing MS policy regarding IE and the general apathy and ignorance of the mass public to knowledge regarding safety / security measures when using the Internet or a browser .. all lead to being stuck with an older version of the browser... hopefully Windows 7 will not enforce IE8 as the default and will allow people to "downgrade" to IE6 or IE7 .. otherwise it will be an useless OS for people whose work programs / intranets etc work only with those archaic unsafe browsers.. It'll be interesting to see how MS tackles a problem they were also partly responsible for creating in the first place ..


India plots 1.2bn user biometric ID cards project


Another Pipe dream ?

I am from India and they couldn't even get the existing Voter ID cards for even a single member of my family correct on the first try !! - wrong names / family names or incorrectly spelled .. incorrect data (Eg. wrong name of husband / wife / date of birth etc) - meaningless adress data (incorrect / incomplete information) ... whew ....

And to top that - you can only get these voter ID cards (which like this bio-ID card was designed to do the same thing - do away with multiple ID proofs and also to be used as a voter identification card during elections ..) during / just before any elections ..

Almost every person i spoke to has got some details incorrect on his / her current voter id card and getting the authorities to change this - is often an uphill task - as is common with almost all "official busines / processes" in India...

Let's just see if this works .. and how useful it is or is it a waste of money - a bit like the Voter ID card scheme .. (The scheme partially worked - but not of much use due to its numerous inaccuracies and other deficiencies .. why would you want an ID card that stated your name or your family name or your father's / mothers / husbands's name incorrectly for e.g. ?)

That said .. India is definitely a Country where seemingly impossible things can happen .. so on a positive .. optimistic note .. let's see how that goes !! keep fingers crossed !!



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