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Are you broke? Good with electronics? Build a better AC/DC box, get back in black with $1m

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No they don't

The reason we use AC rather than DC is because it's more efficient to transport over long distance, lossy power lines, and more efficient to step up and down in voltage. The vast majority of home equipment actually wants DC power input - much of the power supplies inside the equipment, everything from fridges to laptops need DC at the correct voltage and current.

The solution is not to go from DC (cells/solar) to AC (inverter) back to to DC (internal transformer, rectifier, smoothing capacitor, DC regulator)

What we should be building is a generation of devices for the home with a standard voltage DC connection (as well as an AC connection) so that home solar, microgen wind etc can be fed straight of the devices or the cells used to store charge from them during excess, bypassing the loss associated with conversion between the two.


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