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IT crowd sorts out the Mars Science Lab

IT Angle

IT Crowd?

Not wanting to belittle the IT profession in any way - I'm genuinely interested in people's perception here - but would this really be considered as IT?

Naked at 30: Osborne 1 stripped to its chips


On that second to last picture...

...it looks like your're about to jab a fork into the electronics.

That would be fun.

RockYou hack reveals easy-to-crack passwords


Wot no hash?

Ugh - there should be laws against systems that store peoples' passwords in such an insecure manner. Rather than store the passwords, a secure hash of the password should be stored instead. If, at login, I can produce a password that results in the same digest as the one stored in the database then access is granted. At worst, an SQL injection attack would result in the database spewing out a load of hash values.

OK, so someone could still calculate a hash of "12345" and see whose username matches it, but at least those with relatively obscure passwords would still be afforded some additional protection.

WTF is this country called America?

Thumb Up

I agree with everybody

You're all correct - I am glad we got this America business sorted. Now we can trott off for tea and buns.

Visa dings teen for $23-quadrillion restaurant charge



Perhaps some bit pattern being added their 32-bit integer maths?

0x2020202020202020 - 2314885530818450000 = 3536

$35.36 seems a bit nearer the mark.

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