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El Reg assesses crypto of UK banks: Who gets to wear the dunce cap?

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A pedant writes... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homelink

Guess – go on, guess – where a vehicle tracking company left half a million records

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Re: S3 Buckets

Hmm. I think they only have Read permission.


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Re: S3 Buckets

I only use them as extra web storage for large images - so security isn't all that critical.

A while back, we wrote something that used their time-expiring URLs for selling downloads - and that was pretty good.

Indian call centre scammers are targeting BT customers

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My BY cordless phones have this inbuilt - branded as "BT Call Guardian". Works very well and I now get zero calls of this ilk. Non-whitelisted numbers hear an announcement and are asked to speak their name. Only then do the phones ring and I get the option to answer or reject the call.

However, I'd been getting lots on my mobile, so I searched for an Android App that would do the same sort of screening. (Naffly entitled) "Mr Number" seems be doing an excellent job. When first installed it went through my recent call history and correctly identified almost all of the scam calls I'd been receiving.

Don't touch that mail! London uni fears '0-day' used to cram network with ransomware

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I tried to report it to abuse@sharepoint.com - but it was (eventually) returned undelivered.

30,000 London gun owners hit by Met Police 'data breach'

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"You are viewing the text version of this site.

To view the full version please install the Adobe Flash Player and ensure your web browser has JavaScript enabled.

Need help? check the requirements page."

'Nuff said. They obviously are very security savvy.

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?

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Re: TV Ads

I'm not sure that the volume per se does actually increase - I think that there are rules about that - more that they tweak the Dynamic Range / compression or whatever it's called nowadays?

News website deserves a slap for its hate-filled commentards, say 'ooman rights beaks

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Re: Godfrey v Demon Internet Service

Ah - those halcyon days of yore when Demon was a proper ISP...

Tech fault at RBS and Natwest freezes millions of UK bank balances

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10 or 15 yrs ago I can remember saying to our Business Manager: "if only the Bank spent more time looking after its customers and staff, and less time on gambling in the USA and corporate greed, things would be so much better, I think".

The manager replied: "I know, that's why I'm leaving next week"...


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Maybe I'm missing something but...

when I tried to get the App using the QR code, the Store told me it couldn't be found. When I tried using the browser, I got numerous SSL Certificate warnings.

Scottish botnet master jailed for 18 months

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Opton-Security, Eh?

I presume this is somewhat connected?


eBay car vendor flashes wedding tackle

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Looks like

he wishes he'd clicked on "Enlarge"

MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?

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Office 2000

Our local county council has this EMail footer - "Note: We are a Microsoft Office site. Our base version is Office 2000. Please make sure that files you send can be read in this format."

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