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Korg NanoKey MIDI controller

Alan 32

Utter bobbins.

I had three(!) in a row, and two Korg NanoPads too. They are singularly the worst quality goods I've ever had the misfortune to get replacements and then refunds on.

Dire build quality. Sketchy response - two of the three nano keys had completely dead keys, and the C# and D# on the third were hit and miss. I really wanted these to work - they looked great in pics - but in the flesh they look and feel incredibly cheap; and they just didn't do the job they were supposed to. Yes, you can argue I got faulty units - but five of them? In a row? Hmm.

I wonder how much an 80% review costs you?

Amazon punters go mad for 'Laptop Steering Wheel Desk'

Alan 32

Forever Jung!

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Acer Tempo M900

Alan 32

Unlock app title = Golden finger

The first phone ever that unlocks by the scent of urine. I bet you could swipe your enrolled something else on there too...

Cocaine-smuggling golfer fails 'what's your handicap' test

Alan 32

@ Mr. Kaned...

Street prices are different; it's got to be cut with baking soda or whatnot first.

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