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iPad stuck in US for extra month

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Where are they now?

The question I'd like answered is where these devices actually are at the moment. you'd have thought for an April release here in the UK they'd been shipped out from Hong Kong weeks ago so they could sail here, avoiding the pirates, and be here in time to get through customs and be driven around the country ready for the original sales date. I'd bet they are currently sitting on a dockside somewhere in the South of the UK.

Does that mean Apple are going to pack them back into aircraft and fly them over to the US?

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

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HD Upgrade.

Sony have said that upgrading the HD on the new PS3s is possible (and even encouraged). The HD slot is now at the front of the machine rather than the side.

Reg reader captures Perseid meteor

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Me too!

I was also up at 3am to try and snap the meteor show. Sadly, my only capture was nowhere near Bill's standard so I'll just get my coat.

It was quite clear in London this morning though - just a shame the sky has a red tinge to it thanks to the light pollution.

Anything from a 20 to a 30 second exposure seemed to work - longer and you risk star tracks appearing.

Mine's the one with the pathetic meteor picture in the pocket :(

Swine flu site struggles to stay up

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How to combat Swine Flu

Get the media to run stories about how shops are running out of hand wipes / alcohol disinfectants and tissues. Create the (not incorrect) impression that these things will help keep you well.

"99.999% of people using tissues don't get Swine Flu" "Boots warn of hand wipe shortage!!!"

Tell people what to do and they ignore you. Make them think they are missing out... now that's a different matter! ;)

MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?

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the OS is at fault here sadly, lots of people still use W2K as their main O/S. So no ie7 for them!

It's too expensive to upgrade to Vista just to get a newer browser.

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