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Yahoo! makes Brit teen app maker VERY RICH with Summly buy


Flickr is from Yahoo, and I'm sure it's still very successful.

Anger grows over the death of Aaron Swartz

Big Brother

I wonder if Anonymous will feel the need to somehow punish those responsible in the US government.

Apple's iCloud goes titsup, email evaporates for unlucky 1%


Let me guess, you believe what Apple tells you when you happily lick the latest product you bought from them? I used to be a mac user for over 15 years and I saw enough delusional fanbois to know that they let Apple get away with everything. It's never Apple's fault, but if Apple did something wrong *gasp* there's always someone else to blame for it, or someone else who did it MUCH worse. Like you are saying now.

Apple pretends to be above everyone else, so of course they should be called out when their propagand fails.


Re: Cupertino's idiot-tax outfit

What can be appropriate for stories about a company that's holier-than-thou but in reality is one of the most unethical companies around? Fanbois see it as their God. Idiot-tax is just perfectly said :D

Tim Cook reveals 'great' update for Mac Pro


It's gonna be magical, just amazin', downright revolutionary.

Bought a new Mac Pro? 1-in-100 chance it'll destroy your data


Re: how many other manufactures would offer to replace the whole system?

Typical Apple fanboi attitude: thinking that Apple is better without even knowing that other manufacturers many times have better warranties and repair systems. You really are brainwashed by Apple PR and filled with a feeling of superiority, some of you. Unfortunately it was quite usual among the Apple users in the mac forums I used to frequent.


When I still was a mac user my 3000+ € powermac had various hardware faults during its lifetime, e.g. a faulty motherboard and a faulty graphics card already in the first two years, and Apple never offered to replace the system. I had to buy a stupid 300 € Applecare for it just because I wasn't sure when the next part would get broken.

When Apple plays the PR game of "it just works" and "much better than the pc's" and makes its products much pricier than its pc counterparts you can expect that they must provide the quality. But of course they know that the cultists don't care, because in their eyes Apple does no wrong, it's always someone else's fault. Sure the hard drive in this article was from the 3rd party, but Apple sold it to them with a nice extra in the price.

I can happily say that once when my powermac was one again being repaired I made an Applecare dude almost cry because the repairing was taking them forever and I told it to him not so nicely. He probably was used to starstruck Apple worshippers' apologetic calls to the mothership when their mac had *gasp* a problem. My view of Apple was already then pretty bad and it didn't take that much longer to finally get rid of all its hardware after that. Been happy with my pc's, and the thought that I once saw Apple through fanboy's eyes makes me so ashamed of myself. The least I can do is once in a while remind the fanbois that Apple is just another tech company, with a better than average marketing.

Could tiny ebooks really upset the mighty Apple cart?


Re: Is this a quote or an opinion? Either way it is wrong.

Oh it's just the Apple fanboi way: every Apple's competitor is the enemy, and like a true fundamentalist believer you have to try to bring the enemy and the people speaking for it down. Jobs, in his true narcisisstic manner, was really good at it, and the fanbois think it's their duty as well.

Use iBooks Author, only Apple can ever publish the result

Big Brother

It seems there still are plenty of fanbois to vote you down, which is just pathetic and sad.

I also ditched Apple a few years back, after many years of paying them way too much money for their computers, which weren't worth their price in the end. But it never stops to amaze me how fanbois turn anything Apple does to something good. Truly brainwashed sheep. They give their money smiling to the Big Brother. This new stunt by Apple is just a new one in the series of forcing their customers selling their souls to the company.

Facebook's Swedish data centre will be subject to Snoop Law


TeliaSonera, which was formed from the Finnish Sonera and the Swedish Telia, is one of the biggest teleoperators here in Finland. They also offer e-mail services and because of the Swedish telesnooping law they had to make a public promise to never house emails of their Finnish customers on the Swedish servers. The whole telesnooping law was a pretty bad disaster for the reputation of Swedish democracy, but of course in a way the law is understandable.

The problem I see about it is that there's been some talk here up north how Sweden practically gives all their spy intel to CIA, so if that's true Facebook users can expect to have their correspondance be scanned by the Americans. Although possibly the different spy agencies do it worldwide all the time already. It's hard to trust anything to remain secret on the net anyway.

Ofcom okays Derren Brown psychic-baiting

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Psychics are conmen

I haven't seen this particular episode but I applaud the outcome. Fake psychics who prey on the people's grief to make money are despicable. I've sometimes wondered why do they do it. I mean is it the money and the appraisal of being something better than the others? These cold readers seem to completely disregard the feelings of another person when they talk their lies. Maybe they are sociopaths who just simply don't give a damn about other people, who they just use to get money and possibly fame.

I have no idea whether there are real psychics. At the moment I don't believe in them. In a way I'd like to believe that some people have special powers, but when you scratch the surface of the current batch of celebrity psychics you pretty easily find that they are just bullshitters. It was hilarious when Allison DuBois (tv-show Medium's Patricia Arquette character is "based" on her) lost her cool in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yeah, I don't watch it but that's why there's Youtube for clips). Her real colours came out and showed what a heartless person she really seems to be.

Finnish regulator calls for iPhone refunds


First in Norway

I first heard about this maybe a couple of weeks ago when people in Norway were having problems about iPhones in cold weather, and Apple was trying to slither away from having to deal with the issue. So I wouldn't say it's about Nokia.

Fanboi king hails Apple 'love affair with open web'


Embarrassment for the cult

Gruber is an embarrassment for the whole mac cult, and one of the reasons I couldn't use Apple's products anymore. He's practically a terrorist in a holy war against anyone who's against Apple. He doesn't use physical violence, of course, but the same kind of belittling of the enemies as his saviour Jobs does. Of course he spreads all the Apple's propaganda, spending his days explaining how everything Apple does is right.

He's like a Jobs' little lapdog who has to bark and growl with a little voice, and quite frankly he's quite pathetic. Even if he's not paid by Apple they still invite him to their little press junkets and probably wait for his "tough" questions. Well, of course Gruber, to my knowledge, gets his income from being an Apple apologist 24/7 so he possibly adds some drama to his words to make it more sellable. In any case he's such a clown.

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Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave of absence' from Apple


Why should I care for him

Considering Steve Jobs' main goal in life has been being a narcissistic money-grabber who really seems to have enjoyed being bitchy towards others I fail to understand why should I be crying for him? It seems Apple fanbois can't understand the concept that Jobs is not universally seen as a deity who's come to save us and deliver us redemption in the form of... an iPod?

The Wrath of Jobs' latest victim: Motorola


Nothing new, unfortunately

Jobs has always been really arrogant, but it hasn't been this widely known outside of mac users' circles. It didn't matter that much when Apple was much smaller, but now it's a whole different story. Lot of regular people are probably wondering what the hell is Apple thinking and doing here, because wasn't Apple supposed to be cool and hip and all that.

This probably won't affect sales hugely in the short term but the damage done to Apple's reputation is just enormous. Sad thing is that everytime Jobs and Apple's PR act like a three year old having a tantrum their devote followers see it like a reason to act the same in the forums and in the comments, repeating Apple's PR and lies. They still think it's the holy war and that Apple is the saviour. Oh my...

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

Big Brother

Maybe it's the patents

Maybe Apple tried to avoid using the patents of Nokia and others this time (since the earlier exploits didn't maybe go as well as Apple had planned and they were sued), and they just couldn't find a workable solution.

It sounds that Apple must've been aware of this for some time already, which really brings out the nature of Apple's PR bullshit. Maybe they decided to risk it and hope that people wouldn't mind. During the 16 years I was an Apple user I became well aware of the extent Jobs talks shit, so nothing really surprises me about the company. As Jobs gets older he really seems to become more entertaining as his true nature (the God complex) is coming out more and more.

Apple reels as Steve Jobs Flashturbates

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Jobs is an a$$hole

After 16 years of being mac-only I finally got fed up with Jobs, Apple and their most vocal and delusional fanbois and made the switch to Windows 7. I'm now using Adobe CS5 products (Master Collection) on the Windows and couldn't be happier. I wouldn't mind, and actually have wished that Adobe would make their products pc-only. The absolutely best thing would be them switching all the mac development to linux development though ;) I'd be more than happy to use linux full time.

The only way I'd get back to mac would be if Jobs was out from Apple and the religous cult-thing Apple have successfully used for years was used no more, although that being their main base of success that's not going to happen. Jobs is certainly getting old, and probably we'll be seeing lot more of his incoherent ramblings in the near future, which will be entertaining. But before he's out of the picture in one way or another I'd like to see him see Apple failing badly. According to rumours (biographies, stories from Apple employees) he's always been an insufferable wanker and I'd like nothing more than for him to get a good kick in the ass. Yeah, I really don't have respect for him. I've seen him spread the lies for past 16 years and getting away with it with billions of cash in the pockets.

Nokia reveals Tube's UK launch date


Quite nice phone

I bought this phone a couple of days ago to my mom for her 75th birthday, and I've been playing with it for a bit to teach her all she needs to know. My own phone is N82 and I can say that I really will miss the touch screen when I finally hand the 5800 to my mom.

The GUI works pretty fast and I like it since I'm used to using S60 in N82. I've never used an iPhone but I'm a mac user so I can understand that probably iPhone's GUI is much slicker both in the eye candy and in the usability. But then again S60 gets the job done just nicely. But I do wish that Nokia and Symbian would take S60 to the next level and keep making it better and better.

The 5800 has got nice speakers, the gps works fast and well, the screen is bright and the touch screen works pretty well both with fingers and with the stylus. I actually haven't remembered to use the plectra at all :D, but I can actually understand why it's included. I don't have the biggest fingers (I'm an average sized male) but it takes a little time to learn to write with two thumbs with the full screen keyboard. I'm not sure if the current full screen keyboard is the most efficient one, but then again I've only used it for very little while. Actually the biggest reason I got this phone to my mum (besides the GPS) is that she can finally write text messages easily, either with the stylus with choosing the letters or by writing the letters on the screen and let the text recognition system translate it.

So, after a few days of use I really like the phone. It's not perfect, but in this price range I think it's got quite a lot to give. After N82 I'm not that fond of 5800's camera, since it's not really that great, but then again N82 is more expensive. My next phone probably will be some later touch screen model, maybe N97, but I do wish Nokia keeps the prices down like they did with 5800.

NGO attacks Apple's lack of action on climate change

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zealots on the loose

Wow, applebois are running wild here. Had it been the other way around and Apple was the most environmentally conscious of all the companies the bitching about other companies would be endless: "only Apple really cares about the world!", "YOU MUST RECYCLE!!!". Instead now we hear how Apple is being treated unfairly and in the end really all the companies destroy the environment as much so Apple is doing nothing wrong.

(And btw, I've been a mac user over 10 years and just purchased my first pc because the cultists give me the creeps (and I saved loads of money). I've read enough of their delusions in all the mac forums that I used to frequent. It's quite sad actually, since macs are really quite nice and the rabid fanbois are really vocal, even though of course most mac users are just nice and average people who don't give rat's ass about manufacturer wars. But the fanbois pretending to have found the Holy Grail with Apple products are just so tiresome.)

According to environmentalist groups Apple is not environment-friendly. I believe them much more than the Apple's spinmeisters in Cupertino.

El Reg lobs iPhone at Genius Bar


Apple fans make me ashamed

I've never owned any other computers than macs (and that's for over ten years) and I love them dearly. OS X is not perfect but it's the most suitable OS to me. But many, and I mean many, many times I've considered moving to Linux. The reason? The mac zealots.

I mean, my god, they sometimes make me so embarrassed to be a mac user. I've practically stopped reading any mac forums, which I used to frequent, because of this feeling of utter disconnection I feel with the fanbois.

And now because of the iPhone those crazies are everywhere, and this is probably my third or fourth anti-Apple post on a public forum in two weeks. Why? Because if someone dares to criticise iPhone he's attacked immediately and called bully or some other negative phrase sad people like to use to defend their beliefs. I feel like I have to say something, which probably is dumb, but well, that's what I do.

I have to say, though, that I've met many great mac heads during the years, people who are normal computer users and understand that they're dealing with a computer, not some relic from the bible that has to be praised all the time everywhere. For some strange reason iPhone has suddenly become a new object of faith to a lot of mac zealots. And to the earlier poster who said iPhone has received glowing reviews everywhere I must say that actually all reviews I've read have also been quite critical of its flaws. And as usual some reviews are more "understanding" than the others.

I do appreciate Apple's efforts of bringing their knowledge of great UI design to the phone industry. I hope the phone's GUI will be an inspiration to the professional phone makers.

I must add that I'm gay and I've met my share of discrimination during the years. Apple zealots crying wolf just leave me cold. They are people who buy into PR and zealotry induced mass hystery and start to cry when someone spoils their party with a critical view. They remind me of some sad religious bigots who just love to condemn other people. Well, people have a need to belong and I guess the feeling of being persecuted for your beliefs is one strong feeling to tie group of people together. It's just a bit sad that those beliefs are about a half baked and seriously crippled multimedia device.

One thing I've learned about human nature is that fundamentalism for any reason is just ugly, be it for a god or a computer. Although I guess when it stays in the commercial products it's not as lethal as it is in the world politics. So in the end it's really not that serious.

Terminator kill-bots to be run by system called 'Skynet'



Watching this from abroad (Europe) it just never seizes to amaze me how easily the British public is letting, and I guess already has let, the army and the government bend them over. All the surveillance and "the terrorist hunt". Of course you have history with rebels who've messed with your powers at be, but you know, reading this kind of news where they're naming the system Skynet just makes me pause.

It was probably meant to be taken as a joke but with all the news AND the rumours of how things really are this kind of joking seems just macabre. Don't let the lube run out!

P.S. And I'm not saying other countries are that far behind you. I guess UK is just spilling the beans more openly about the amount of control the government, the major corporations and the money men are holding. It just makes me sad and angry to see where the world is going to. But I guess it's passé to be worried about the rights of the individual SINCE IT'S ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

I guess now is really once again the perfect time to go read Alan Moore's V for Vendetta.

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