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BoJo buckles: UK govt to cut Huawei 5G kit use 'to zero by 2023' after pressure from Tory MPs, Uncle Sam

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Bags of bullshit sitting in a tree waiting to fall on me

Technology ends when politicians think they can be in control of it................

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Re: Anone surpised?

If people read deeper into IR35 they would see a parallel with the tax regime in USA. Now that's what I call strange.........., but I am not surprised at all

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Re: Disgusting

Join the 40 year old club, you are welcome

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Of course

A good old fashioned capitalist outfit like Apple (insert company name) would never dream of nicking someone elses ideas or source code for use in their own products, would they ?

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Re: Its OK...

if they are all this paranoid its not far fetched to believe the *?* government/firm could stick bugs in any electronic kit made in factories in their country.

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"Shouldn't a first world country be able to build its own infrastructure?"

Orange has an elegant solution to Huawei question in France: We'll stick with Nokia and Ericsson for 5G networks

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some clarity

ha ha ha

no - stoppit

ha ha ha

Senior health tech pros warn NHS England: Be transparent with mass database trawl or face public backlash

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and provide better healthcare overall

Well let's have a look at data integrity.

It's something your average GP doesn't have much control over.

A little while ago, GP's and other Health Care Professionals were encouraged to run a "worthiness" triage on their client base. This was supposed to root out malingerers and other service abusers, just like the DWP Welfare System changes from DLA to PIP, "Sick Notes" being replaced with "Fit Notes".

So in this biased and ever changing value system, which seems to be fed primarily by the personal opinions of people who have already filtered out things like, scroungers, you know .... junkies, the unemployed, people with depression and anxiety and existing complimentary treatments, fringey stuff like Mc Timoney Chiropractics, Aromatherapy, THC/CBD and Psylocybin, etc --- Yeah we are defintely going to be in a much better position for making informed decisions in the future about UK population's health needs.

Oh Yeah, pull the other one. If this is supposedly the point of the exercise, even I know that this baby is destined to crash and burn before it leaves the ground, but only after the corporate mothersuckers have all the relevant data they need for making better drugs, life insurance policies, prisons........

UK cops lost nearly twice as much of their own tech kit this year, says thinktank

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Did they

check FarceBook Marketplace ?

Emirati 'surveillance app' ToTok promoted by Huawei as Apple punts it from store

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Re: Confused

Obviously, you weren't around back then...........

LibreOffice 6.4 nearly done as open-source office software project prepares for 10th anniversary

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Lost for words

Ie; using Libre Office I have lost several documents which either simply did not Save anything when asked to do so.

Agravation set in when I discovered Libre Office blocking my attempts to install Open Office on Debian 9.8.

Other niggles include Libre Office hiding all of the hundreds of hyperlinks I have in my spreadsheets, which are visible in both Microsoft Office and Open Office applications.

Unfortunately it isn't relaibly ready for business use, unless you like occasional shocks and loss of data.


We've heard of spam filters but this is ridiculous: Pig-monkey chimeras developed in a Chinese laboratory

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Re: The ultimate goal of the experiments is not to create a race of hideous super-monsters

Yeah, and they won't be after your fucking sun glasses either..............

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Re: "all died within a week"

But what did they taste like ?

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Re: Is this really necessary ?

Necessary doesn't come into it anymore.

When you wrote, "Someone will eventually take things out of the public lab", it reminded me of home videos I've recently seen on YouTube, showing you how to do everything from make your own CBD oil to Gene splitting and splicing for dummies.

In tribute to Galaxy Note 7, BBC iPlayer support goes up in flames for some Samsung TVs

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TV, TV, TV, ???

I was under the impression that TV watching was a thing of the past anyways, since the birth of the Internet. Think I read this in an article in the Reg recently.

So BBC have adopted Microsofts attitude to their customers, "we don't give a fuck, this is what we are doing, and this is what you are getting, and it probably won't work for everyone, yeah !" Or did that sound like Apple ? Oracle ? ISOC ?

I wouldn't mind if the BBC programs were any good anyway.

I believe they have shot their load after David Attenborough, Top Gear etc jumped ship.

Even my 90 year old mum reckons that "War of the Worlds" was the worst period drama she's ever seen.

Now if we really had Smart TVs we could set it to block the BBC .........

Does anything work anymore ? Is anything worth paying for ? Plastic shite anyway.


Join us on our new journey, says Wunderlist – as it vanishes down the Microsoft plughole

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pen and paper still works for me

Internet Society CEO: Most people don't care about the .org sell-off – and nothing short of a court order will stop it

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I was under the assumption

I was under the assumption that businesses registered in the UK which have been incorporated as "Not for Profit", there are still a couple of formats like "a Company Limited by Guarantee", "Community Benevolent Society", "Charitable Incorpoarate Company" etc. In the Rules or Articles of Association it must contain a locking clause which is intended to prevent the distribution of assets, other for the original intended purpose. This is usually accomplished by transfer of assets to an organisation with similar Aims and Objectives of not for profit.

So Twat happened here ? I am hastened to ask.

Is there no fucking oversight now at Companies House or the Financial Conduct Authority ?


£1bn Brit court digitisation scheme would be great ... if Wi-Fi situation wasn't 'wholly inadequate'

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Fucked up thinking process

IMHO it doesn't matter whether the fucking Wi Fi works or not. The lawyers, solicitors, prosecutors all put their heads together and decided the outcome before anyone stands in the dock. It doesdn't matter whether the person is really guitly or not as they will get their way and a successful prosecution even when the evidence available is to the contrary.

It's so fucking corrupt how much more fucked up can it get ?

Oh yeah hide this crap behind some AI techno babble.


Please tell us why you're not securing yourselves, UK.gov asks businesses

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It's all a load of bollocks

Between the people who want systems and the people who make them there are so many opportunities to create a cluster fuck, you need to be very well versed before you implement an IT system, however, any idiot can build a web page using Word Press or similar, and as it has aalready been pointed out, the IT skill set in business is dimishing. I know several people who eventaully packed away there IT company in favour of regular work sweeping up and a healthy work life balance.

Small companies make up the greatest number of businesses, but employ the least staff.

The Go Vermins via the HMRC and the Courts are crushing the IT experts and their business models in ridiculously imbecillic ways whilst allowing multinationals away without paying any tax.

The sooner they all comletely fuck up the economy with their safety critic systems and fake news, concepts of Farcificial Intelligence and 5 fucking G, the better.

Sadly until those twits with any pretentions to being in power decist their bullying and come down from their ivory towers and enter the real world, computer security is a damn good business to be in, if any business is ................

700km on a single charge: Mercedes says it's in it for the long run

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Can someone please discuss how using fucking great batteries makes this dick embiggening fad carbon nuetral ?

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Like a grotty data addict desperately jonesing for its next fix, Google just can't stop misbehaving

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Kiddy fiddling

Apart from the kiddy fiddling going on at Google HQ where adults monitor input, especially input from voice commands, there's the diabolical fact that they pay no tax, or very little in the country where they make their advertising money from.

I wouldn't mind if their search results were any good.

recently Google seems incapable of using a search string with any degree of accuracy.

I search for ceramics collections in Manchester UK, with results from New York, promoting ceramics "workshops", "studios", exhibitions of anything but ceramics from years gone by, shopping for pottery, agregation web sites repaeting the search results above. Press "see more" and I get the above repeated twice more in teh same order.

Generally speaking, I'd say they have lost the plot and are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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elections/polls were heavily influenced

Watch the film The Great Hack for documentary evidence obtained from Cambridge Analytica marketing material. Talk about laughing behind their hands !

Tesla Autopilot crash driver may have been eating a bagel at the time, was lucky not to get schmeared on road

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Re: Because most Tesla drivers are not pilots.

I seem to remember that at least one of these dozey plonkers driving/notdriving a Tesla was a pilot

Can't bear to part with that well-worn copy of Windows 7? Microsoft might let you keep it updated an extra year

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Re: Good. Another year for people to move away from Windows

No !

You will have to keep your old MS XP and 7 boxes running but disconnected from the outside world, if you want to preserve the applications and performance you are used to.

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Re: Good. Another year for people to move away from Windows

To answer your question: I believe that one can still run Windose XP and 7 machines if they are safely disconnected from the Internet. And I can still use all of my favourite applications.

I've been using MS Office 2003 since it came out, and Audacity, and Photoshop CS, and a raft of other very usable stuff - without Internet. All the cruft and vulnerability exposing shite which normally runs on these OS'es can be switched off in Services without affecting performance, or usability.

When I need to use the Internet I have a sacrificial Debian (9) Linux box just for the job. Latest browsers, FTP and eMail clients, etc. Of course Debian Linux does many other jobs very well, (apart from Accessability stuff) and I have a handy USB memory stick for transfering data over the air gap, so I can still use very capable hardware and a familiar desktop.

My only gripe with Debian Linux being that infuriating Libre Office software that won't let me install Apache Open Office.

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Re: At Eric, re: staying with Windows.

And this deplorable situation seems to be getting worse rather than better,. So much for a free market economy, It's just a con on me, and you.

Remember the Nominet £100m dot-uk windfall it claims doesn't exist? Well, it's already begun

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Re: Other funny stuff - email from (maybe) nominet...

Ny hosting company says that .uk version of my already owned domain name Crackpots is unavailable ALREADY !!!!


Exodus: Tech top brass bail on £1bn UK courts reform amid concerns project is floundering

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silly people

I am currently awaiting TWO dates for seperate appearances at the HMCTS. The HMRC one is evidence enough of the complete waste of resources that the manual system goes through already. An alleged overpayment of Working Tax Credits occurred because DWP assessor of my entitlement cannot make up their mind whether I have fallen foul of the 15 hour working rule for disabled people, or the 30 hour rule for none disabled people. Page one of the prosecution papers mention I have failed on both charges, though in fact I have complied completely with the 15 hour rule I signed up for at the beginning. The rest of the prosecution documentation continues and compounds the idiocy of the person in the Government Department responsible. Which has created the need for me to appeal against their claim that I must repay the £8,000+ so called "overpayment".

The other Appeal to HMCTS is to get my PIP money started again after another Government department employee was instructed to illegally/unwisely, whatever - advise me to transfer my DLA claim to a PIP claim because I had turned 65. The case will hopefully be heard in a court some time more than one year after lodging my appeal. The High Court (another court entirely) (when hearing cases of other DPW/ATOS cockups of similar nature), has already come to the decision that DWP stopping DLA benefits while an appeal is in process was not a proper legall course of action. Consequently whether I win the appeal or not [== October] I am still owed a considerable amount of money from DWP as back payment to make up the shortfall caused by those low waged idiots in Government employ.

Please do tell me, how the fuck anyone (no matter how much you pay them) can reliably digitise a system in order for it to be robust enough to compensate for rooms full of dickheads tapping away on keyboards !!!!

Oh yes, an AI system ought to do it.

Please sir, can I have a job ?

Malware spotted doing unspeakable, filthy things to infected Macs – injecting Bing results into Google searches

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A bit pointless telling people here to install anti virus, unless you are trying to sell the one you mention.

One of the affected clients reads the Radio Times and the Daily Mirror, the other reads about growing vegetables.

Ordinary End Users do not read the Register as far as I can tell.

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Flash is still required

Don't know if anyone here watches UK Television, but it is still the case that in order to watch anything on Channel 4 via the Internet, you need to have Flash Player installed, or it won't work.

It used to be the same with BBC iPlayer, but I haven't even tried to see if things have improved, so I am just one more lost consumer.

It is still out there and some developers are still arranging for the delivery of their clients web content via Flash ??????

Go figure that out if you can.

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No Flash involved

Unfortunately I have come across this little blighter twice. Two seperate MAC's with the same unauthorised Proxy sitting on the network filtering away.

However this little bugger had convinced the MAC that there were no OS or software updates available for the last couple of years. Everything was fine, even with Sophos antivirus installed, it wasna working.

How was it done ?

Something took over DHCP side of the WiFi component ! Badda Boom !

All search results were being manipulated.

Trying to update Sophos returned no results via it's software.

Searching for Sophos with Google on Safari brought in dead pages with the links pointing to more search results, or Sophos pages where the links are all dead.

Meanwhile, accessing eMails and Internet shopping trips were unaffected

Clever stuff ????

I fixed the devils by dishing out fixed IP addresses for the devices and deleting the Proxy configurations and clearing caches of the browsers and temp directories on the systems. The bugger just disappeared on both devices and hasn't returned yet. Updating to the latest OS releases may have prevented re infection.

I get the feeling it was a router compromise in teh first place as the logs had all vanished. A Talk Talk router on one system and Virgin Media router on the other. Sadly I am not experienced enough to know for sure how this happened in the first place. It was aided and abetted by the User's indifference/lack of technical know how, when it comes to maintaining a device properly, or even just running anti virus software.

So many end users are in the same boat I fear.

Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords

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Re: "used only in extreme terrorism cases"

"Our grandfather's did lay down their lives, this was one of the things they died for, looks like too many folk today have forgotten what they sacrificesed themselves for..."

One should not assume, that we all came up with the same reason why so many people laid down their lives ---- for a start I think that they had swallowed a whole heap of democraticmonopolisticbullshite which they had read about in the "free" Press AND they were also Terrorised into taking up arms by their own, so called - "betters", people who offered to bull whip them at the very least or execute them by firing squad - if they didn't pick up arms and charge over the top ...........

What utter utter bolloxs some folks have swallowed. We see the side you picked ...........

Conviction by computer is go, confirms UK Ministry of Justice

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only defendants who choose to plead guilty

And here in lies the evidence - a friend was processed in UK court by CPS in such a way that he was persuaded to plead guilty, (i) in order to shorten the court procedure time (ii) under assurance that if he did plead guilty, he would not go to jail for the offence.

He was convicted of uploading unlawful images and persuaded to plead guilty using download logs as evidence of wrong doing. He didn't have enough money for IT forensic specialist to prove the obvious, it wasn't even his PC.

Bring on the machines


The best of Reg readers' David Hockney-style logo redesigns

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Every entry here is better than Hockneys excuse for digital art, as he plainly hasn't had a lot of experience drawing with a mouse. IMHO he should stick to using a brush on canvas.


What's the difference between you and a sea slug? When it comes to IT security, nothing

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skips the obvious

most of the peeps I know who use a device of any nature, are not computer scientists, or any sort of technical savant, so I have to assist them with the nerdy issue which is stopping my mate from completing their objectives of the moment.

Why they can't do it, isn't what they want to take on board right now or any time soon. Their brains are already saturated with sorting out the stuff which is related to their own professional interests, AND the essential electronic machine which they paid gpood money for .... isn't working .......... they aren't working ......... and need the assistance of another specialist (plumbertype) to fix issue........

All they know is that, it's broke and they hopefully, know a bloke (often but not always) who can fix problem quickly and not too expensively.

To expect the same person to - whilst in middle of doing something important - is side tracked by v.important notice speaking in a language which cannot be defined owing to the semantic lexicon of technowordz, also take on board any action required by the fucking popup.

Is it surprising then that some people take longer than others to get the fix for this particular issue, especially considering the number and variety of techical issues arising during any one session on a fucking computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These computer thingies are used by intelligent people, not just idiots.

Tech moguls dominate Oxfam's rich people Hateful 8

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Re: Intentions over words

If they did reduce their salaries to that of the common man/woman, there would be no one at work in their swanky offices in Oxford. Not many can afford to live and work here so we have many commuters in cars making their way here for work from towns 20 miles away, making life rather smelly here.

Even a directors salary at Oxfam would be unlikely to secure a mortgage on a humble abode in Oxford. It takes two professional salaries to get one mortgage. When your kids have graduated from uni, they cannot find work in Oxford which pays them enough so they can return here to live close to mum and dad.

So do take a break from bashing the Oxfam directors for their earnings. Better to bash Oxfam business practice of spending only 11% of their income "in the field", and that field is in a foriegn land, Not in the UK


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Re: Will that change things?

This math assumes that none of the poorest people are reading the Register.

I cannot remember the last bit of software or hardware that I personally bought.

I did receive a grant (from ESF) which paid for a PC, a desk, an orthopeadic operators chair, a printer and Windows XP and MS Office licences. This was in 1999, and in 2000 I couldn't afford to upgrade so by 2001 I was in the Linux supporters camp because of the free stuff.

I still do almost everything I do on someone elses old grey box, with XP chugging along on it's licence, not connected to t'internet of course.

I blagged a licence for Windows 7 Pro from a community learning centre, installed now another cast away grey box, so I can still enjoy (?) t'internet stuff like eMail and the Register. Otherwise, aged 64 I would be joining some of my friends who have taken up music or gardening and those other friends who have never had a PC still, and who do not have a smart phone and do not need one or want one.

Having graduated at age 50 with a 2.2 in Info Sys in 2006, I still have to find work that pays enough money for me to consider putting up with other peoples IT problems in exchange. So I do it for free, working with disadvantaged people in the UK, sorting out the digital shite from digital usefulness. I work with people who will never have a PC, because they do not have disposable incomes, because they do not have anywhere like a "home" where they can plug in any type electronic device, because they cannot read well enough to use one, because their memories are no longer capable and so they could never manage to stay on top of all that crap which is trying to take over their lives, via phone calls, SPAM, popup adverts, critical updates, hardware failures, etc.

If we received some of the richest peoples money, would we buy IT equipment with it. Not when people first need somewhere to live, or if they have Alzhiemers, or they have already overdosed on Microsoft, Apple products and the t'internet of Tings.


BlackBerry sees a rainbow just around a corner

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You need to

look up in order to see the rainbow.

One of the areas of fail in the autoauto scene is security of communications, where Blackberry is still recognised as a service provider with some integritty and the autoauto dudes at Ford could use a little help.


Vegans furious as Bank of England admits ‘trace’ of animal fat in £5 notes

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History tells us

that a British government attempting to enforce occupation/democracy on India about 100 odd years ago, mixed animal fat with munitions which were going to be handled by Hindu soldiers, with devastating results.

Certanly we can expect to see a decline in the use of fivers in popular culture, as an aid for shovelling snow on the weekends.

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I think that you should concentrate on IT and leave growing stuff to those who grow stuff and possibly know less about IT

UK's new Snoopers' Charter just passed an encryption backdoor law by the backdoor

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Re: It's simple

By contributing code to the open projects, er did anyone notice MS products in the Linux package manager libraries ?

Al fazed


Grow Your Own.

It's nothing new, just not much thought about in IT circles it appears.

Internet of Things botnets: You ain’t seen nothing yet

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Re: Bleedin obvious advice

I am gaining the impression that MS has recently made it impossible to disbale uPNP via Services.....

Confirmed: UK police forces own IMSI grabbers, but keeping schtum on use

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Maybe a spot of System Testing is called for ?

Hmmm........ anarcho invents new form of poup street theatre involving flash audiences using their mobile phones ........

Drink icon 'cause it's Monday


Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week

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Re: Emergency brake controlled by a computer!!!

controlled by a computer ? Not a problem ! Computer software designed by a human ? Now I am scared .

Citizens don't trust UK.GOV with their data

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Data verification ?? What's that ??

The problem with collecting all of this data on people is that apart from anything else, it does need to be verified as being correct.

Anyways, as anyone using social media knows, it is so easy to falsify the info you provide and there is no-one actually checking to verify what you put. If say for example, I am actually male but I enter "female" into the form. Perhaps it doesn't matter in cyber space what sex I really am, but the paying advertisers are now sending me offers for stuff I will never buy. So their paid for ads are simply part of my entertainment when I ever do log in. I get unexpected giggles out of their efforts and pains.

Since I stopped trusting various outlets of the NHS some time ago now, as they appear to know bugger all about homeopathy, real chiropractics, natural child birth, dementia, depression, or even dentistry these days, the information that they do have on me is far from up to date, or even correct. BECAUSE, they didn't have a fucking tick box for that answer on their digital form.

Bye the way, what ever data the police hold on me, or you is far from correct. Simply because they (the police officers) were falsifying that information way back when pens were still being used. Accessing data was very popular amongst the lock up's cleaners, before the digital era arrived and not a lot seems to have changed since, judging by the news reports filed to date in the Register.

In a recent Crown Court case which I studied, the CPS and barristers appeared not to know the difference between the "downloading" and "uploading" of files to the Internet, even though one of these is potentially illegal, depending upon the content in question. Needless to say a conviction was gained by the Prosecution using a browsers download logs as evidence of uploading illegal content. Go figure that one !!!!

So all in all, if Govermins etc. cannot even ensure the security or the validity, or the timelyness of the data that they intend to share with their corporate buddies in Pharmacueticals and Insurance Land, what actual use is it ????

GIGO was the term we used then and it still applies today.

Hopefully it will be more than simply blank cells in their Excel spreadsheets and as a result, these corporate dinosaurs will die through a lack of nutrition.


Secure cloud doesn’t always mean your stuff in it is secure too

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Hopefuls line up here ..........

This article concerns security and the informed industry spokesperson clearly says that "they" are still working on it.

I suppose for a generally knowledged type of IT consumer, this kind of "nothing is better" statement is enough. So we have the situation now where most CEO's of top 500 companies in UK would automatically believe this shit and then start telling the IT department to enter the mist and cloud over.

Clouds are vague, insubstantial and are constantly changing form. There are lots of them and watching them is very nice for a while, but I wouldn't go as far as to be able to identify the dodgy ones. Not until it looks like rain anyway.


Smash and grab PoS pwners ready with pre-Xmas malware update

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Edutainment enters computer security bulletins !


Are these POS in the UK or simply in the USA where chip n pin are not popular ?

Are these POS in shops around town in UK now ? Which towns ?

Are these pwnd POS to be found in small corner shops, or in busy branded retail outlets ?

Is there a Merry Xmess message displayed on the screen instead of "Please remove your card" ?

Does the POS malware author announce the latest update as being a "pre-Christmas" special, or did the news ? storie's author make that bit up ?

This is the second security none news story on this page !

What is happening to the quality of the stories here ?

Maybe it's not only the poor old uneducated IT end user that is showing signs of fatigue in keeping up with the bad guys ?


Top facial recognition algo joins the dots and sees pretend people

Al fazed


I wonder if this algorythim is any relation to the one the Brit plod are using to find illegal child porn images once deleted from a suspects hard drive ? A 12% failure rate has been observed. One image that had been accepted as being in the illegal category just looked like a piece of sack cloth, but then so does the Turin Shroud.

That's not Alan Turin by the way.

What with bad algorythims in MRI the software, the police forensics software, network security software, financial services software and scientists being constantly abused by XL spreadsheets and Windows 10, it's a good job that all our ..............

Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan

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End of days - beginning of a new era

I cannot remember the last time I bought an OS from Microsoft. I think XP came pre installed on a box I bought in a shop in the year 2000. Since then I have found Debian and other Linux's have gained useability while Microsofts products have lost useability. MACs have become more accessible.

I have a sacrificial cow running Windows 7 pro for Internet use only.

All my real work is still being done on XP machines without Internet connection, without issue.

The Windows 7 machine cannot be trusted with anything that might require privacy or security - as I cannot tie it down with MY choice of security software, the same stuff which has kept all of my machines clean for 16 years.

The only reason I run Windows 7 is because Linux still doesn't run the BBC iPlayer because it is largely dependent upon Flash Player.

When the UK Govermins introduce TV licensing for catch up TV - which they are planning to do, I shall stop watching BBC altogether and I can then get rid of the Windows 7 machine in favour of a machine running Linux or if I have enough dosh MAC - running Open Office and all the other FREE software.

Nothing on earth will ever make me buy a Microsoft laden machine.

In fact everything Microsoft has ever done makes me look further afield for a better experience and value for money and greater security and privacy.




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