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Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords

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Re: "used only in extreme terrorism cases"

"Our grandfather's did lay down their lives, this was one of the things they died for, looks like too many folk today have forgotten what they sacrificesed themselves for..."

One should not assume, that we all came up with the same reason why so many people laid down their lives ---- for a start I think that they had swallowed a whole heap of democraticmonopolisticbullshite which they had read about in the "free" Press AND they were also Terrorised into taking up arms by their own, so called - "betters", people who offered to bull whip them at the very least or execute them by firing squad - if they didn't pick up arms and charge over the top ...........

What utter utter bolloxs some folks have swallowed. We see the side you picked ...........

Conviction by computer is go, confirms UK Ministry of Justice

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only defendants who choose to plead guilty

And here in lies the evidence - a friend was processed in UK court by CPS in such a way that he was persuaded to plead guilty, (i) in order to shorten the court procedure time (ii) under assurance that if he did plead guilty, he would not go to jail for the offence.

He was convicted of uploading unlawful images and persuaded to plead guilty using download logs as evidence of wrong doing. He didn't have enough money for IT forensic specialist to prove the obvious, it wasn't even his PC.

Bring on the machines


The best of Reg readers' David Hockney-style logo redesigns

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Every entry here is better than Hockneys excuse for digital art, as he plainly hasn't had a lot of experience drawing with a mouse. IMHO he should stick to using a brush on canvas.


What's the difference between you and a sea slug? When it comes to IT security, nothing

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skips the obvious

most of the peeps I know who use a device of any nature, are not computer scientists, or any sort of technical savant, so I have to assist them with the nerdy issue which is stopping my mate from completing their objectives of the moment.

Why they can't do it, isn't what they want to take on board right now or any time soon. Their brains are already saturated with sorting out the stuff which is related to their own professional interests, AND the essential electronic machine which they paid gpood money for .... isn't working .......... they aren't working ......... and need the assistance of another specialist (plumbertype) to fix issue........

All they know is that, it's broke and they hopefully, know a bloke (often but not always) who can fix problem quickly and not too expensively.

To expect the same person to - whilst in middle of doing something important - is side tracked by v.important notice speaking in a language which cannot be defined owing to the semantic lexicon of technowordz, also take on board any action required by the fucking popup.

Is it surprising then that some people take longer than others to get the fix for this particular issue, especially considering the number and variety of techical issues arising during any one session on a fucking computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These computer thingies are used by intelligent people, not just idiots.

Tech moguls dominate Oxfam's rich people Hateful 8

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Re: Intentions over words

If they did reduce their salaries to that of the common man/woman, there would be no one at work in their swanky offices in Oxford. Not many can afford to live and work here so we have many commuters in cars making their way here for work from towns 20 miles away, making life rather smelly here.

Even a directors salary at Oxfam would be unlikely to secure a mortgage on a humble abode in Oxford. It takes two professional salaries to get one mortgage. When your kids have graduated from uni, they cannot find work in Oxford which pays them enough so they can return here to live close to mum and dad.

So do take a break from bashing the Oxfam directors for their earnings. Better to bash Oxfam business practice of spending only 11% of their income "in the field", and that field is in a foriegn land, Not in the UK


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Re: Will that change things?

This math assumes that none of the poorest people are reading the Register.

I cannot remember the last bit of software or hardware that I personally bought.

I did receive a grant (from ESF) which paid for a PC, a desk, an orthopeadic operators chair, a printer and Windows XP and MS Office licences. This was in 1999, and in 2000 I couldn't afford to upgrade so by 2001 I was in the Linux supporters camp because of the free stuff.

I still do almost everything I do on someone elses old grey box, with XP chugging along on it's licence, not connected to t'internet of course.

I blagged a licence for Windows 7 Pro from a community learning centre, installed now another cast away grey box, so I can still enjoy (?) t'internet stuff like eMail and the Register. Otherwise, aged 64 I would be joining some of my friends who have taken up music or gardening and those other friends who have never had a PC still, and who do not have a smart phone and do not need one or want one.

Having graduated at age 50 with a 2.2 in Info Sys in 2006, I still have to find work that pays enough money for me to consider putting up with other peoples IT problems in exchange. So I do it for free, working with disadvantaged people in the UK, sorting out the digital shite from digital usefulness. I work with people who will never have a PC, because they do not have disposable incomes, because they do not have anywhere like a "home" where they can plug in any type electronic device, because they cannot read well enough to use one, because their memories are no longer capable and so they could never manage to stay on top of all that crap which is trying to take over their lives, via phone calls, SPAM, popup adverts, critical updates, hardware failures, etc.

If we received some of the richest peoples money, would we buy IT equipment with it. Not when people first need somewhere to live, or if they have Alzhiemers, or they have already overdosed on Microsoft, Apple products and the t'internet of Tings.


BlackBerry sees a rainbow just around a corner

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You need to

look up in order to see the rainbow.

One of the areas of fail in the autoauto scene is security of communications, where Blackberry is still recognised as a service provider with some integritty and the autoauto dudes at Ford could use a little help.


Vegans furious as Bank of England admits ‘trace’ of animal fat in £5 notes

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History tells us

that a British government attempting to enforce occupation/democracy on India about 100 odd years ago, mixed animal fat with munitions which were going to be handled by Hindu soldiers, with devastating results.

Certanly we can expect to see a decline in the use of fivers in popular culture, as an aid for shovelling snow on the weekends.

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I think that you should concentrate on IT and leave growing stuff to those who grow stuff and possibly know less about IT

UK's new Snoopers' Charter just passed an encryption backdoor law by the backdoor

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Re: It's simple

By contributing code to the open projects, er did anyone notice MS products in the Linux package manager libraries ?

Al fazed


Grow Your Own.

It's nothing new, just not much thought about in IT circles it appears.

Internet of Things botnets: You ain’t seen nothing yet

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Re: Bleedin obvious advice

I am gaining the impression that MS has recently made it impossible to disbale uPNP via Services.....

Confirmed: UK police forces own IMSI grabbers, but keeping schtum on use

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Maybe a spot of System Testing is called for ?

Hmmm........ anarcho invents new form of poup street theatre involving flash audiences using their mobile phones ........

Drink icon 'cause it's Monday


Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week

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Re: Emergency brake controlled by a computer!!!

controlled by a computer ? Not a problem ! Computer software designed by a human ? Now I am scared .

Citizens don't trust UK.GOV with their data

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Data verification ?? What's that ??

The problem with collecting all of this data on people is that apart from anything else, it does need to be verified as being correct.

Anyways, as anyone using social media knows, it is so easy to falsify the info you provide and there is no-one actually checking to verify what you put. If say for example, I am actually male but I enter "female" into the form. Perhaps it doesn't matter in cyber space what sex I really am, but the paying advertisers are now sending me offers for stuff I will never buy. So their paid for ads are simply part of my entertainment when I ever do log in. I get unexpected giggles out of their efforts and pains.

Since I stopped trusting various outlets of the NHS some time ago now, as they appear to know bugger all about homeopathy, real chiropractics, natural child birth, dementia, depression, or even dentistry these days, the information that they do have on me is far from up to date, or even correct. BECAUSE, they didn't have a fucking tick box for that answer on their digital form.

Bye the way, what ever data the police hold on me, or you is far from correct. Simply because they (the police officers) were falsifying that information way back when pens were still being used. Accessing data was very popular amongst the lock up's cleaners, before the digital era arrived and not a lot seems to have changed since, judging by the news reports filed to date in the Register.

In a recent Crown Court case which I studied, the CPS and barristers appeared not to know the difference between the "downloading" and "uploading" of files to the Internet, even though one of these is potentially illegal, depending upon the content in question. Needless to say a conviction was gained by the Prosecution using a browsers download logs as evidence of uploading illegal content. Go figure that one !!!!

So all in all, if Govermins etc. cannot even ensure the security or the validity, or the timelyness of the data that they intend to share with their corporate buddies in Pharmacueticals and Insurance Land, what actual use is it ????

GIGO was the term we used then and it still applies today.

Hopefully it will be more than simply blank cells in their Excel spreadsheets and as a result, these corporate dinosaurs will die through a lack of nutrition.


Secure cloud doesn’t always mean your stuff in it is secure too

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Hopefuls line up here ..........

This article concerns security and the informed industry spokesperson clearly says that "they" are still working on it.

I suppose for a generally knowledged type of IT consumer, this kind of "nothing is better" statement is enough. So we have the situation now where most CEO's of top 500 companies in UK would automatically believe this shit and then start telling the IT department to enter the mist and cloud over.

Clouds are vague, insubstantial and are constantly changing form. There are lots of them and watching them is very nice for a while, but I wouldn't go as far as to be able to identify the dodgy ones. Not until it looks like rain anyway.


Smash and grab PoS pwners ready with pre-Xmas malware update

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Edutainment enters computer security bulletins !


Are these POS in the UK or simply in the USA where chip n pin are not popular ?

Are these POS in shops around town in UK now ? Which towns ?

Are these pwnd POS to be found in small corner shops, or in busy branded retail outlets ?

Is there a Merry Xmess message displayed on the screen instead of "Please remove your card" ?

Does the POS malware author announce the latest update as being a "pre-Christmas" special, or did the news ? storie's author make that bit up ?

This is the second security none news story on this page !

What is happening to the quality of the stories here ?

Maybe it's not only the poor old uneducated IT end user that is showing signs of fatigue in keeping up with the bad guys ?


Top facial recognition algo joins the dots and sees pretend people

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I wonder if this algorythim is any relation to the one the Brit plod are using to find illegal child porn images once deleted from a suspects hard drive ? A 12% failure rate has been observed. One image that had been accepted as being in the illegal category just looked like a piece of sack cloth, but then so does the Turin Shroud.

That's not Alan Turin by the way.

What with bad algorythims in MRI the software, the police forensics software, network security software, financial services software and scientists being constantly abused by XL spreadsheets and Windows 10, it's a good job that all our ..............

Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan

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End of days - beginning of a new era

I cannot remember the last time I bought an OS from Microsoft. I think XP came pre installed on a box I bought in a shop in the year 2000. Since then I have found Debian and other Linux's have gained useability while Microsofts products have lost useability. MACs have become more accessible.

I have a sacrificial cow running Windows 7 pro for Internet use only.

All my real work is still being done on XP machines without Internet connection, without issue.

The Windows 7 machine cannot be trusted with anything that might require privacy or security - as I cannot tie it down with MY choice of security software, the same stuff which has kept all of my machines clean for 16 years.

The only reason I run Windows 7 is because Linux still doesn't run the BBC iPlayer because it is largely dependent upon Flash Player.

When the UK Govermins introduce TV licensing for catch up TV - which they are planning to do, I shall stop watching BBC altogether and I can then get rid of the Windows 7 machine in favour of a machine running Linux or if I have enough dosh MAC - running Open Office and all the other FREE software.

Nothing on earth will ever make me buy a Microsoft laden machine.

In fact everything Microsoft has ever done makes me look further afield for a better experience and value for money and greater security and privacy.


Linus Torvalds in sweary rant about punctuation in kernel comments

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Anal ? Obsessive ?

IMHO it is unfair to ridicule someone for their disability.

If someone is obsessive, then there is probably a good reason for their behaviour.

If you want to work with someone who is this way, then you have to make allowances for their disability.

If you cannot, then you should be working somewhere else, as you will not enjoy the ride and you will spoil their fun by moaning all the fucking time.

People who are obsessive may be medically classed as OCDC, Autistic, Asperges, et al.

The irony is, that people who are obsessive often make the best coders, quality controllers, testers, validators, analysists, musicians, artists, writers, poets, architects, engineers, inventors.

Critics criticise, they rarely produce anything of value by them selves.

Apart from unrest and dis-ease.

A little appreciation of the mentally challenged amongst us would be in order.

Must be on the wong drugs !


Facebook offers end-to-end encrypted chat – if you find the right setting

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Black Helicopters

Irony button ?

This is one of those darker areas where irony borders on NOT being funny. Catch 22 or what ?

This algo modding has been designed to: pick the fruit which lies slightly above the low hanging variety.

BMW web portal vulns pose car hack risk – researchers

Al fazed

Who wants a BMW ?

If anyone of such persuasion was to change the delivery address and tie a new owner to the VIN, I can think of a couple of people that could do with a FREE car as payment for all that they have contributed to this Cuntery. The list would include people like the executives in HR at BMW plant Oxford and several politicians (whose names I have to look up 'cos I haven't been paying that much attention). Anyways safe to say that these twats deserve nothing less - oh yeah and they could also come with a chatty android (unpaid) driver named Tay for good measure, as an expression of their faith and confidence in UK govermins IT schemes.

Gigabyte BIOS blight fright: Your megabytes’ rewrite plight in the spotlight

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Today I don't see the funny side

because that's how my laptop switched on today, a BIOS reset. Error message didn't say what had caused the need for the BIOS to be reset, but I have been wondering about it all day, then at 18:15 I read of this exploit !!!


Tech support locker scam poses as failed Microsoft Update

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Re: hmmm...

That attitude is a bit selfish James.

There are plenty of folks out there (like one's relatives and friends) who aren't as smart as you, who consequently need their security knowledge regularly updating, their "normal" behaviour modifying and often as is the case, also need their system of choice rescueing, so that they can once again lead a normal life, using whatever device or software is popularised by the media.

Please don't scoff at the victims, it lowers the tome of the forum.


Your pointy-haired boss 'bought a cloud' with his credit card. Now what?

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Sad days ahead

Not only have successive cuts in funding made less community services available for the disabled and disadvantaged in our society, we now have the long shadow of Shadow IT. The none IT trained developer "Shadow_man" appears to have put the boot into some of those management organisations which provide information to the voluntary sector on stuff like funding sources, sponsors and sector oriented Training.

In the last 12 months I have seen another on-line form (built using Survey Monkey) being circulated in this sector, which was so botched that it couldn't take some unique Tax Identifiers. The company type was not available for selection from those proffered via the Dropdown Menu and there was no override option with which to add my own. Upon enquiring, the Shadow_man instructed me to select a different type of organisation from the list and register using that. He also assured me that there was "no software involved" in the development of or in the delivery of, the on-line survey. And certainly there were no scripts involved.

Same shadow_man is now exhorting cash strapped community organisations buy into WordPress.com, enthuesisng that it is "better" than WordPress.org because you never need to worry about updating again.

I tried to register a new .org.uk domain with WordPress.com, but the online form couldn't process domains with this extension, for some reason I have not yet been able to fathom.

Talk about Shadow IT wasting peoples time and their already meagre resources.

Not long to wait now ............


Brexit: Time to make your plans, UK IT biz

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End of ESF grants

As one of the poorer people in UK today, because I have a long standing disability, my observation is that the first thing which Brexit will Break is any European Social Funding that the voluntary sector and depreived areas of Britain have enjoyed as a means to bolster the lack of investment from the UK Govermins.

I think about things like the river Taff barrage and other major ESF contributions made to the communities in south Wales and the other (none London) regions of UK. I think about the ESF grants that I and others have received, which have allowed us to take NVQ and other qualifications, specifically designed for managers working in the voluntary sector. I think about the grants I received for the specially adapted office furniture which means I can still work even though disabled. I also think about the office equipment which, as a disabled person returning to work I also received ESF grants for.

I think that I can safely say that, without these ESF grants I would have a BSc in IT but be unable to work as there is no other way I could have got the very expensive specialist equipment that I needed. The UK Govermin had made no such provisions to help people back into work and in recent years what ever grants were once available have dried up since the Tories gained power.

Next things taken away will be our rights to free speech and lawful assembly and any disabled people will be turned into Soylent Green which will be fed to the few remaining workers who are unable to afford vegetables and meat imported from Europe and beyond.


Closing courts to fling £700m at digital stand-ins will fail, MPs snarl at UK.gov

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Re: Is the real motive denying justice?

Not so funny that you say this,

as not too long ago a friend of mine did exactly that, pled guilty to end the 18 months of the torture of being on reporting bail and not being able to contact his daughter.

I looked at the "download" logs from Internet Explorer which the CPS were using as evidence of "uploading" illicit material. Even the defence lawyer didn't spot this one and when I pointed it out I was swiftly shown the door.

The least funny thing about this is that the CPS evidence did show who had actually "downloaded" the video material in question - onto the machine held in evidence. Of course it was the machines owner as fingered in the logs, was not the person accused of "uploading" same file a few minutes later, whilst multitasking their mobe account at the same time.

There was no evidence to show "uploading", like a log file.

Not funny how there was no longer an in house IT forensics department for CPS to refer to and the only valid external IT Forensics firm was very prohibitively expensive and the process would be very very time consuming, etc.

Result = capitulation.

All legal parties paid handsomely and none the wiser I am sure of their IT foobar in a UK Crown Court.

This world stinks of shit.

GCHQ intel used to develop Stuxnet, claims new documentary

Al fazed

Yes but ........

Is the film any good ?


Debian 6.0 about to take flying leap off long term support cliff

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Re: Upgrading

As another dumb user exhausted with software updates, I found the install process of Debian 6 far easier than Debian 4. I hope the devs haven't gone and overdone their deving in the name of the lard and taken us backwards in time in order to make the dumb user experience in line with user experience over at Microsoft or Apple.

In fact, I am still curious as far as Linux developments are concerned, so I hope that I'll still be able to download an iso file via Bit Torrent using a link on the Debian web site. I'll then uncompress the iso file to some Bootable media that's compatible with the destination hardware. If all goes well I should have done the whole thing in about 20 minutes instead of 20 hours for MS 7/8 etc.

Brit spies can legally hack PCs and phones, say Brit spies' overseers

Al fazed


It's when they legalise their previous illegal activities that it makes me wonder just how far will they go "over the line" when that line is, "OK you can take the lot, do what thou wilt".

I imagine their new level of activities will become something like, OK we now have all this info on potential perp "x" legally, so what shit can we make up with it to fit them up, destroy their career and family life and put them behind bars in prison, or better still in a lunatic asylum ?

I suspect they have been f*cking about with my PC, but I have no proof of this, just that the device seems to have a mind of it's own and stuff I used to do quite easily has become a pain in the arse or near impossible to accomplish. Oh sorry my mistake, that is apparently MS Windows 7/8/10's normal behaviour and no, they are not part of ISIS as far as I am aware, they are supposedly on our side.

When will GCHQ bring this terrorist organisation to book ?


Computer Science grads still finding it hard to get a job

Al fazed

Out of luck

Well if employers actually knew what was good for them, they might have a chance - but we are still stuck with directors who don't know much about IT trying to employ someone with the "specific IT skills" that they think are necessary to do a specific job.

As we know, these ideally skilled IT people rarely exist straight off the peg. . The problem seems to be that employers generally do not understand what IT involves and so are looking for people who have very specific propriety skills when they do not exist.

Employers are stuck following the whims of IT marketing wonks and that is where they will remain as far as I am concerned, I have no wish to join a bunch of idiots who are trying to make cream with a Win 10 tablet, etc.

IT has given us applicant profiling, so unless you exactly fit the idiot company director's fantasy cutout shape, you will find it difficult finding worth while work in IT. This means if you are over 35 you have no chance, if you are a foriegn national, your employability in UK IT is severely limited.

Then when you find that dream job and if the firm is successful, you will soon find yourself redundant, on the street again and looking to fit another idiots employee profile.

What is the point ?

I can earn more money fixing computer stuff that people have broken and I have job satisfaction of helping people, it's just not as well paid as a premier league footballer and it isn't regular work. so I have to do other more physical, outdoorsy stuff which also keeps me fit and avoids me getting RSI or Microsoft's Upgrade Disease. And I haven't got any brand marks on my forehead.

I am currently batting back to base a large number of on-line surveys and other such home spun stuff because it quite simpy doesn't work, or it fails to meet W3C Accessibility standards, or relies on Flash Player, or has embedded iFrames and poses a security risk. Each employer seems to have little or no idea of the level of IT skill required by their employees, so we have an admin person filling in the skills gap and sharpishly punting out pretty crap communications, hugely flawed web pages, or largely useless on-line apps for their users to struggle with.

One chap told me "categorically" that there was no software involved in his on-line survey (made with Survey Monkey of course). Another told me, "but that's how the program made the form" and that they didn't have a clue how to make lines of text wrap at a useful point, so each new question was by default several monitor screens wide.


DWP building a separate ID tool as Verify can’t cut it, whisper sources

Al fazed

I see the problem,

They have only counted two farmers ..........

UK Home Sec wants Minority Report-style policing – using your slurped data

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Who wants hair colour ?

"She noted how there is currently no single list of hair colours for identifying suspects or convicts and describing victims, agreed across all forces, makes automated comparison of records impossible."

I can see the plod down St Aldates nick argueing over stuff like, "ash blonde" or "grey", or asking the felon to fess up, "Is that your natural hair colour ?".

Taking into account the full breadth and scope of the command of English that is enjoyed by your average plod, there should be a fair amount of garbage coming out the other end.

Taking into account the full breadth and scope of Theresa May's knowledge of IT, we can only expect more rotten old garbage will come out of surveilance IT than any useful quantity of quality ripe fruit.


Ban internet anonymity – says US Homeland Security official

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Logical response

Well, if this view point is to be given any value, then the rest of the world should be equally entitled to track and identify all of the political associations, financial investments, personal interests, family members holdings, sexual partnerships including boyfriend/girlfriends in the wings, etc. of every person wishing to be a politician or statesperson, on the grounds that at least 10% of them are caught red handed doing naughty stuff - like, preying on young boys (Janner), State Hacking (Stuxnet), Guns for Dope (Columbia), financing and training terrorists (Al Queda).

Need I go on ? These people would need a licence to breathe in my world.


Criminal records checks 'unlawful' and 'arbitrary' rules High Court

Al fazed

Logical conclusion

So, if the worthy company actually decides that it will engage me for the post I just applied for, I shall have to refuse to take up the job, on the grounds that my work colleagues and superiors will know all about my own criminal history, but I will know nothing of theirs.

As an exoffender, with plenty of practice being stupid, I am unable to work with others who are currently offending, or at risk of offending. As a consequence, these vulnerable people have instead to rely on some do theoretical gooder who has a degree in social politics and very little experience of why people may be drawn into offending, and in particular, how bloody difficult it is for a child who grows up in some of UK's less well provisioned localities, to avoid becoming a criminal at 14-16 years of age.

Today, they are being categoried as NEETS (and just like the JEWS in Nazi germany) are thereby condemned through the Home Office's "worthiness triage process" being dished out by "proper pro's" like dentists and doctors, and who are then classed as a Social Security and Housing Benefit scroungers - for life. Along with all their kids.

Meanwhile, an ISIS refugee will be suitabley placed in UK and will receieve much support from other "proper pro's", in order that they can make a good recovery from their dreadful ordeal.

Meanwhile the victims of UK's upper class, "proper pro" scumbags like Lord Janner and his mates, will get fuck all other than some of the UK's finest rough justice.

What a fuckin shit and shot to fuck cunt tree this is.

I am left feeling that, as experienced and qualified as I am, I am unable to contribute.


2015's horror PC market dropped nine per cent

Al fazed

Can anyone tell me why businesses are going to be tempted to buy into Windows 10 ?

Even Gartner and IDC are relying on corrupted logic today.

Windows 10 Business Case anyone ?

UK digital minister asks for input on strategy, lauds 'sharing economy' biz success

Al fazed

Re: Sharing is caring

I couldn't agree more.

It's about time the rest of Uk population caught on to this one.


Al fazed


they want our ideas on how number crunching will save their world.

What ?

So that they have somethig to reject ?

As is the normal practice of all UK Go Vermins seeking the advice of anyone who knows anything about stuff, other than Going Vermin.

Someone please tell them that,

Christ was not born on a Motherboard, Micorsoft doesn't employ Angels any more than Google's search engine is powered by Binary Elves.

And scooping out more than you deserve, or can possibly eat from the communal bucket AKA "Earth" will soon end in tears for everyone.

So in summary, NO !

The plight of the UK (ie; World) economy cannot be rescued by teaching yet more kids how to code (aka write scripts and hack through all of that crap old code of yore (or Microsoft's crappier code of tomorrow))

Facepalm time: MS Office update wipes custom Word autotext

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All together now!

HA! HA! HA!,no stoppit, pleeeeease .............

Reddit caves to Russian fungus censorship demands

Al fazed

Re: Oh, well...

you forgot "completely idiotic".

Alf (smiley of course)

Hash-tag CompSci: FBI grooms pre-weed teens

Al fazed

and if you smoke weed ......

Poor assumptions about any candidates "worth" which are based in ignorance of the fact that, pot was only made illegal in order to provide an open market place for the tobacco companies.

Any decent pot smoker will comprehend straight away that working for such an unintelligent organisation (Farcical Buffons and Idiots) will result in being underpaid and continually being the butt of jokes cracked by your hacker mates because you spend all your days rooting about in Windows 8/10 machines.

Hackers add exploit kit to article asking 'Is cyber crime out of control?'

Al fazed

I've always said that the real terrorists are Windows OSes and the browser = Internet Explorer, with Internet Explorer Users being the Internet equivalent of suicide bombers.


Working with Asperger's in tech: We're in this together

Al fazed

Re: Different NOT broken

That's because it's them that has a problem ! Maybe they're bored or simply "do gooders", either way, I know what you mean.

Al fazed

Re: Asperger's has been very good to me


Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Al fazed

one for the oldies

Ooh goody, they've brought back the Start button

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Al fazed

Here's two fingers to you dad

you are still using the same password on all of your accounts

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Al fazed
Paris Hilton

He was getting really pissed now about all this upcycling for business, everyone knows that log drums just don't do images !

UK safety app keeping lorries on the right side of cyclists

Al fazed

Robo Geddon

I can just see the centre of Oxford when this takes off ! Not a pretty site at the best of times and it certainly is not a cyclists paradise, more like a graveyard. Honestly, if they could send you to the RIGHT, the city councillors most certainly would.

Oft is the case in Oxford that would be Greens get planted by either landfill waste bearing trucks or public transport buses.


SSL-busting adware: US cyber-plod open fire on Comodo's PrivDog

Al fazed

Short term memory loss

Hmmm, no comments above about Comodo being hacked a couple of years back when the perps made off with amongst other things, an unknown number of legal SSL Certs, which have been used to by pass browser security.

Did they ever find out who did this ?

Here they go Comodo issuing useless certs ?

Comodo inserting adds !

Why on earth anyone is still using the company and their products defeats my imagination.

Apple Safari update BORKED private browsing

Al fazed

More rubbish coding

The last install I did of Safari on my Windows 7 machine allowed QuickTime to delete BBC iPlayer software and the TV programmes that I had downloaded to watch at a later time. And bugger me if the following two QuickTime software updates didn't repeat the deletion of BBC iPlayer and my downloads. Needless to say, Safari is now relegated to my old MAC Book, where it belongs. It's not allowed out to play anymore


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