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Do not adjust your set, er, browser: This is our new page-one design


Almost as bad as the Rotting Dog Blog

... almost, but not quite.

I don't need massive pictures on the front page, I'm not a school kid.

It's a mess of margins and white space. Put it back.

The grand-plus iPhone is the new normal – this is no place for paupers


Re: Go AAPL go!

In 2005, a then new friend of mine with a wedge of spare capital was looking to invest in tech although he was not tech savvy. He came to me for some advice about what companies I thought were on the cusp of making it big.

Apple had just released the Mac mini or something like that, IIRC, and I was somehow convinced that this showed a new, refreshing direction for Apple and that they would suddenly break into the mainstream.

That sucker only went and bought about 2000 shares in AAPL. (I think he spent $10k at the time).

You know what they say, a fool and his money are easily parted...

...Oh hang on...


Re: Exchange rate

You're making assumption that the price difference basically consumer protection?

No, it's that people in the UK will pay that difference.

It's always been the case. Nothing to do with consumer protection.

All to do with UK companies fleecing the public over there and international companies doing the same by restricting after sale services to grey market devices.


I have found my sweet spot and it's two ranks down from bleeding edge Apple gear.

The iPhone 8 i got last year might be stuffy but in a 2 year contract with Japan Softbank it was half the price of the iPhoneX that a few of my colleagues purchased.

There was no way I was going to pay an extra 500 smackers in US money for what basically amounted to an OLED screen with a fucking great wedge cut out of it and an infrared LED.

I'll admit, I have always been liberal with my cash when it comes to tech - and perhaps a bit too liberal when it came to Apple - but recent fruity devices are starting taking the piss even more than usual.

Sorry, Apple, I moved to the second hand desktop/laptop market after you shat on your techie customers in 2012 by glueing everything together tighter than a nun's chuff so that nothing can be upgraded at home and now it looks like I'm moving to the second hand phone market, too.

$1T... Mental.

Who was it that hacked Apple? Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, boy boy boy!


Idiot tax racket.

Still butt-hurt you never get invited to their shindigs, I see.

Classic Reg.


Re: Apple'sHack

To his credit, he’s 16.

Blast from the past: Boffins find the fastest exploding non-supernova star


I just have to say this from time to time... Bloody hell there are some smart people out there who think up these sorts of tests and investigations!

Click this link and you can get The Register banned in China


I couldn't find a western news site that was blocked. Even Infowars and such wasn't blocked,

That's because Infowars is a fantasy role-play site, not a news vendor.


Just how much of an...

... utter snowflake do you have to be to have your ego punctured irreparably by a simple picture of Pooh.

Beggars belief.

Chrome sends old Macs on permanent Safari: Browser bricks itself


Bricked? I think not.

Again, something is only bricked if it is rendered unusable without some serious hardware or firmware tinkerage or a return to the vendor.

Other things are merely broken.

Virtual reality meets commercial reality as headset sales plunge


My thoughts exactly. I got the Oculus shortly after release and have used it extensively since then.

However, I was fully expecting “round 2” at the beginning of this year and was extremely disappointed with the lack of progress with new hardware.

Basically, anyone who wanted VR and was satisfied with Gen 1’s marginal quality has it.

Price reductions would have brought a second, less enthusiastic wave of customers but on the whole the market will end up saturated.

To entice new users to buy in or current users to upgrade their current sets, true 2nd Gen devices need to be released.

Look at how popular the Pimax VR Kickstarter was. It generated double the funds of the Oculus KS.

I know the world has moved on and KS is more accepted today than back in 2015 but still there IS interest in VR, we just need compelling hardware to fire it up.

Apple: Our stores are your 'town square' and a $1,000 iPhone is your 'future'



anthonyhedgedus, Agreed. I have no idea what they were smoking when they disabled touchID... A quite literal case of Facepalm to unlock.


Re: Can't wait

Don't bother, blotto... If Apple cultards are a thing then so are the idiotically anti-apple-and-too-cool-to-be-a-hipster regitards.

They'd rather sever their own todgers than admit that the world's most profitable smart phone producer are good at business,


Overpriced? Perhaps... But we'll soon see what the market will bear.

So when the govt. steps in to regulate pricing you guys are all like boo hiss govt.intervention etc... "let the free market speak."

And when a company sets an arbitrary price for something you're like "it's overpriced culttards."

How would you know if it overpriced? It's not even on sale yet. If you were a successful billionaire yourself, I'd be inclined to think you had some handle on the situation, but as you're writing an article for an online publication, I'll assume (perhaps wrongly) that you're not and you don't.

If you like the free market so much, let it speak and it will tell you whether the phone was overpriced or not. If it massively undersells and they end up marking it down after 6 months then, yeah, perhaps.

Oculus Rift review-gasm round-up: The QT on VR


As an experienced DK2 and head tracking user... aka. I have no life

Long post

Firstly: Head tracking.

The head tracking system clips onto your cap or headphone band and a little camera sits atop your monitor.

With non-linear curve settings, slight head rotation is magnified in game such that an experienced user barely needs to move his or her head to effect a much larger directional change in the view point, rendering the POV hat completely obsolete. Quite literally within the hour it becomes second nature, and you end up finding yourself doing amusing "Matt Parkman" head turns in games which don't support it.

Secondly: VR

I was given a DK2 by a wealthy friend of mine who said it gave him a headache. I have been using it for a couple of months with the killer app: Elite: Dangerous and it seems to suit me in that department. I am able to spend several hours at a time without discomfort. It was a bit heavy at first, but I think I have developed muscles to cope since I started using it.

It quite literally opens up a new dimension in gaming. Sure the DK2 has a ridiculously low resolution compared to my 4k monitor but it makes up for it by having a much "larger" canvas that you have to actually look around to see. You feel far closer to the action, nay, IN the action. Moreover the lack of resolution becomes much less noticeable when actually piloting because your head is constantly in motion and your brain's ability to overcome visual impairment is quite astonishing.

When other people are likely to be around, I go back to playing Elite with my regular monitor. The change is jarring, to say the least. It's like you've lost one eye and are staring at everything from far away. It's a far less convincing experience and honestly, the DK2 has quite literally ruined non VR compatible FPS and space shooters for me, even with head tracking.

I, personally, was impressed enough with the DK2 to pre-order the v1.0 product. I have since put the DK2 up for sale on Yahoo Auction and it sold the first day for 82,000 yen, just 10,000 or so less than what I will pay for the v1.0 when it ships. So it looks like the kit will certainly hold much it's value post purchase, at least for some months while numbers are limited. In fact, one could say that the waiting list is so long that you might actually be able to resell it at a higher price than you purchased it for if you decide you don't like it.


Head tracking. Fantastic solution to in game POV. Definitely the best bang for the buck. feels far more natural that you'd think.

VR: VR won't blow you away, but if you have GOOD software tailored to it, it will literally add an extra dimension. It's a case of how much money do you want to invest/waste now when you know that within two years a better bit of kit will come along.

FTC lunges at Kickstarter bloke who raised $120,000 – and delivered sweet FA


Wait till Star Citizen falls through.... It'all take the whole kickstarter model with it.

Boost your attachment size with this one weird trick


This article's title triggered...

..my innate Buzzfeed filter. I had to overcome the urge to ignore it.

China weaponizes its Great Firewall into the GREAT FIRE CANNON, menaces entire globe


I thought I understood what was going on...

...until I saw that diagram.

Samsung in second SSD slowdown SNAFU


Re: Return it as not fit for purpose

Where I am, there is a sticker on the inner wrapper that states opening the bag signals the user's compliance with the EULA. In the typically length EULA there is a statement along the lines of performance may degrade from the time of purchase after "continued use" and "depending on use."

Here in Japan, the govt. pretty much always sides with the business. No returns for that reason available here unless purchased through a foreign sent like Amazon.com


Re: Linux?

The article mentioned a new version of Magician is to be issued. Magician is a Windows only solution. I hope th e 830 series is not affected. I shall be avoiding the 840 in my next series of builds.

Elite:Dangerous goes TITSUP



"supposed" to be? Says who? You?

Formal link please.



You didn't just report an outage. The formula for typical clickbait is this: Does an article get released after reporting mainly on anecdotal or lopsided opinions before confirming the full story?

And the major litmus test is this: Does an article link to inflammatory posts which are of no/little/tangential relevance to the current issue.

In this case, you linked to a number of negative pages about E:D... without once stating that the outage seems to affect only subset of users and that, on the whole, the E:D beta program and release was one of the smoother (apart from a short patch around Beta 2) releases.

THAT is what people are calling biased, not your "server down... some users cry" bit.

But still, look on the bright side, your article has whipped up a tonne and a half of feedback... Keep up the good work...


Re: A very poor article

A very poor article? What are you on about?... It's garnered 150 comments (as of writing at nothing -even the dodgy weekend edition articles comes close...) more than the expense of El Reg's reputation. It'd say its a winner. It's like "reading" a fucking buzzfeed.

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 is least popular Cupertino mobile OS in all of HUMAN HISTORY


Re: Still refusing to admit

And you got 3 downvotes for being correct. Probably Jasper. Never let facts get in the way of a tasty bit of bait, huh?

Chap runs Windows 95 on Android Wear


I once managed to coax System 7 to run on my Sharp Zaurus using sheepshaver or something. It was a glorious waste of time, but boy was it fun... I still have a working image here... somewhere.

Good on ya lad! Keep up the modding spirit.

Vanished blog posts? Enterprise gaps? Welcome to Windows 10


In a typically unbelievable way...

"Swipe out then back in to create a vertical strip to drop a "Modern" app into...." was the only killer function that W8 had which I miss on any other platform..

And no, docking a window "don't work" because it the lefthand pane actually caused the desktop to resize, moving all the attendant icons and so on at the same time. Very nifty.

And now they're telling me it's gone!!!!!111DAFAQ?

'Cops and public bodies BUNGLE snooping powers by spying on 3,000 law-abiding Brits'


Your point doesn't make sense. Remember that old chestnut "May the innocent man throw the first stone." ?

*as long as they're absolutely confident they can legitimately justify having done so after the fact, otherwise all hell will let be loose.*

Nobody is entirely innocent. Practically everyone of age has done *something* a bit naughty, at least. Which, in the grand scheme of things isn't a big crime in and of itself... Yet, by your statement, the police can effectively go on fishing expedition and find something either odd... "I got done for speeding last month" or "John managed to get us some wicked skank for tomorrow's party... or something what the police can claim is "suspect" like... "I fucking hate Heathrow security, man! I swear, the next time I come back from Marbella I'm gonna fucking shoot them, the ignorant, rude, loudmouthed little Hitlers."

"After the fact Justification" is called "Lucky" in any other language.


er. yes. quite.

Honourable Members of Parliament, putting the "Oxy" into Moron since Parliament began.

Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid


Oh, and iPhone 4s are made from Stainless steel. I still think the 4s was the pinnacle of iPhone design, if not ergonomics.

Apple, Google mobe encryption good news... for TERRORISTS – EU top cop


“In any *democratic* society we need to provide law enforcement with a right to obtain information authorised by a judge, based on a clear suspicion, in cases involving serious crime or terrorism."

Amazingly, I agree with you in full... Which is exactly why WE in our society need "irreversable encryption" as you call it, more than ever before.

I love it when politicians prove themselves correct dispite their best efforts to be disingenuous.

(by the way is there such a thing as irreversable encryption? Surely the definition of encryption includes a method to retrieve said data).

Facebook apologizes for binning accounts of drag queens


What follows this title is merely a comment. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity."

You're a fucking retard if you believe that your identity is singular and fixed. Everyone needs multiple identities to operate as a social being. Do you treat your family like you treat your co-workers? Do they call you boss? No. Do you pander to your underlings like you do your own offspring? Of course not. One lot calls you "Mr. Cox" or "Sir" The other lot call you "Dad", "Chris", or "Dear".

A person with integrity has one identity in his local community as someone who helps the old lady across the road, takes part in local events, gives a little to charities he has thoughtfully chosen, chats amicably with neighbours and helps when they have a puncture. Yet still has time to take little junior to the park at weekends for a game of footie... And another identity as a hard-assed but fair businessman who gets the best from his team, motivates them to achieve and shows them what they are capable of.

There is a profanity perfectly suited for people who mix the former identity with the latter under one flag - usually with the attendant publicity shots: A politician.

Labour outsources digital policy, Tories turn up to finish it


We should replace them all with digital analogues of themselves... I'm thinking animated GIFs where just the mouth moves emphatically.

BENDY iPhone 6, you say? Pah, warp claims are bent out of shape: Consumer Reports


Re: Apple Anouncement

Thanks for the heads-up. Wouldn't have spotted it otherwise.

Apple nurses HealthKit apps back to life, discharges iOS 8.0.2


Please refer to LarsG's sterling answer above.

Chipzilla promises $6 billion to upgrade Israeli plant


Intel: Because investing in warmongers' counties is sure to turn a profit.

Le whoops! Microsoft France boss blows lid off 'Windows 9' event


Hang on there sailor...

Isn't alt.humor.puns an OS X plist file?


Re: Time flies

too bad, 8.0 really is something to behold in all its AWEFUL majesty.


All they need to do is get rid of those rediculous lucky charms and slidy shit for regular PCs and replace the detault apps on the start screen with their proper desktop equivalents that stay windowed until you slide them to one side to create a new, adjustable panel where the app becomes its minimalist doppelganger... W8 was not bad, just schizo.

I personally enjoy the panelling, although it could obviously be improved, it is quite nice to be able to dock an app to the side of the screeen (email, say) while still having a clean desktop and windows that don't maximise over the top of it.

Oh... and add a little 7 depth back to the deathly drab interface and they're basically done.

Otherwise, I'm actually impressed with 8's ability to run on an old 2GB RAM Pentium of mine.



ooops. forgot to add:

well, I for one hope it properly complies with the European bendy banana regulation for highest qualty bananas.


From my bent iPad I sat on...


is that a 6+ in there or are you just pleased to see me?

Aaaand.... Apple's next ground breaking research papers are released, entitled: anodizing does not noticeably increase the tensile strength and bulk hardness properties of aluminium when used as a structural maternal. And: Long, thin things are more susceptable to getting bent than short, stubby things.

although, TBH, Phablets in a trouser pocket? Really...

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...


Yes, while everybody knows that Apple invented 'Rounded Corners™' ;-] Flat, they did not. Flat seems to be an industry-wide movement towards an overall aesthetic, which when done properly reduces eye clutter, garish clashing themes and UI overload, but which -when done typically- just gives managers a penis-hardning opportunity to reduce the number of graphic designers in a company, hence its popularity.


Re: Stats are meaningless

The iPhone 4 has been left behind on this update (prolly for the best), so although the stats aren't meaningless, they are not exactly equal. The iPhone 4 is a very popular device. I still see tons of them around (and no, they do look different)... I'll wager that that is a major factor in the few percent drop from last year.

Oh God the RUBBER on my SHAFT has gone wrong and is STICKING to things


> Shame most of these chemicals are known carcinogens.

I say im glad they ARE carcinogenic. If they weren't, everything would be made from these cheap crap materials.


Re: Icons and Goop

Back in the day, I bought a hideously overpriced 14 inch LCD monitor with what I swear was a 6 inch bezel, touting "Super Twist Nematic RGB" in bold, rainbow psychedelic letters on a giant triangular sticker stuck in one corner. It was a stubborn little cunt and as I pulled it off, carefully at first so as not to leave that nasty snot like gunk behind, but with increasing pressure as my confidence built, I went and cracked the panel with half the sticker still remaining.

After much to-and-fro, the shop replaced my screen when the shoprat failed to remove the rest of the sticker.

But still, what numpty marketing dept. would stick a sticker directly on a display device? Beggars belief, it really does.

Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2 reviews: Turn-based gaming's not dead yet!


That middle map on Wasteland looks very much like Warzone 2100

Apple's iPhone 6 first-day sales are MEANINGLESS, mutters analyst


I think y/y line growth is an even more pointless metric than sales...

... and I'm not even paid to come up with this.

Why? Because everyone in the line is buying as many as they are allowed and punting them off to ebay.

And as the method becomes more "guaranteed to make a fiver, mate" y/y, it just gets more popular... y/y.

It is merely a measure of the desperation to make a quick buck of the first few hundred in the line.


And there I was thinking it was all hipsters, your typical "creative types" and "organic-only" baristas.


Here in Japan, I nipped to the local Yodobashi in Akihabara on Friday morning. There were about 100 people in the queue. Nearly all Japanese, mostly females. I spoke to a few while we were waiting and they all said they just wanted to upgrade from 4S / 5 for themselves or their husband... I was the only one of about twenty people I talked to who actually had a 5S...

I had a chat with the shop bloke and he said that the prodigious mountain of phones "to the right"... were prebooked and they would be picked up this evening by customers returning from work. The somewhat smaller mountain "to the left" was to be sold on the day.

As it happened, they didn't run out of stock until Tuesday evening. Even the plus didn't run out until the tuesday morning, apparently.

It was a very muted reaction. The staff were more excited (no doubt scripted) than the people waiting.

Drag queens: Oh, don't be so bitchy, Facebook! Let us use our stage names


Re: Odd

That was then. Try again with a new account. They ask for id.

I thought about faking my passport. But then thought. WTF, when do you need a service that fights against you....


Re: Enforcement

I tried various fake names, but none of them took. It seems there is some language filter or something. Try John smith. It didn't work for me. When I create an account with a "suspicious" name, they asked me to send a photocopy of my passport/id/dirvers licence, FFS.


Just don't use Facebook. Simple.

I quit when they stopped accepting Nanchatte as my real name. My friends know who I am and AFAIAC that's enough. I didn't want every tom dick or harry being able to run a search against my name.

I know that Facebook is a private industry that can boost its income by showing clients that it has a "truthful" database of user's every personal detail and I know I'm tempting Godwin to poke through here, but Jews were forced to wear a star and I don't see the difference in Facebook forcing people to wear their "real name" in what is supposed to be a social context. I mean, it's not like every single selfie on Facebook is veracious anyway and they can easily hide the registered login name..

Glad I didn't let the door hit me on the way out.


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