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Sarko boosts standing by standing in front of dwarves

Chris 191

Not short on precedents

Napoleon (Time Bandits)

"Alexander the Great, five feet exactly. Isn't that incredible? Alexander the Great, whose empire stretched from India to Hungary, one inch shorter than me. Oliver Cromwell,1 the only man with any guts in British history, not a big man at all. Louis Catorze, five foot two half. Charlemagne, dumpy little five-footer. He's quite a little chap. Atilla the Hun, five foot one half. Cyrano deBergerac, five foot three half. Tamerlane the Great, four foot nine and three quarters."

Lotus details meths-drinking hybrid e-car engine

Chris 191


If you are going to quote a 40 year old joke at least learn to spell "usually".

Interoperability eludes Office and OpenOfffice

Chris 191

@Why is it MS' fault? By abigturd

Because it is a deliberate attempt to put obstacles in the way of people wishing to free themselves of M$ before they lock you in once an for all with their web version. OO may not be quite there yet but I for one am trying to get to grips with it. M$ Office 2000 has all I need, everything since is bloat and designed to make you part with your money. They slowly introduce "features" which won't work with previous versions and your documents will not convert. All your documents belong to us...

One day Office 2000 will not work and I will be stuffed. (although Win2k + Office via VirtualBox does the job)

Once M$ Office goes online you will pay a couple of pence per access (or some other model to get you to pay through the nose) as well as being bombarded with adverts (ala Hotmail). When the whole world and his mothers documents are in the latest M$ format they will increase the price and we'll all be stuffed.

So please go and get stuffed M$ fanboi.

Penguin because my files are mine...

Internet junkie detox center claims US first

Chris 191

Obvious really

Once you've shelled out all that dosh you can't affort to pay for an internet connection.

Mines the one with the wrist support in the pocket.

Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera

Chris 191

@ the Opera knockers

Why don't you just go and reproduce with your mothers. The reason I use Opera is because it is not M$, the same reason I will not lose any sleep over not being able to use a web version of M$ Orafice. Why are you so concerned about what FREE software other people use? I don't want my documents to be converted to some locked in file format becasue I use multiple OSes and various different applications and it hasn't cost me a penny. I still use IE6 at work and there is nothing I can do about it.

Grow up.

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed

Chris 191
Big Brother

What a surpise!

The tories threaten to do away with ofcom and they start doing their job...

New attacks exploit vuln in (fully-patched) Adobe Flash

Chris 191

Yah boo sucks

I'm OK, I only use the excellent Silverlight! Security through obscurity...

Microsoft's Flash-challenger Silverlight 3 hits web

Chris 191

No use to me

Went to the download page in Opera, didn't like that, no version for linux. Another peice of proprietory bloatware I don't have to worry about.

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