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No cell phone is truly Granny Friendly

To the elderly all cell phones tend to be if not "user hostile" and least "user indifferent". Most of these people spent all their lives with wired phones and cell phones have completely different properties:

1. No dial tone. Once upon a time this signified your phone was broken.

2. Because there is no side tone coming out the receiver, the phone always sounds "dead" when you are talking.

3. Wired phones are full duplex, cell phones aren't. With a cell phone you can not easily interrupt an overly talkative party with an immediate comment. You have to wait for a pause, and time your response so you can break in while he takes a breath of air.


iPods 'mess with pacemakers'

Mike Burdoo

Actually seems likely


If it is one of the i-pods with a hard drive, that means it contains an electric motor, and every motor generates an electro-magnetic field. If the pacemaker sensors are reading body electrical signals controlling the heart muscle contractions, the input signal levels are pretty small (microvolts). Perhaps the weak fields generated by the motor and its controller are picked up on the sensors.



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