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Orange to offer granny phone

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nice but

Nice but ... what if you have arthritis etc... how will you cope with the clamshell?

Microsoft sneak peeks freshened comms server

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Haven't they dropped the "Office" part of the name, i think its now just Microsoft Communication Server


'Banned' Xbox Live consoles appearing on eBay

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Gates Halo

listing as not banned

I don't think you can list consoles as being modified or chipped in anyway. probably why no-one is touting that particular "feature" of the consoles

MS and Sophos incompatible over Win 7 XP Mode

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This whole thing is a fuss over nothing. XP mode is present only to support applications that do not work correctly in the new architecture in Vista and Windows 7. It is not unheard of for there to be compatibility issues between versions of products, especially operating systems. This is inevitable as new features are introduced and the envelope is pushed forwards. Microsoft care more than most about maintaining backwards compatibility and this normally causes more problems for them in terms of security etc... (e.g not enabling DEP by default as applications were not written to be DEP aware.

XP mode is a great temporary solution to any compatibility options as it means Microsoft do not have to clutter up the new OS with all sorts of shims to support legacy functionality. I say it is a temporary solution as ultimately XP mode is only required until application vendors provide updates or patches to make their systems compatible.

For larger enterprises MEDV provides corperate environments with an easy way to provide a pre-configured virtual machine (complete with patches and AV if required) that can be rolled out to client computers as required.

This whole thing from sophos's point of view seems to be a bit sensationalist. Recently Sophos's marketing seems to have become progressively more cheaky (see the recent video of a google search for "remove" that shows "remove norton" etc.. in the results). I hope Sophos in very hight esteem and would chose them over any other AV vendor given the choice but this is starting to sour my impressions of them.

Anyway i think that is enough words for now...

Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres

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rebuild costs?

£250 to rebuild a desktop? WTF they're doing it wrong...

In an environment where every machine is standardised how can it cost them that much to redeploy a machine?

Also if you dont want users installing software DONT GIVE THEM ADMIN RIGHTS! simple

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