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DEATH-PROOF your old XP netbook: 5 OSes to bring it back to life


So I guess Mr 12 is getting an ipad then?

Mass Effect: Ten lightweight laptops that won’t bust your back


The only downside to my 2013 MBA is the screen. Apple has used a TN panel, which at this price is unforgivable.

Apart from that it is bloody awesome, I don't bother carrying around the power brick anymore unless I'm going away for more than a day.

Facebook makes Adobe fans change their horrible, horrible passwords


Re: No salt?

Not necessarily.

I'm assuming facebook are just running the adobe passwords through their own hashing algorithm (Where the email matches one in facebook's database), and looking for matching hashes.

Web ad giant (Google) pops Adwords into Maps for iOS and Android


Re: iOS app?

Good luck in using your phone when ios7 comes out and devs drop support for ios5


If only Apple Maps wasn't still crap....

The Old Reader drops Google refugee eviction plan


I've moved to Feedbin. with Reeder as my client of choice for the iPhone.

Happy to pay $20 a year for an extremely solid and quick API, and for the owners to not share my data with anyone else (Apart from the feds that is)

There's a tide of unstructured data coming - start swimming


Re: Not a problem

"Data of real value will generally be treated well enough. Some will be lost, no big deal, we will always create some more; that data wasn't as valuable as some would like us to believe in the first place."

Great comment

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride


"By the way, what ISP do you have that doesn't provide its own email service? People use Gmail because they can't be bothered, or don't know how, to set up Outlook or Thunderbird, or they plain old don't know that their ISP provides webmail."

Or people use Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo, because they don't want to faff around changing their email provider each time they change their ISP.

Or much more likely, because Gmail is a far better service than any email system provided by an ISP.

Yahoo! Oz! PAYS! Punters! Pittance! To! Search!

Thumb Up

I wonder how many aussie devs will be writing little console apps to automate this.

One search per minute would net you ~100 bucks a month. Which would take you about half an hours coding tops.

IT salaries: Why you are a clapped-out Ferrari


Re: £718pw?

Skewed by London salaries no doubt.

I'd love to leave London and move back up north, but unless i can find a remote working gig, then i'm here for good unless i take a big pay cut, or move abroad.

Someone i know is doing a remote working gig in the city. £500 a day, and he's doing it from Budapest. To say he's saving some serious cash is an understatement.....

Google Play privacy SNAFU sends app buyers' details to devs


Re: Privacy, schmivacy

I guess adding a troll icon next to the quote isn't obvious enough to you guys.


Privacy, schmivacy

Privacy is dead, get over it

Security audit finds dev outsourced his job to China to goof off at work


If he'd remembered to put cover sheets on his TPS reports he'd have gotten away with it for years!

iPhone 'Do Not Disturb' bug to self-destruct on Monday


Re: Oddest bit

OSX and iOS are BSD variants, but they have their own date time library NSDate (The NS prefix comes from NEXTSTep)

I don't think there is a problem with the library (otherwise this would have cropped up a long time ago), more a problem with how it's been used. PEBKAP basically


Re: ISO weeks

Not an iOS programmer but I think this has been caused by using 'YYYY' instead of 'yyyy' as the year formatter.


ISO weeks

Seems related to formatting of ISO dates. It's 2012 til the end of the 6th using the ISO date format.

The latest tech firm to be accused of tax dodging: Microsoft


Get rid of corporation tax entirely....

0% corporation tax - Why not?

Just tax dividends more highly, and let companies use more of their profits to reinvest in jobs, R&D etc etc.

Nokia uncloaks Lumia 620: A 'budget' $249 Windows 8 mobe


Cheapish dev phone

I'll probably pick one of these up actually. I have no interest in Wp8 as my personal phone, but I wouldn't mind cranking out some win phone apps, so I'll need a budget model to test on.

Game gears up for Mac OS X Lion release with... Panther



The full version of Lion is £20. Game are being idiots.

Where's the Angel steve icon gone?

Intel 320 SSD bug causes forum despair


Title is required. WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!

Whoops, just bought a 320 last night..,,ironically enough on the strength of supposed reliability

OCZ fails to kill off Blue Screen Of Death issue


I'll hold off then...

Very nearly bought myself a vertex 2 yesterday, glad i didn't.

INtel seem to be the best in terms of low failure rates, bate also pretty expensive too. Be interested to know other peoples thoughts on SSD's

How I learned to stop worrying and love SSDs



If you're using a VM every day then you'll be writing a hell of a lot more than 9GB a day to disk surely?

It's for that reason that i'm not switching just yet.

Also, they're still just that little bit too expensive. At some point this summer i'll take the plunge, but it will be a small 60gb boot drive only to replace the DVD drive in my Macbook Pro.

Good point on the lack or serviceability on modern laptops though.

HTC Desire S Android smartphone


Probably one of the reasons i'll not get an android phone until.....

...They sort the whole Internal mem, SD card farce out.

The SD card should be used for storage of media not apps. They need to ship phones with a generous amount of internal memory, and i'm talking 4GB+.

Apple limits Design Awards to App Store residents

Jobs Horns

if only their products weren't so good.....

As a fully paid up member of the apple fanboy club, it saddens me to see them going down this road with the mac.

As the first commentator said, hubris should be the death of them, but your average mac owner is not going to give a monkeys about this.

I can't see myself becoming a windows user any time soon, but i can certainly see my next phone being an android one.

Apple Mac OS X: ten years old today


Remarkably cheap...

considering you'll get the server bunged in with the price too

Jobs Horns


I Love the OS but Finder is an absolute abomination of a file explorer. It's the single most frustrating thing about the OS.

Jobs Halo

Good review until....

The last line. Snow Leopard cost 29 Quid because, in Apple's words' contained '0 new features'

It was merely a speed bump. There's no way consumers would shell out £100 for that. I fully expect Lion to cost in the £75-£100 range.

South West Trains puts squeeze on commuters


Spin spin spin

""Our customer feedback shows that getting a seat is high on the list of priorities for our passengers – these trains, when run as 12 cars, provide 142 additional seats per journey compared to a 10-car Class 444 train."

That's some world class fudging of figures there.

iPad 2 spawns updated iOS and apps

Jobs Halo

Specs, smechs

So what if it's got similar specs to the viewsonic tablet? How many apps has that got?

When are you haters going to come round to the fact that it's all about the software?

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed


Sounds familiar

In my four years at university, there has only been one lecturer that has taught a technical subject, knowledgeable, articulately and kept it interesting, the rest have mumbled their way through lectures, and sent half the class to sleep by the end of the 1st half of the lecture. It isn't good enough, not when people are spending £3k a year on fees.

In four years, we have had a whopping 3 modules on programming, there is no Algorithm class (though half of an AI class is devoted to algorithms), nothing on Web Programming, nothing on operating systems, A core module is entitled "Organisational and social aspects of computing", which teaches us practically nothing of real world value.

We were taught Database management using Access as the DBMS in the practicals.

In defence of my fellow students, despite only being taught Java(inc Groovy), almost no-one i know is using Java to code their final projects.

Nokia C3


Why is the title required?????????


By the looks of the keyboard it, it'll be !!!!!??????

Plenty of scope for misconstrued emails/texts there.......

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance


Ballmer's sweaty pits

I'd be stunned if any fortune 500 company offered the choice between windows or macs for it's regular users. Most of these companies will be heavily reliant on ancient legacy apps tied into Activex or some other crappy ms standard from a few years back.

Little web design companies maybe, as rumour has it the TCO is lower with a mac running osx.

In the organisation i work for (4000 employees), i think 3 people have macs, and that's only because they've convinced the goons running IT that as designers they need a mac. Meanwhile as a .net MVC developer i'm struggling by on an ageing P4. New workstations ordered 4 months ago, but caught up in 'change management' hell. If i get them before christmas i'll be stunned.

Developer slips tethering into iTunes

Jobs Horns

Good app - Bad Jobs


Plenty of reasons to want tethering without jailbreaking the phone - invalidating the warranty for a start....

I managed to get it before apple pulled it, and it's great, and unlike the jailbroken tethering solutions, you don't need a helper app on the mac to get it to work (although you do have to diddle with some IP settings.

Great little app, and very sneaky!

I just only hope there's no packet sniffing built into it....

Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres


Par for the course in the corporate world.....

IE6 at my workplace too, with no plans to upgrade. All USB stick use is banned as well which rules Portable Firefox out. I've pleaded and pleaded to have firefox and firebug installed on my machine, but to deaf ears. Debugging Javascript is a real joy on our setup.

What i find disturbing is not that the employees actually managed to install Firefox, but that that application appears to be automatically granted internet access. I though our IT department were bad.......


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