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Stuxnet expert nuke-boffin killing: Iran claims arrests

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It could be that the motorcyclists were actually iranian guard people who decided to target 2 people who would not be lost and that killing them would give them a chance to say "this is why we are building weapons".

Will we ever know who was responsible - I doubt it


Suffering from IT innovation constipation?

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DO IT HP's Way

All you have to do is cut your staff until things stop working and then say to those that are left fix it. Thats HP's innotive way of reducting costs.


US sinks $0.5bn into electromagnetic aircraft-throwers

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Air power

Having servered on one of the "Through deck cruisers" I know how painfully lacking they are. The harriers do a good job but when you have to get different versions onboard for the different roles i.e GR8 for ground attack and you can only accomodate 5 of them :(.

The falklands would have gone smoother but we had to use what we had. We are reliant on the yanks for far too much nowadays and the new carriers would help us project air power and naval power where we need it when we need it not when others let us use their bases.

On a final note its a shame that all the Armed forces have to fight each other to get the gear/equipment they need at the cost of the other 2 services and their own troops. We should cut the spending on social security and give it to the forces who need the money rather than spend it on some who dont want to work or do work but claim anyway.

Its a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in :(



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