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Microsoft's Surface proves software is dead


The ignorance displayed in this article is astonishing!

Apple sell Iphones, not IOS? Since when? Apples WHOLE marketing strategy is based around iTunes and the integration of IOS across devices! One of their major selling points is you are paying above the odds for the tech, but with a promise of free IOS updates.

They take a small cut of apps sales..... Given Apples figures for 2010 as a net $4.1 billion from iTunes and the app store, this is the MAIN part of Apples business model, not something tagged on!!!

I’m not even going to START on major players entering hardware/software and both markets in the last 22 years - that's possibly the most ludicrous statement I have ever read!

Nokia N97

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I have one and it's amazing!

I have an N97, after finally letting go of my N95. I have had NONE of the memory problems described and find the keyboard very easy to use! No, it's not a traditional QWERTY layout but who cares? The positioning of the space under your right thumb was inspired! I have read a lot of negative reviews which I can only ascribe to lazy reporters copying old pre release reviews! The N97 is amazing to use, feels really well made and is suprisingly light. It is not perfect but it is a very worthy upgrade from an N95! Claiming it is just a 5800 with a keyboard was, quite frankly, moronic!


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