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Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

Peter Day 1

Why I gave up on Linux on my EEE

My EEE came with the default Linux (debian) install. I bought the machine in this configuration rather than XP because I was aware of the bloat/load up times.

So why did I ditch it and install XP instead? Because of the things that I could not do like print to my Epson laser printer (no linux driver), because it would not keep my network shares.

Yes, according to some forums all my problems could be sorted but they were major geek fiddles. In XP these problems just did not exist.

I want a netbook that starts near instantly, can do email and web surfing and simple document/spreadsheet posting. The Google OS promsies this .... but can I print to my printer, I suspect not and that is what will prevent me moving on.


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