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Todo/planning tools for the really unorganized

I'm eagerly waiting for a TODO tool that assumes you are *not* organized to begin with. That bugs me like hell without me starting the application manually and go to the list. That if it alerts me in the middle of a meeting and I can't deal with it right then, gives me easy choices right there without going into the application and "recode" the entry. A simple dialog "Bug me again in 10 minutes", "Bug me again in an hour", "Bug me again tonight", "Bug me again tomorrow morning", "More....".

And the alerts should vary, fist maybe just a one of those alert sound you barely can hear, then maybe a voice saying "Come on dude, you can do it!!". Then if still procrastinating, sad musik and a picture coming up with R.I.P sucker, do this or die!! And similar, not aways the same. More aggressive. More fun. More creative.

I'm a mess with planning, I want real help from a tool, not the equivalent of a non software time manager.

I like the review because it tries to have a bit of this view, from the unorganized.



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