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Govt control? Hah! It's IMPOSSIBLE to have a successful command economy


Re: Red Plenty...

For the forward looking view I enjoyed Manna by Marshall Brain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manna_%28novel%29

The idea of a post scarcity society, but only as a small part of the world where the rest is truly awful was I fear a more likely road that we'll follow. Hopefully I'll manage to end up in Australia but if you don't then it's hardly life.

Nokia wins UK patent spat: Quick, let's boot HTC One out of Blighty


Re: This is bloody insane, yet again :-(

I believe the difference is here that Company (a) bought a license from Company (b) ONLY (and presumably more cheaply as a result) for the US.

The test is that if Company (b) can't sell the component in the UK as a result of the patent license then Company (c) using it in the UK isn't covered to sell it (or in this case the product containing it) in the UK

No ad infinitem here, just that if you want to sell a component in, or for use in, a geography, you need a license for it.

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S III singed by external source, probe reveals

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Re: Rule 2

Spot on. I've had a PSP ruined by an Orange Juice fail returned to full health after (repeated) immersions in distilled/deioniser water to remove all of the crud inside and then left to dry for a number of days. Given pure water is an insulator (OK OK a very poor conductor) it may be possible to use it after this treatment before drying but better safe than sorry.

As always BATTERY OUT when performing any of the above.

Phonedeck pushes out web 'n' mobe app for Android


Mobile vs Desk Phone

"The problem is that, in the UK at least, most of us reach for a desk phone when making a call"

The thing is that this is demonstrably false. People have their contacts on their mobile, and that's where they dial from (except for possibly conference calls where the number is in the Outlook invite). This seems to be taking single point of presence functionality that's getting big in the corporate world and giving it to the regular end user, which for free isn't bad.

How I learned to stop worrying and love SSDs


Dual Drive Laptop?

It's been a while since I looked but I was really into the idea of a dual drive SDD (OS)/ HDD (Data) setup for my next laptop but I've had a real job finding any suitable, current, machines. Is there anything out there that warrants a recommendation?

Co-op cashier's breasts overcharged for fruit and veg


One word


Danish rocketeers poised to reach for the skies



I'm being pedantic but I always understood it to be High Explosive Anti Tank (and for a follow up HESH = High Explosive Squash Head)

Jumbo-jet laser cannon tested against missile


Earth Shattering Kaboom

Was it just me expecting there to be at least a small explosion towards the end. I understand intertia and all that but after quite a long blast from the laser the target... keeps going unhindered and unchanged. NORK must be quaking in it's boots (or am I missing something)

Google Android future haunted by fragmentation past


So what handset IS worth it

I've been after something for a while. First N97 - nope not a great handset from the reviews, HTC TouchPro 2 - WinMo and something doesn't feel quite right and from previous HTC experience I'm concerned the processor isn't up to it.

So I fell for the concept of Android. The question is what handset is worth it that's going to be around in the next 2/3 months? Everything seems a bit underpowered and sluggish from what I've read. If money was no object what's the one worth waiting for?

Gamer embezzles virtual cash to settle real debts


@Richard Drysdall

"They were worried about a run on the bank? It's virtual currency - the bank (game admins) could have simply created some more money! It's not as if it's like a real bank"

Unfortunately that's exactly like a real bank and we're very much in the process of creating some more as we speak (QE)...


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