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Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101


Great but...

I appreciate the effort that companies like Asus put in to tablets, but a big part of me thinks it is all worthless at this point. Give Android some more time to mature (manafacturers pay attention to custom roms, they are much better than yours) in terms of both system and apps and you have another customer here.

However, my phone is just as good as any tablet today and my laptop is much better. I'll be going for a second generation ultrabook instead of this overpriced toy.

China fires up homegrown petaflops super


<The title ate my dog>

As a westerner living in China, i can believe most of this story. China has a plan that says, within the next 5 years it will be the top tech manufacturer in the world; they have already made a lot of headway it must be said.

Towns can pop up in about 3 months, from small hamlet to having 8 big factories. The government is pouring money in the right places and...in to officials pockets. Banks and lawyers are not Gods here like they are in England so things actually get done.

I would highly recommend the British government start saying FU to financial services and start putting money in to research of tech again if we stand even half a chance...The one thing China doesn't have (just yet) is the level of universities we have in the west. Again though, start saying FU to so many marketing courses though.

My two cents

WHSmith Kobo Touch wireless e-book reader


Why oh why?

This is more a call to Regheads, I think most of us here know how to use a computer.

- If you don't want to be locked in to a book store

- If you don't want to have to send a book through something like Calibre

- If you want your e-book reader to be more


- Buy a Barnes and Noble Simple Touch

- Root it


- You pretty much get android 2.1 stock

- You can simply drag books across as USB memory stick

- You can have calendar

- You can have mail

- Take your pick of ebook reading software and read every kind of media...I recommend ezPDF reader. It's got dictionary and annotations amongst other handy features

- You can even have a wi-fi probe...using an ebook reader

- It's only limited by the screen speed, which is quite good

Join the revolution!!! :D

<-- Happy B&N Simple owner

Android Marketplace blocked by Great Firewall of China



As an Englishman in China, I was wondering why my marketplace stopped working. Some things here are great, some things are just plain puzzling.


China's patent EXPLOSION could leave West behind


A guy in China

I've been in China a while now. What makes this country so "productive" compared to England and other western countries boils down to quite a simple opinion I hold.

Here, people are not frightened to go out on a limb and start a business, naturally, many will fail but by sheer weight of numbers a lot grow to be very successful. People here (the ones who work) generally don't slack, they push and push and push. There are few obstacles in place other than dealing with peoples "attitudes".

Sometimes my mind boggles and when going back to the UK for Chinese new year, pace of life is sure going to be a brand new culture shock!

Facebook deletes hacked Pages, destroying years of work


*nods head at freeloader*

Rolling with your analogy of newspaper adverts, I have a simple question.

Would newspaper adverts be your entire business? I believe not and, in the case of yes, say hello to Darwinism. For a business, big or small, it should never really be more than "an advert in the newspaper" but quite simple (and correctly stated already) puts people on the right track to your website.

For me the biggest reason not to solely rely on FB would be the absolute and complete lack of branding other than a logo.

Facebook fever prices social network at $70bn


This is insane

I know "users = value" in the modern world but, honestly how do such ridiculous sums as this get worked out? Facebook must be providing advertisers with some seriously personal information for each user to be worth about $105; congratulations to the founders are in order I guess.

I wonder what would happen if a black-hat cracking group got in and typed the simple line

rm -rf /

Iraq cost America 3 trillion dollars and a lot of people died. Would whole towns start exploding in this case...? I sincerely doubt it

Reg hack applauds asinine augmentation



Because, what's better than a good ass and badger together!

Using the internet in the People's Republic of China


i am english and in China

I (would dare say) I'm a competant computer user. 9 months ago, I moved to China in order to become a teacher which was quite a career change from being a web developer (not designer).

Before leaving the country, I set up a box that could be remotely woken from China for the purpose of VPN. In all sincerity, I've used it twice, there is really nothing to complain about with the Great Firewall of China.

As many have said (and I hope more will say) all it really does is block extremist views and sites which are utter b******s such as facebook. If you want to keep in contact with people, do just that! I can still access 95% of the sites I would expect to with the rare exception being things like blogspot for some web news. However, this is news mirrored by the dozen on many other sites so, it simply saves me re-reading things.

I would just like to say, thank you China!

From a British National living in Fujian province

UK tech retailers are rubbish


keyboard please!

The link to that...power cord has me...lost for words.

"The most advanced mains cable we have developed, in our opinion capable of making a profound improvement to the performance of your system."

profound improvement being higher blood pressure after seeing the receipt?

PHP apps plagued by Mark of the Beast bug



If a web developer is using even some half assed validation on a site, this bug should never come to light in the first place so I can understand why it has taken so long. Even an extreme situation, I can't ever imagine a user sending the web-server a 234-point decimal number and being justified...

Any "web" application that does need such extreme numbers would most likely be built on something other than PHP anyway, and I don't mean ASP either. Test ALL input, simples. The web was a dangerous place before this bug came to light.

But, hey...At least PHP is an open technology to discover such flaws and it can be remedied ASAP. Does this affect any other platforms I wonder?

Windows to Linux defections to outpace Unix shifts in 2011



You clearly don't use any flavour of Linux. I would even go so far as to say the "dumbed" down Ubuntu can be changed to your hearts content and using your own thought train, made "pro".

Please, do us all a favour and go crawl back under your rock, you know absolutely nothing about Linux clearly. I'm writing this from what was originally Xubuntu, took pretty much all the standard stuff off and have built it back up. Why you ask? The canonical repositories are quite awesome and up to date.

It's the repositories that make Linux a community, simples. I hazard a guess to say (from the way and what you write) you are using a Mac. Well guess what, it's based on Linux...

Cambridge chap's todger topiary gets the chop



We should start a campaign to get as many people as possible with at least one todger shaped bush in their front garden for a year. If people complain and get the police involved, take it to the courts and it would show just how screwed up our own society is.

MOST statues from the past have wangs on them after all, that's all the defence needed surely? It would be the modern equivalent of the Summer of Love against Vietnam in this strange time.

Does the following ascii art make your anger...swell? 8===>

Telcos don't tell about disabled policies



Doesn't this just show how crap a job Ofcom are doing with regards to their primary duty? Things are getting worse when the availability of information (clearly not in this regard) has naturally increased for the average person.

Either there's a swing on the figures not reflecting we now have more Telco's or Ofcom truly fail. From the same report that was carried out in 2006, it would not have been hard to get these companies to pull their finger out over 4 years!

It really shouldn't be hard to get a business with a prime interest in communication to communicate...The only real cost is a device that can output Braille, even for that the telco only needs a slightly different report template and voila.

Come on Ofcom, pull your finger out!

Google robo cars drive selves on public streets


Let's hope

They weren't programmed on machines subject to StuxNet!

In an amusing but bemusing moment of thought this morning, we are actually so close to what could be the dawn of something like Skynet.

Stuxnet 'a game changer for malware defence'


Please oh please

Will the powers upon high, gaze down at the brick and mortar that builds the hills through which the skills of business supposedly rise feeding their pockets. Without surprise, and in only one breath surmise that the protective guise of Microsoft as secure is seen through like manure. Pure and secure by nature is the world of open source (surprise, surprise). Of course though, this side of the world that glides by doesn't have so many people who pull out their horse tackle and shackle such critical systems to their grin for it is a world where people actually look within to see sense and make decisions based on precision and principle. Stuxnet is not new just as the sky is blue, what is new is the rain that forces people to look up without an umbrella :p

*whistles innocently* ahhhh, sunday poetreats :p

'We Want Two' Navy carrier plan pondered by Cabinet


Everyone knows...

Flying monkeys > planes

Sharks with lasers > Anything in the sea

Admirals Pie > Actual Admiral

Becoming friends > Making enemies

Last time I checked, the only real conflict to go on recently was:

a: Started by us

b: People with AKs, RPGs, suicide bombs

c: Solved with a smile

Whatever happened to the "prospect of peace"? When my father was growing up, he truly thought we'd be living in a garden of Eden using cool gadgets or out in space. What happened to that dream?

I for one, welcome the aliens to open our eyes to what is important in LIFE...it's not death, that's for sure

Tesla says 40% of its Roadsters may catch fire


Rolling in the right direction

As with most new technologies, it comes with a premium; fair does for that.

It's not like solid state drives are anything like the traditional platter approach. I for one salute Tesla on their product, it might not be perfect but that's all good.

What would quaff well would be the plans for a car like the Tesla up for free on the internet for anyone to take and modify with any (good) changes making its way back in to the original, much like the way Linux has achieved "god like" status on computers.

Who knows, it might become good enough, we can start to slowly say goodbye to our petrol loving ways. One can always dream...Admittedly, fuelling these things is power generated by fossil fuel though, bring on a nuclear icon!

Apple wants halt to $600m patent case


Taking a bite

These cases "should" affect Apple a lot more in terms of credibility than the actual wallet. Unless, thinking back to an article here last week reflecting how the percieved value of Apple makes them the second largest company in the world? I wonder what taking a bite from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" would do to that

The number of patent infringements as of late seems to outnumber actual companies! Can't we just make the whole world happy and permit people to club lawyers like they were seals

Man vindicated for videotaping his own traffic stop


I thought...

It was a scene from the latest Terminator movie.

I want your bike, your evacuated anus and another wheelie

Penguin in the picture: top video editors for Linux fans



Another vote here for asking, why'd you leave Openshot out?!

It's pretty good today and has many great features on the cards. In my eyes, it has focused on doing the important things right.

For fancy effects - Blender

For incredible control over the audio - Ardour

This combination of 3 tools can be considered a full suite and the great part many of these people nagging about here miss out. They are F R E E, if you really want something not included and consider yourself pro, send a feature request or better yet, help out yourself for the greater good of all users.

HABITABLE ALIEN WORLD discovered 20 light-years away!



Constellation Libra eh? I didn't realise OpenOffice was getting THAT far away from Oracle.

Coat: Anyone need a lift?

CIA used 'illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones'


I'll have

The Windows source code, a pound off ATI graphics driver and a beer please.

If companies can sell proprietary software, why can't these people. I can only imagine the next season of Robot Wars using this software to really give the crowd a buzz...saw

MySQL's non-heroic future runs Castle Oracle


No tools?

Rightly so, a plug trying to get people to use Oracle more and more but...

MySQL Workbench is an amazing bit of kit! I use the Linux version because it's not just a lack of tools why developers avoid Windows...

Shameless plug:

MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, visual database design tool developed by MySQL. It is the highly anticipated successor application of the DBDesigner4 project. MySQL Workbench is available as a native GUI tool on Windows, Linux and OS X in different editions. See the following link for more information about the editions available.

* Database Design & Modeling

* SQL Development

* Database Administration

Oh, and as well as being very mature, it's FREE!

DARPA orders VTOL robots for 'covert payload placement'


Corr Blimey

What's covert about that other than, anyone within a few miles will be deaf after use? Still fair play and good effort with the navigation system

Scareware tries to trick marks into dropping defences


So long as you're an idot...

You're not safe though. Ignorance is bliss till you find out one of those apps you installed over a year ago made you part of a botnet but, nothing tells you otherwise unless you check

/smiles as he surfs the Internet on his Linux box recognizing I am the biggest threat to my computer

Clickjacking threat punts Facebook survey scam


90, a good number

90% of what appears on facebook isn't worth 90 seconds.

90% of the people on facebook haven't read 90 pages of a book.

90% of the good pages/groups on Facebook are buried under 90 metres of solid crap.

90% sure, 90% of facebook users couldn't live without checking their facebook status every 90 minutes

90% wouldn't even know the definition of the word scam is and would click it 90 times if it didn't work.

90 minutes on facebook a year is 90 minutes too much.

I just go on once a month and am amazed at the amount of sheer crap that appears on Facebook. It's got to the point some people I know say 90% of what they do actually say on facebook with 90% more love...Remember when Facebook was about connecting people, not taking over peoples life? :p

BBC new media boss defends iPlayer Flash, slaps Microsoft


To the people "complaining" about use of Flash

Please, recommend a serious alternative that we can use today and is available on a multitude of devices...today. Oh right, I forgot there isn't one!

I use Linux and don't have any problems with iPlayer, at the same time am routing for WebM to eventually be the codec of choice. Honestly though, even if it does become one of the de-facto codecs used, adoption isn't going to happen overnight.

Flash, like squashing an ant with a battleship. None-the-less, it gets the job done properly

Flash finally finagled onto iPhone

IT Angle

You need perspective

For what Flash does within a browser environment and developers ask of it...it's not that bad, I don't consider it a resource hog or unusable and use Linux; the supposed Flash dog. Have you ever tried off-roading in a Mini? I'd take a land Rover any day and sacrifice a bit of mileage. For a whole pages worth of useless effects, Flash seems to work a heck of a lot better than Script and also simpler to implement in 99% cases.

That said, I used to use Flash, now use Script. Flash isn't bad, it isn't great, much like *insert your countries Prime Minister/Warlord here*. The only thing Adobe needs is a big gay mascot like Steve Jobs or Sponge Bob Square Pants to gain support from a lot of these "haters"

Rogue San Fran BOFH given 4 years



To get back some passwords? O.o

"Hmmmm, we believe he might have stashed them away on a cruise liner in the Caribbean so, naturally had to check. The Blackjack table was found to be part of his cypher and it was too tough for us to crack"

For that, couldn't they just hire a whole tech support team and just hit the factory reset button, if everything but the passwords was well documented (as it should be) wouldn't take long at all to sort out...$900,000...

Apple iPhone app patent claim 'doesn't feel right'



In 2006-2007, for my dissertation I did a study in to the effectiveness of the right-context menu for both beginners and "experts". In it, two test were run to perform so DTP tasks on a document; cut text here, paste there, insert caption on picture and set headings, etc.

The alternative menu I used was very much like the interface element described above. The results showed it more friendly to new computer users (a right click menu with +15 options is NOT friendly) and the "experts" would either use a shortcut or just one option somewhere down the list. So, for the "experts" and everyone the extra space not being used as a list helped teach the users shortcut keys and provided a short description.

I was under the impression, this element of user interfaces is to do with psychology and the way we use computers...not a patent. At what point will such behavior stop being useful for the furthering of humanity (not just computers)? I think many reading this comment would say, a loooooooong time ago.

It pisses me off that, if someone were to create an application or OS that is logically better for different users, we now have to pay a company like Apple more $$$ than it would probably make in the first 5 years. Can we not just burn the patent book and start again, it's at the point of being crazy stupid.

As a consumer even, most people (I use a flavour of Linux and LOVE the UI) will have to shell out their hard earned money for such idea's of progress when it should be free for all. Surely, the first wheel wasn't round, more octagonal and when someone made it round, everyone loved it, not just the Ferrari's of the day. Not that I'm putting Apple on the same level as Ferrari.

A quick note to the people saying, xxx copies from xxxx; maybe with products but when it comes to HOW we use the products, noone should be able to lay claim to your mind. I like to have chopped banana in my cereal rather than a banana on the side *patents* GIVE me money if you do too...*sigh*

Mozilla stokes Firefox 4 with first beta build

Thumb Up

Keep those pedals turning

All these Opera Fanboi's try so hard to justify using it. Why not let bygones be bygones, noone cares about this commercial roots browser but the fanboi's.

It's good to see Firefox development isn't stagnant

Revealed: Government blows thousands on iPhone apps



How can there be an iPhone without Jobs? :p



If you are jobless, you shouldn't be wasting your money on a damn iPhone!

OpenOffice gets Ubuntu-media friendly

Paris Hilton

don't forget

You get the whole pipe line, not just the fuzzy home-cam video at the end. Paris knows what i mean ;)

IT recruiters warn over migration caps


Felt this and it really hurt (apologies for length)

Fairly recently, I finished University and even before/during got myself a lot of experience in the IT sector with regards to support/development/deployment. HEAPS of small projects and a couple of medium sized ones, only a few can really live on the CV or it would be a mess. One could go so far as to say I live and breath IT. I've been around me my whole life and not meaning to be a big headed, I'm pretty good. if I don't understand something, I will by the next day from all angles, not just originally intended.

I went and applied for a simple job as "Junior IT Support" at a prestigious Grammar School and there were two other candidates who made it through to the actual interview. One was a green who had just finished College having studied computing, as people do with hopes of primo prospects with the world being full of IT and all...

The other was a Polish guy, 37 and didn't speak good English and had come over to the UK because there was no work for him in Poland. His previous experience was working in a service station. This service station experience was his only ticket on the CV and said as much to the both of us. He'd wired up their network and made sure it worked; I can only hazard a guess this means checking peoples bill???

Have a guess who got the job??? Why, Signoire service station of course. I got in direct contact with the possible employer to ask how I did and the like, they said I was perfect for the job. They actually used that word and then went on to say I should be applying for bigger roles than what they had.

Why the f**k would I have applied for the job unless I wanted it? As many have pointed out, jobs which aren't Junior require a whole raft of inhuman experience unless you have already been in the IT sector for many years and have some rock solid references. Simply put, having what can actually be called a "profession" in the UK is fast becoming a thing of the past...if you are born in the UK of course.

We really need to start trusting our own people. Trust builds two-way confidence, confidence results in people going out on a limb for others. When people make an effort and it's noticed, the likelihood is a person smiles, smiles make good vibes and generally speaking, happy people make the world a better place in ALL aspects of life, not just the workplace.


Painfully true

I can relate to a lot of what you say whilst searching for work, particularly (c)->(e). One bit that gets me though, your very final paragraph about it something only 2% of the population can do.

I would hazard a guess to say almost all businesses in the modern age make use of computers at various levels. Using government figures:

- There are 61.8 million people in the UK

- About a third of them are working age so, lets say 20 million possible workers (not taking skills in to account)

- There were an estimated 4.7 million businesses in the UK at the start of 2007, will round to 5 for math sake

There is on average, at least 8 candidates going for any IT role. It doesn't take a statistician to see something is wrong here, even if looking at it as pessimistically as possible. The world HAS evolved for ICT, that's why we apparently live in the DIGITAL age.

You sound very much like a recruiter to me and one who doesn't have a clue about computers at that. There's talking for the sake of guaging intelligence but, why would a tech head have a lot of care about where Labour went wrong when there are important questions to ask.

So to you sir/madame, I do say it is the fault of the agents...a bunch of useless twats who slow down people who genuinely want a job and are passionate about IT from ever getting a foot in the door

*sighs and cries*

Linux game-time refined with latest Wine


Why rant?

Personally, I am in love with all that WINE is and truly appreciate all the development that has gone in to it as a project and support; if any WINE developers are reading this, I salute you with a flagon of mead :p

It's true that not all apps run under WINE and that's fair enough to be honest, WINE is quite simply a a Windows abstraction layer for FREE created by people in their SPARE TIME. I made the switch to Linux a while back and have actually found better programs available for web development than the Windows equivalents I was using.

For those complaining about this app not working or that, try actually digging around the net some, most likely you are just missing a .dll or needs a tweak. In the majority of cases the program is loaded with such shitty "anti hack" software it would be nigh on impossible. Shame on your complaints to the WINE people, take it to the software company if it really means that much to you and see what kind of response they give you...It will certainly be different to the welcoming stance taken by most OSS peops

With regards to performance, the funny part is, the only thing I use WINE for, World of Warcraft actually runs better! While on Windows, I would get at least 4 crashes a day, files would go corrupt and performance was ok. On Linux, everything has been absolutely amazing after a little tweaking.

Good to see some Linux news hitting TheReg :D

Mac spyware infiltrates popular download sites


The obvious?

That you are a lemming?

Sure, BSD is more secure at its core but to my mind the majority of the BIG pieces of press regarding trojans, etc. are down to humans. What this article is getting at is quite simply that, the black hats have started taking notice of OSX as a platform.

I write this from a Linux box and fear the stupidity of E-mail just like other people using Windows. The majority of attacks in reality come from social engineered interaction. What the net needs is less naive asses like you :p

Jobs drops hint on Google open video codec


Jobs job

Steve Jobs doesn't have a PoV, he has monetary interests in mind. The day he does actually have a point of view about something like this is the day humans can live 10,000 years.

Read what you speak of and then consider arms (as in guns, not "hi mum") trade. Do you honestly think the execs of all those companies want a war in their front garden?

2012 Olympic mascots cop a shoeing



I'm not gonna bash the mascots even though they remind me of melted down toy cars but...

What's inspiring about these? They just remind me of the giant grey shopping complex recently put up in my town, a blight to a town of countryside and tradition.

I'll go for Tux. To represent how spaced out British people must be to find blobs inspiring with the eyes, skin head and big mouth

'Draw Mohammed' call prompts Pakistan Facebook ban



I do agree that the blocking of Facebook is quite over the top. However, people repeatedly fail to realize it is quite a "conservative" place to be and that the people of "faith" there are devoted to the last breath.

Hosting a "draw Mohammed day" is just f***ing retarded though and shows complete thoughtlessness about how another person may feel. Now I'm not one of these people who buy in to PC but all this will do is gonna piss them off to the extreme.

This blocking of Facebook is a good thing I believe, it's just a waste of time anyway. To them, drawing the prophet is the equivalent of killing a swan here in England. Just not cricket.

"to show the extremists... that we're not afraid of them" - golfclap being sat half a world away...prick is the only word that comes to my mind.

The iPad, news saviour? Murdoch may have something here

Thumb Down

2 sides to this coin

Reading through the story and comments both, I see a distinct pattern. There are many people (including myself) who quite simply don't read dead wood and never will, lets call these people "younguns". Then there are the "broadsheets" who will read the papers for the sake of their profession because it will actually impact their day.

I am of the mind that the latter will not change their pattern as it's what they know and it works, even though there is a whole plethora of free news that is made by industry professionals, sources checked, citations (when did you ever see one of these in a paper?!) and most of all free.

What I'm trying to say is, the newspaper (as we know it) really is dying and within a couple of generations the providers of "news" are going to have to change or step up their game. This just reminds me of the whole "downloading music" debate, clutching at loose straws. There are many here who talk about the "effort" needed to view free news, ever heard of an RSS feed? That's all this is after all...

I for one will never sink my teeth in to such a sorry excuse to try and push news. For niche news, this will perhaps work but, not for every single publisher having their own app...just fail. Is the world really this lazy and uneducated to eat such slop?

Nokia's lost weekend ends with N8?


there's nothing wrong with android...

If you disable bluetooth/wireless by default and then just have a single button to turn each on/off :)

Nokia asks ever so nicely for return of missing prototype


"alpha" launch

More than the PR, IF it was a purposeful leak, the feedback provides them with some pre-launch feedback to polish things up.

Stop the scrumping...Apples aren't in season, just up the ass of every fanboi. These people, who relate everything in the world that happens to one company that claims to be innovative...Didn't you know he invented the dance and everyone just copies him???

Revealed: Public sector's web gravy train



From what I gather and read both, most of the budget goes on quality assurance to meet the "strict national council guidelines". Other than the basic set of services they NEED to provide which could simply follow a national template (data wise), most councils would only really need a worker who knows how to blog and designer for the front end.

This whole process of needing to hit the budget roof is silly in the public sector. It leads to such overpriced and short reaching projects. Can't we just say "For this, you have so much money and you will again next year regardless whether you spend it or not".

Save and we might have enough money to reopen that hospital maternity ward, build another classroom/train some teachers or even...Get our troops some decent equipment so they can come home!

Scammers plunder gullible iPad owners' backdoors



You DO have to be a moron to buy an iPad.

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe



What's all this tosh about innovation???

Apple don't innovate, they have some great designers which make existing products user friendly for the masses. In this day and age, they don't bring anything other than "style" to the market and fair play for that...This post reminds me of that great game, Lemmings :3


What planet?

In countries where patents on software algorithms are upheld, vendors and commercial users of products which make use of H.264/AVC are expected to pay patent licensing royalties for the patented technology that their products use. There's a BIG difference between Open Standard and open source with regards to "use" rights, about much more than just development/maintenence.

I can download the specs for thousands of things at the patent office but, thanks to how anal companies like Apple are, can developers use what could be basic design idea's...No...Just visit http://gizmodo.com/5483689/the-apple-patents-cockpunching-all-smart-phones-an-illustrated-guide/gallery/ for a small dose of such matters.

Adobe gives up on the iPhone


To get a MAC

Without Adobe, the Mac becomes the worlds most expensive doorstop...And you thought trainspotters were sad...Don't just stop at iCrap Adobe!

Apart from being more reliable than Windows (thanks to Linux roots) Mac is just a friendly User Interface, c'est mierda

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