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Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion

Pete Hinch

Microsoft Code Assist® has detected that this project is written in MIPS Assembler.

Press any key to convert to Microsoft Visual FoxPro for Windows®

Pope wants journalism like the Catholic church wants child sex abuse probes: Slow, aimless...

Pete Hinch

The Pope. A Catholic education.


The Pope as an individual is indeed "quite decent". That doesn't preclude holding adverse opinions on the system of belief which he represents.

@Anonymous Coward

Brutality was a watchword at the school I attended. Beatings were administered with straps, canes, shoes and a cricket bat. I kid you not. No one can accuse the Catholic monks of ignoring Proverbs 13:24.

@Terry 6

My first wife was educated by nuns. She got good 'A' level results but was told that she would only be given a reference if she applied to a Catholic teachers' training college. University was out. I could give other examples of how they limited girls' potential from direct experience but it would get tedious.

Pete Hinch

If a Catholic education from Benedictine monks - indoctrination interspersed with regular beatings - taught me one thing it was how to spot a pack of lies.

Six car-makers team to build European 'leccy car charge bar network

Pete Hinch

As a rough guesstimate, assume a car uses 50bhp travelling at motorway speeds. This is 37.5KW. So it charges at roughly ten times the rate it uses power. A three hour motorway run might take 20 minutes to charge.

Hackers electrocute selves in quest to turn secure doors inside out

Pete Hinch

The skin effect is not a consequence of voltage. It occurs when a high frequency alternating current passes through a conductor.

Don't crack that Mac: Almost NOTHING in new Retina MacBook Pros can be replaced

Pete Hinch

Glued-in batteries and resale value

Before I bought this second hand laptop I checked that replacement batteries were readily available, and that changing them was a user operation rather than a service repair.

A very plausible usage case of a laptop with all-day longevity is where the thing is on charge overnight then used on battery all day. Hence at two years old the battery could easily have done 500 charge discharge cycles. Depending on the precise detail of the batteries' design this could indicate that their capacity was becoming seriously impaired. This would make it a very unattractive proposition to a potential buyer - someone who, not knowing the machine's actual history or the precise battery technology, would be well advised to assume this worst case.

Unless Apple make a statement to the contrary the assumption must surely be that the batteries are not intended to be replaced. If it proves as difficult as the teardown implies, nobody is likely to offer clone replacements.

So a good working assumption for anyone thinking of buying one with a view to upgrading a couple of years down the line is this: assume that your old machine will have a resale value of virtually zero.

As others have pointed out, glued-in batteries are strictly for cheap toys.

BBC iPlayer to run on iPads. Eventually

Pete Hinch


I agree with the points Andrew Dyson made, but you don't even need a PC or a good memory. A bog standard PVR box can be set up to record TV programs at the correct time, and will allow you to copy them to a DVD-R disk. The latter can be played on most DVD players. This is simply using commercial equipment as intended: no technical skill or hacking required. Added to that the quality is as good as the original broadcast.

Can the BBC not see that their horse actually bolted several years ago? The time and money wasted on a futile DRM system could surely find better uses.

McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide

Pete Hinch


So this IT guru correctly diagnoses the problem: an AV update is trashing every machine it touches. So he celebrates by switching on his laptop and letting it connect to the internet?

To put it as politely as possible - I can think of better tactics...


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