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Tech rookie put decimal point in wrong place, cost insurer zillions

Neil 23

Customer reference for amount

Had a similar issue at an old job in the City.

A junior customer service bod was doing payments / transfers for the first time. After being shown the ropes, was left to do one on his own. He put the 7 digit customer reference in the transfer amount field, paying some lucky customer over 100 times what they should have received...

Welcome to Heathrow Terminal, er, Samsung Galaxy S5

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Re: Come the revolution,

This isn't marketing, this is *spits* PR, a whole different level of uselessness down

Review: HTC One

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Re: Potato instead of camera module

True, my Desire is a good few months out of a 2 year contract and has proven to be pretty bullet-proof, surviving half a dozen drops onto various hard & soft surfaces (from concrete to carpet*), at least 2 drenchings and being used as a teething aid / drumstick by a small child.

*great Peel session in '83

What happened to comics for kids? Hell, what happened to COMICS?

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Re: Four words

Bought a hardback reprint of that a few years ago - the ending still brings a tear to my eye.

Why is 4G so expensive? Answer: The Post-Voice Era is coming

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Re: nonsence

Hopefully, you're right, but I fear you may not be given the state of the market.

I remember when T-mobile (ne One-2-One) launched in the UK and had a range of dirt cheap tariffs designed to force their way into a maturing market. I was on their £60-a-year, 10p-a-call / text plan for years until they finally canned it.

Metric versus imperial: Reg readers weigh in

Neil 23

Confused by all these people banging on about a French system

It was a Brit who invented the metric system, the French just named the units

Lawyers: We'll pillory porn pirates who don't pay up

Neil 23

How is this even legal?

Henry VI (Pt 2), Act IV, Scene II springs to mind

Disappearing space dust belt baffles boffins

Neil 23

Re: Aliens did it!

Or a fleet of Von Neumann machines

Fraudsters phish for NatWest clients with 'Stephen Hester' email

Neil 23

Re: Problem is...

More importantly (for me, at least, as my employer uses NW to pay salaries) BACS payments aren't interupted either.

Neil 23

Re: Worrying

I'm a non-RBS/NW/UB customer & I got one the other day, I would have ignored it anyway, but gmail did divert it straight into the spam folder.

Ex-Soviet space gunboats to be FOUND ON MOON

Neil 23

Soviet-era space vehicles?

That can only end well...

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Mealy pudding v migas

Neil 23

Re: Wot! No beanz?

Southwest Eggs Benedict is my favourite American breakfast.

Loads of differnt regional versions but I prefer 2 poached eggs, 2 corn pancakes & 2 steaks smothered in a creamy chipotle hollandaise, with potato wedges on the side. Great hangover cure.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

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How do I do none of the above? there are many films much worse than that selection.

High Court asked to keep 'cheap DVD' VAT loophole open

Neil 23


Peanuts - if they're that worried about lost tax, why not go after the likes of Vodafone for the missing £6bn?

Paris Metro brings a bit of style to NFC

Neil 23


I think he wants the Daily Mail over there ---------------------->

Facebook rolls out Timeline to world+dog

Neil 23

I can't believe

anyone over the age of 14 actually uses the word "sheeple"...

Immigrants face £49k wage minimum to stay

Neil 23

Quite high

Average UK Salary is £26,000 (£33,000 for an average household) higher for London and lower for certain deprived areas.

£49k is around what you'd expect a senior manager in a non-financial firm* to earn in London - accoring to the Institute for Fiscal Studies in 2008, £49k puts you in the top 10% of earners.

(* City boys & girls get more)

Waterstone's to take on Kindle and Nook with own reader

Neil 23

Damaged goods

I've noticed a drop in quality control recently, many of the last few orders I've had from Amazon have been damaged, some with obvious holes to the packaging from a heavy-handed postie but others have had book damage with no obvious external sign.

Bury council defends iPads for binmen

Neil 23


Why not some decent little netbooks for less than half the cost? Or they have these things now called mobile phones...

Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft

Neil 23


Hopefully, someone will do what they did for Office and develop a ribbon add-on that emulates the menu structure, so we can go back to doing things the easy way.

MS to WinXP diehards: Just under 3 more years' support

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Maybe more people would swap

if Win 7 wasn't so "Noddy does an OS"

I finally took the plunge to buy a new PC which came with Win 7 and have spent the first few weeks finding 3rd party packages that put the missing functionality back.

Student geeks build Rubik’s cube solving bot

Neil 23


"Baby Boffins"?

Teenage duo sentenced over credit card Ghostmarket

Neil 23

"Decades" - really?

Rape ruins lives for decades, so do other violent crimes, I don't really see credit card fraud being in the same league.

In my limited personal experience, having had my credit card number stolen 3 times, the longest I've suffered is a gap of about a week until the new card turned up & the money was refunded by the bank.

Fraudulently applying for credit can have a bigger effect on the victim but can be resolved in much smaller timescales than decades.

Labour MP debuts fondleslab-assisted Parliament oratory

Neil 23


The Tories have servants for that kind of thing...

Anon Mail commenters to stay anon

Neil 23

I'm confused

I thought the Mail hated the European Convention on Human Rights?

Frenchman cuffed for naughty lip-slip email to MEP

Neil 23

But, but, but...

Surely contempt is the default state when dealing with politicians?

Bus spotter admits £11k database fees fraud

Neil 23

No title

I'm assuming given the massive amount of deregulation in public transport, the owner might not always be the operator. Not sure why this would matter but still, each to their own.

Google shocks world with unthreaded Gmail

Neil 23

Thank God for that

Now if we can just get M$ to dump that bloody stupid ribbon...

Doc develops RSI-reducing rolling mouse

Neil 23

You had me till "chiropractor"

though I suppose "former" goes some way to alleviate that...

iTunes disses doctorates

Neil 23

Not quite

the French started it in the 12th century, though the title of doctor for a teacher pre-dates that.

Amazon buys wacky retailer

Neil 23


Sounds like Woot would either be a great place to work or somewhere where the incessant "whackyness" would send you postal after a month...

Regent Street blocked by iPad fanboi swarm

Neil 23

What's the collective noun for Apple fanbois?

A flock? A cult? A gullible? A fleecing?

Facebook forces users to expose or remove connections

Neil 23

I know there's supposed to be no such thing as bad pubilicity

But this is getting silly now. Why the hell would I want to link my profile to a page I have no control over?

Labour shock pledge: 16.8-meg broadband for ALL by 2012!

Neil 23

More importantly

Is there anyone here dumb enough to think the phrase "ZaNuLieBore" (or any derivative thereof) is intelligent or witty?

Normal Human Being™ reviews the iPad

Neil 23

It doesn't matter what it's designed for -

it's what the user expects that's important - and as its just another computer, most NHBs will expect it to do the same tasks they use their regular computer for. Anything less will count as a failure to meet their needs.

Biometric harvest network can handle just 700k a year

Neil 23

More Post Offices than supermarkets?

Not in London - I have to walk past 7 different supermarkets (belonging to 5 different chains) before I get to a Post Office...

Branson's SpaceShipTwo rocketplane gets off ground

Neil 23

I travel on Virgin Trains quite often

I reckon around £50 for a first class London - Birmingham return is pretty good and they often arrive ahead of schedule (apart from one 8 hour journey from hell but that was when they were bedding in the new Pendelinos & the computer controlling the train suffered the equivalent of a BSOD).

The TV / Internet service is another matter though...

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

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If you're born in America

that makes you American, not Irish.

Daily Mail commentard out-tw*ts the Tw*t-O-Tron

Neil 23

That's probably why he's being voted down

not because the other readers don't agree with the sentiment, but because he has a "funny name" ...

NASA flying car engineer shoots down Reg coverage

Neil 23


Its a Black Country* Spanner, ain't it?

[* or Birmingham, depending on which side of the Midlands you come from]

Street View threatens to throw Eurostrop

Neil 23

I've used it quite a bit recently

whilst flat-hunting. Estate agents are loath to post external pictures of properties so it's saved me visiting quite a few places that I wouldn't be interested in

Cultists aquiver as Applestore goes into hibernation

Neil 23

little death?

Can web sites have orgasms?

1984 film classification law gets reboot

Neil 23

Religious DVDS

How about classifying these all as R18 and only allowing them to be sold in licensed premises that children are banned from entering?

Commentard to lose mask for teasing politico's son

Neil 23

Flaming septics

They really will sue over anything won't they?

Everyone knows the correct response to an insinuation like that would be something along the lines of: "Why don't you ask your dad and find out".

No sense of humour, these colonials...

James Martin apologises for cyclist outrage

Neil 23

@ Elmer Phud & GrahamS

'I take it that if someone videos me taking out your windscreen with a bike lock then it'll be funny?'

Funny? It'd be a miracle, I don't own a car and haven't for about 6 years... However, I do own & regularly ride a bike both to work and for recreation and its exactly the sort of arrogant, smug, red-light jumping, pavement-cutting, riding-four-abreast twat he refers to in the article that give the rest of us a bad name.

I was working on the assumption that the original article was full of exaggeration & hyperbole rather than reporting fact, being as the author was in effect confessing to a criminal act. You two on the other hand seem to take everything you read on the internet as gospel, which really can't do much for your blood pressure...

Neil 23

@ Alan Wray

Its not the same as doing it to "a group of black/asian/foreigners"* as that would be prejudicial discrimination based on a an element of their existence that is beyond their control.

As people choose to ponce around on push bikes of their own free will this is not a prejudicial action but one based on inconvenience caused by this decision. Driving cyclists off the road for one's own amusement is not to be encouraged as it is indeed unlawful - but I bet it was bloody funny to watch...

* maybe the collective noun for this should be a "political correctness of"

UK space programme suffers serious setback

Neil 23


Haven't they seen Dr Who? Aliens will now use this cheese to establish mind-control over cheddar-lovers around the globe.

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist

Neil 23

If it had been filmed on phone cameras

Would it make this a happy-fwapping?

Gmail turns into label junkie

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First think we do?

Hide all the labels


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