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Adobe heats up iPad Flash bash

Phil 33

@James Katt

What you fail to realise is that none of those technologies are accessible or friendly to designers who are the majority of flash content creators. The tooling isn't going to catch up anytime soon either, and until 99% of people are using a capable browser (come on, 20% are still using IE6 for petes sake) the technology is as good as dead in the water as far as big content creators on the web are concerned.

Mozilla tries to silence add-on developers' scream

Phil 33


Web Developer, Firebug and ABP work fine in the latest 3.5 updates, so why not upgrade?

Windows 7 - The Reg reader review redux

Phil 33

Explorer not expanding folders as you "explore" your hard drive

easy fix, go to "Folder Options" and there's two new options down the bottom, one of them is to expand folders automatically, check it, no longer a problem.

Why Microsoft changed how explorer functions in that regard after all these years I really don't know, but at least you can put it back.

And if you want to connect to an SMB share (for instance on a Mac) you'll need to go into Local Security Policy and change the Lan Manager settings to accept NTLMv1 passwords as well as V2.

I'm about to install 7 on the last of our computers here (it's on my desktop and laptop, about to put it on the wife's laptop) and I'm really liking the "Homegroup" feature, no longer will I have to share random folders so my wife can see our family photos from her computer!

Windows 7 - the Reg reader verdict

Phil 33

@Chris Morley

In windows explorer, press the "alt" key to get the menu up, then go:

Tools -> Folder Options -> General

then down the bottom make sure:

"automatically expand to current folder" is checked

only thing that annoyed me with windows 7 if I'm honest!

@Ian Bonham

sorry, 30 minutes to get to desktop points to something serious being wrong with your hardware, disk in PIO mode or on its way out perhaps?

Will Google regret the mega data center?

Phil 33

Sun's data centre in a shipping container?

Didn't Sun come up with a data centre in a shipping container concept a while ago?

All you would need to do is hire a large chunk of land that is close to the required utilities and stack them up as high as you are allowed. When some shortsighted town hall politician decides he wants a slice of what you're making by raising taxes you simply truck the containers overnight (after your software migrates the load to a backup pool in your other locations) and setup in a new location you've scoped out for this eventuality.

Of course the logistics aren't trivial, but it should be do-able.

Google Docs to get 'shiny new' interface

Phil 33

Office 2010 web has a killer feature...

The killer feature of the Office 2010 web apps is that they can be hosted in house, which is a real boon for a lot of companies. Look at the twitter/google apps fiasco to see that having stuff in the cloud, whilst convenient, isn't always the best option (and don't give me the line that users should choose stronger passwords - we've been trying to change user behaviour for 20 years and we need to accept it isn't going to happen).

I can see a lot of companies worried about misappropriation of trade secrets flocking to Office in droves, and then the hosted version can mop up the home users who want things easily accessible. They could put them behind a VPN with 2 factor security (RSA token or similar) to give secure remote access.

iPhone 3.1 code goes beta

Phil 33

@Levente Szileszky

Sorry, I've had a succession of HTC phones (MDA Vario II, III, played with the IV, played with the G1 and Hero) and I thought they were great...until my wife got an iPhone 3Gs. Now using my Vario III is painful, even with Opera Mobile, browsing the web is slow and I realise how rubbish the resistive screen really is.

I'm getting my iPhone tomorrow and I'll be able to do almost all the same things on it as on my Vario III (SSH client, emailing, web browsing, some light gaming, and some tethering).


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