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Journo says Elon Musk apologized for Tesla battery fiasco

Bryan Seigneur

Re: Yes but

Moving the goal posts. It's wonderful to watch them move!

Superchargers are at 90kW, planning on 120kW for the $30k BlueStar. I don't think anyone should execute an EV road trip without proper planning. And as it stands right now, anything other than a Tesla and superchargers are going to slow you down to almost twice the time of an ICE car for the same journey.


All non-Tesla EVs (short range, slow charging like the Leaf, iMiEV, et al) will eventually have to undercut the price of ICE vehicles to be successful. When that happens, watch out. In the meantime the volume production and sales of the Tesla have already proven the high quality of that car and the infrastructure.

Would putting all the climate scientists in a room solve global warming...

Bryan Seigneur

Plimer has a too-convenient way of putting it...

Plimer: "I would like to see why 3 per cent anthropogenic CO2 drives climate, and the other 97 per cent doesn't". The official answer is that the 97 per cent of natural CO2 is perfect equilibrium, but the wicked (fossil fuel) 3 per cent tips everything out of balance.

Definitely need more detail on that. Where does that number come from? I'd be very interested to see it broken down that way. It's very surprising, considering that concentrations have gone up almost perfectly in sync with fossil fuel use.

Bryan Seigneur

A New Take

Global Warming isn't caused by Man. It is caused by un-offset fossil carbon. It is due to old fossil energy technology that has outlived itself.

Global Warming isn't caused by carbon emissions, but old fossil fuel carbon emissions. Non-fossil emissions are forcibly offset, but fossil emissions can cheat the cycle.

Breathing, burning wood, burning cow farts, and burning sewage or landfill gas all emit carbon that capture recently. Thus, those sources of carbon are circumstantially controlled from expelling too much carbon over the long term. You'll be forced to quit burning wood when the forest is gone, dumb-dumb.

Burning fossils releases carbon that was captured millions of years ago, over the course millions of years (when the sun was cooler and CO2 perhaps needed to be a bit higher, btw). We can use this stored solar power, and dump that Jurassic CO2 back into the atmosphere as fast as we can dig it up.

Finally, alarmists aren't Luddite hippies. They are pro-technology.

Science and technology enable our huge population and increasing standard of living. Science and technology are always improving. SciTech that stands still cannot do it's magic. The sci and tech we had 2000 years ago was still sci and tech, just at a lower level. The PROGRESS of sci and tech is what enables our expanding civilization.

For 30 years scientists have delved into this area of study--I guess so that we would be certain that we stopped worshiping our old fossil technology no sooner than we absolutely had to--and for 30 years they have become more certain.

The state has always pushed beneficial technology faster than the market would by itself. Markets with a few large players are sticky and must be unstuck. The crown gave lucrative charters to promising inventors. War has the state constantly improving technology. Computers for ballistics and missile guidance, the internet for robustness in war, nuclear power, etc, etc, etc.

The state should take money from old fossil energy technology and give it to every other type, via the people, as a fossil carbon fee on fossil production or import with 100% equal household tax credit.

Bryan Seigneur


I thought if you wanted to criticize a scientists conclusions you had to A.) Get a PhD in appropriate field. B.) Come up with a better conclusion and get it published.

But what do I know?

I mean, there are plenty of "critics" that disbelieve the basic properties of CO2. How do you dismiss them so easily in the first paragraph? You group-thinking dunderhead!

Microsoft FAT patent appeal upheld in Germany

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Big Brother


EXT2 is just the most widely used. But any modern-featured FS that won't ever be patent-challenged will do. O wait, no such thing exists under evil software-patent law because even clean room designs are also subject to claims.

Antarctic boffins obtain prehistoric deep ice core sample

Bryan Seigneur

Interesting, but not a primary effect of giga-CO2.

The Primary Effect of the increased concentration of CO2, which--I guess this totally comes out of left field, but I think it makes sense--is due to releasing 26Gtons of CO2 per year (and climbing) into the air that wouldn't otherwise be there, is the accelerating heating of the troposphere which has been documented for the last 40 years. This is in line with computer models that were made 35, 30, and 25 years ago. The scientists have built up some credibility, here.

Another primary effect is the acidification of the ocean, but I'll leave that for another day.

So, the secondary effects like waxing or waning of ice sheets are interesting, but shouldn't change anyone's mind about whether we are willfully screwing with the place we live by, once again, releasing 26 Gtons and growing of CO2 per year that wouldn't otherwise be released.

IBM twists DNA for future chip fab tech

Bryan Seigneur


This is pretty freaky. From biology I remember DNA is just info storage to make proteins, and it's the protein chains directly copied (translated) from the DNA which fold up in fantastic ways to make all sorts of cool things. But now, watch out, they are folding the DNA itself in order to do alls sorts of froody things.

'HD TV gas' 17,000 times worse for planet than CO2, claims boffin

Bryan Seigneur

Whether you agree ideologically or not, renewable is the way to go.

To all those people who are somehow offended by the scientists, it's okay, you don't have to listen. But, BTW, if we had been listening to this global warming stuff for the last 30 years, we would be independent of oil a lot more now, and the world economy wouldn't be looking over the edge of cliff. That is all.

Ubuntu does bird beta

Bryan Seigneur

The right host OS for VMs


I like your handle so much I registered it (gnuber.com) :p

Tony Trolle:

I agree. With DDR2 so cheap now it's easy to replace your playground network of frankenboxes with one dual core machine with 4G or more. Put several VM's on it and there is your playground. Of course, to use 4G or more, you need a 64bit kernel.

I had been using XP and msvpc 2007 for said experimental VM playground, but I finally got Ubu7.04 running last night, knowing it would possibly be a better VM host system than XP. (msvpc nic's don't do pxe, for one.) And I much rather prefer installing 64bit linux than Vista, besides not having a license!

Ubu7.04 let me get my nVidia 8400GS running with full openGL accell and 2 screens in a couple of reboots. I've even installed Unreal, Urban Terror, and WoW (on Wine) which are the only things I need that I can't just run in a VM. I forgot to use the 64bit load, though. I'll try that with 8.04 beta here.

IPCC's 'evil twin' launches climate change sceptic's creed

Bryan Seigneur

It doesn't matter

I agree with Graham Marsden. Whether or not you believe in the environmental motivation, you should be adopting a great deal of their agenda. Look at it: if the market had an inkling that W. or others had a *plan* to get us off oil, then the price wouldn't be speculated into the stratosphere as it is now.

There are too many reasons to smartly regulate energy consumption not too, even if you don't believe in warming.

Super Soaker inventor touts solid state heat-2-leccy

Bryan Seigneur
Dead Vulture



I'm worried too, Matthew.

Watching the Earthrise over the moon

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Where is the HD?

Beggars can't be choosers, but do they really mean HD? If so, where is the 1080p video file? They should share it with NASA, which has a pretty good media system. From there to NASA mirrors and torrent sites. The Japanese people, and maybe some western aid money labeled "JAXA" paid for this probe, anyway, so at least they should have access to it.

Ships pollute more than planes

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Windmill on ship, steers into wind, transfers power via transmission to propellers. If propelling *into* the wind, the windmill blades can change their angle into the wind to decrease drag. No giant sail 100 meters in front of and above the stern made of and held to the ship by exotic carbon fibers needed.

Cannon runs amok, kills nine fleshies

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1/8 of a second?

Not enough time for the hero to make a dash for the gun, but it may be that she was the first to get up from where she had dropped *after* it happened, and that she actually ran *toward* the gun, hoping to stop it from going off again, while everyone else ran to better cover.

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows

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Paris Hilton

Gates is more clueful than this guy.

If Ballmer had a clue, he would try to spin what he says to make it believable. He doesn't know about developing even on his own platform. He doesn't know about software, let alone software patents (well...the people writing software patents don't know about software either, but I digress). He doesn't know what a protocol is to even have an idea about what embracing and corrupting an open protocol is.

Flash memory makers propose common card

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Haha, Bas

I'd prefer to have block access to the thing if I want it. You're funny: Replace the bad chosen fs with another hardware io spec. Hah! I don't know who you work for, but they should be worried about you. The previous poster intimated that FAT sucks. FAT12 and FAT16 do suck. FAT32 is ok.

Anyway, here's the point about having block access: you can put any fs on there you want!

NTFS, ext3, whatever you dang feel like. Getting every device you might plug it into to have a driver for your favorite fs, that's your problem. FAT32 is a good tradeoff there. But no one ever said "flash drives shall be FAT". It was chosen as a good compromise.

Boffins unveil sharpest ever stellar snaps

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A light-day

A light-day is not too much for a human to contemplate. While the Pluto probe will take, what, 12 years to just go 9 light-hours, we don't care all *that* much about getting it there quick. It's not inconceivable that we could send a craft 24 light-hours in an amount of time that wouldn't waste too much of a human's life away.

NASA nuke-bot to tackle space boulders of doom

Bryan Seigneur

Why worrying about robots controlling nukes?

You ever heard of a nuke ICBM that is supposed to be controlled directly by hand? The machine overlords have had control of the nukes for 40 years. What makes you think they would choose to destroy us now?

Wind-powered phone-charger coming to market?

Bryan Seigneur

It probably *is* green

I wouldn't be surprised if the net power consumption for its production was lower than you suppose, what with volume production and economies of scale.

Laptop overheats, vapourises Brazil... almost

Bryan Seigneur

Too high ambient temperature?

I thought global warming would be least felt in the tropics, but I guess I read that in a Bush administration-twisted document.

Why can't I remember my own birth?

Bryan Seigneur

Who recorded the post-birth story?

Who recorded the post-birth stories? The mothers or someone else? If the babies recognized a *different* voice making telling the same story and cottoned to the story, that would be even more remarkable.


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