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iPhone v Pre - the celebrity smartphone deathmatch


Would love to disagree...

I enjoyed reading this article very much however I hate to point out that the review is iphone biased. I will explain my thoughts.

- Size & Weight

Pre is not pocketable? So you rather fit a soap dish than a soap in your pocket? Very much doubt that. Pre wins

- Fit & Finish

Pre may feel more plastic (iphone has it better here) but when it comes looking at the screen there are screen film covers. I have one for all my phones, my ipod, and if I had an iphone I would get one for it too. Also the glass makes the device more heavy. Pre wins

- Keyboard

Well you moan here about not being able to rotate the screen. Fair enough. However when you rotate the screen and have the virtual keyboard out how much of the screen is actually visible. Cause when you are viewing a movie you do not use the keyboard. Draw.

- Display

iphone has a bigger screen but again it comes down to the soap dish vs soap principle. How many of you take your iphone to the pub and sit down with it being in your pocket? Cause none of my friends who own one can do that. Draw.

- USB Drive

Agree here. Isn't it annoying to be limited on how to use your device? Pre wins.

- Battery

You change change your battery? You break down in the middle of nowhere and you forgot to recharge your phone. You are doomed !!! Pre wins.

- Still camera & Image Playback

I agree with you here. I hate pre-rendered images. I hope Palm release a fix on adjusting the sharpness here or maybe some 3rd party app will fix it. iPhone wins.

- Video capture

Palm got it all wrong here. Again Im waiting for a free hack to fix this. iPhone wins.

- Video Playback

I would expect some hardware comparison here and some benchmarks really. What is not mentioned is that the WebOS is based on a linux core so more codex will be supported. I do not think this easy to do on the iPhone. Draw for the moment.

- Audio Recording

Palm needs to look at these small things. I agree it is retarded. iPhone wins but wait a month and there will be an app for this like on older Palms.

- Audio Playback

Agree with you.

- Phone Operation

The ring tone can be changed. Also you have vibration. Regarding the visual voicemail notifications it does NOT supported by most carriers. How many times have you been roaming where you can use that feature? That is false. I think that the best way to do this is to incorporate both methods. The "old style" is so 20th century? Well aren't all phones using the same style? I wonder why....support is the answer. Pre wins.

- Multitasking

Welcome to the king of devices. True multitasking finally arrives on a handheld device. Pre wins.

- User Interface

I think the Palm interface is better designed. There is a "home" button on the pre too. Because apple was making mac OS for years it doesn't mean by default they can design a better gui for a handheld device. This is a myth. At the end of the day Palm was making PDA's since 1996. Pre wins.

- Searchability

I do not like how you do not have much control over synergy. However it is a great way to merge contacts. Universal search can be modified to add new search engines and sites etc. Nothing out there can beat those two features. This is so PC like. Sorry to say this but what kind of "retard" would just search on the word "in" ? What do you expect to get back when you type "in" into Google? =) Pre wins.

- Apps & SDK

Impossible to compare since iphone has been out for a few years while the Pre just got launched. However do you go via microsoft when you buy apps for your pc? Why does Apple have to control what you can add onto your phone? This is the most ridiculous way to distribute and "approve" software. Also there is no mention about the Classic app. For all current Palm users out there it means that you have access to your legacy apps (1million vs 50000? Don't make me laugh...). New applications will follow too. Since this comparison is a punch under the belt, then I have to break your ankles !!! Pre wins.

Am I bias for the Pre? Maybe...for years I have waited for a killer PDA/Phone device. iPhone never did it for me, neither did the Blackberry's. I do have an ipod and I did have a mac so it's nothing against Apple. Simply when it comes to PDA's the King is back and that is Palm. This is not an iphone killer. It is a phone with very good PDA capabilities. Something that the Treo's failed to deliver. The Pre may not be the best device for the "everyday" user and your friend's may have found it hard to get used of it. It's like comparing Linux with Windows OS. We all know Windows and can use it, but which one would you put in a Nuclear Reactor? =)

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