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Hotspot sniffer eavesdrops on iPhone in real-time


Not all VOIP is over wireless

The article appears to be muddling the use of the two techs. It is about listening to realtime VOIP over WiFi, not a regular phone's data connection via 3G, for example. The people at risk are not only saving money by using VOIP, but by also not using their data connection at all.

Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres


IE5 here

Yes, you read that right. My place (large law firm) still has about a dozen users using IE5 and most are on IE6. IE7? A few. IE8? Fewer. It's not the developers' fault (our stuff is sane), it's because some of the departments buy their own god-awful web software that hasn't been updated since 2004. It works on nothing except IE, and doesn't even work right in IE8.

On the plus side, nobody's bothered about my Opera use, and Firefox is available if you ask.

Firefox 3.5 - it's not a 'web upgrade'

Dead Vulture

New features?

What's new about Tear-Off Tabs, Recently Opened Tabs and Recently Opened Windows? New in Firefox, maybe, but Opera's had these for years.

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