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Hurrah for Apollo 9: It has been 50 years since 'nauts first took a Lunar Module out for a spin

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Re: I'm planning aa marathon

You missed out In The Shadow of the Moon. Some people find talking heads boring but trust me what they say will keep you captivated. Tons of gorgeous NASA footage supplies the eye candy. Even the extra scenes are top notch.

Also check out the Haynes manuals

Crypto exchange in court: It owes $190m to netizens after founder 'dies without telling anyone vault passwords'

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Big Brother

Wrong Conspiracy

The CEO was totally honest and is dead. The truth is someone who had a lot of money in his account pissed of the wrong TLA or criminal organisation and they bumped him off to permanently freeze the asets

Waymo presents ChauffeurNet, a neural net designed to copy human driving

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Obligatory Movie Quote

'I had a guaranteed military sale with ED 209 - renovation program, spare parts for twenty-five years... Who cares if it worked or not? '

Dick Jones Senior VP OCP

Two fool for school: Headmaster, vice principal busted for mining crypto-coins in dorms, classrooms

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As well as his and (indirectly) family members Social Score being reset to zero

Leeds hospital launches campaign to 'axe the fax'

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Faxes- the Truth

If you think faxes aren't dangerous wait until you get your tie caught in the roller

It looks like tech-savvy drivers will have to lead connected car data purge

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Re: Factory reset option?

The nub of the argument is that is too easy and quick to add data. If you put your phone on the dash by the time you've fastened your seat belt all data could be synched. It could actually be a feature for hire cars to wipe the data as soon as the door is locked/key out of range

Pluto is more alive than Mars, huff physicists who are still not over dwarf planet's demotion

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Thumb Up

Planet Expressed

Classification to a planet will be good news for everyone. In the meantime, when will Uranus be renamed Urectum??

Thumbs up for the Futurama reference

Jupiter suffered growing pains before becoming our system's big daddy

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Compulsory Sci-Fi Reference

Surely all it needs to become a star is a bazillion black Monoliths???

User spent 20 minutes trying to move mouse cursor, without success

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The more unruly school kids soon found/find the mouse ball is an excellent missile. IT support would normally superglue the ring shut so stopping any more investigation of the inner working

Have you heard about ransomware? Now's the time to ask: Are you covered?

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Re: Insure AFTER Checking Security ?

This may link to an article a few months ago. Will the insurer insist of the customer using products/services from a security company they have a deal with?

No parcel drones. No robo-trucks – Teamsters driver union delivers its demands to UPS

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Just one demand

So WTF were the other demands in a 91 page document? Was it written on new-fangled parchment rather than stone or was space-aged word processing technology used??

Under fire for its shoddy response, FCC finally wakes up to Puerto Rico

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Best Person For The Job

I believe someone familiar with Mobile networks in Hawaii is looking for a job. Oh, wait a moment ......

Sack the Xerox CEO 'immediately', yell activist investors

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Follow the Money

Is Icahn already eyeing up where his cash from the new tax rates is going?? Making America Great Again, eh?

Teensy weensy space shuttle flies and lands

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Re: The lifting body spaceplane lives on

Damn, you beat me to the TV reference

'We have the technology, we have the capability to build ......'

Equifax execs sold shares before mega-hack reveal. All above board – Equifax probe

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Wrong SitCom

You should be quoting Sir Humphrey from 'Yes, Minister'

'What's the point of having an inquiry if you don't already know the outcome?''

Car insurers recoil in horror from paying auto autos' speeding fines

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Farmer Giles

Living out in the sticks there is one problem I wonder how autonomous cars deal with- MUD ON THE ROAD. Normal practice is to put an A4 sized notice 10ft in front of the mud. Will the car camera pick this up in time? Will the farmer finally be forced to clear the mess up as he makes it, as the Road Traffic Act states? Will the 'Have you had an accident...' ambulance chasers make a fortune??

USB stick found in West London contained Heathrow security data

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Re: Maybe....

Any financial reward will be taken into account by DWP and his benefits will be adjusted (down) accordingly. They could also claim he is now employed, stop all benefits and claim it as a result of the tireless efforts of Job Centre staff

Chinese whispers: China shows off magnetic propulsion engine for ultra-silent subs, ships

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Double Bluff?

Cold they have taken page out of the US Star Wars program and made wild claims, forcing an opponent to spend money try to counter an imaginary threat??

Thomas the Tank Engine lobotomised by fat (remote) controller

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Trouble Shooters

I remember seeing a documentary series about the rescue team for when things (inevitably) go wrong. They managed it with only five vehicles. They worked all over the world so were truly International. It was FAB.

Time for me to GO! ??

US cops can't keep license plate data scans secret without reason

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The Sheriffs ride around on horses and wear big Stetsons. (Yes, I know McCloud was from Arizona and worked in NY)

PS I don't have any plans to travel to LA any time soon

FUKE NEWS: Robot snaps inside drowned Fukushima nuke plant

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Re: Grainy images?

Just give it to your fave TV Investigation Team and 'someone they know at NASA' will be able to get a perfect 10x12 photo of the perp from 4 pixels

Microsoft's Azure chief: What's good for cloud is good for on-premises too

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Re: Guthrie's Alive!

What do you expect when he wears a red shirt??

China cyber-security law will keep citizens' data within the Great Firewall

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Re: data on Chinese citizens – including personal information [etc] can only be kept within China.

Too late- the USA has the monopoly on applying its laws to the rest of the World

Industrial Light & Magic: 40 years of Lucas's pioneering FX-wing

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Original 'Original Trilogy'

To see the theatre releases you need the 2008 6 dvd set with the Skywalker/Vader sabre fight in blue


Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly

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Re: de Havilland Mosquito?

The Mosquito also shares a failing with the F35- tropical temperatures and humidity caused the glue holding it together to fail

Ever visited a land now under Islamic State rule? And you want to see America? Hand over that Facebook, Twitter, pal

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Does It Go Far Enough??

Logically, this does not go far enough. Direct entry to IS controlled areas is difficult and lot go from a porous border of a neighbouring country. Surely they should be included as well?

Van Allen surprise: fewer nasty particles than NASA expected

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Obligatory Film References

I thought the Van Allen belts were destroyed by the SeaView crew in the 60s???


SAP eyes up BT's biz ahead of £550m EE integration

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Re: B.O.B.

If it's the PO/BT Tower then the joke reference must be Kitten Kong


Kylie withdraws from Kylie trademark fight, leaving Kylie to profit from… existing?

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Best Plan

Maybe we should visit Kylie the Youngers website and then leave negative reviews for not mentioning the Real Kylie. Oh, hold on a mo ........

God save the Queen... from Donald Trump. So say 1 million Britons

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Let Hime Come

Maybe HRH can pull a 'sickie' with a heavy cold and let Charles and Phillip do the honours

General Electric plays down industrial control plant vulnerabilities

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Re: "The film readers may want to look for is "Zero Days"."

It's a deliberate mistake insisted upon by the security services. If anyone could find it then the terrorists would use it. They are only doing it for our 'best interest' Duh!

TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next

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Comedy Material From the 70s

I remember it as a sketch from Dave Allen on the BBC in the 70s with a voice controlled chair being demonstrated to a friend

feet up- good

back down - good

Well, bugger me- Noooo!!!!!!!

Routes taken by UK prosecutors over supply of modified TV set-top boxes

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Naive thought???

Why are they not going after Google, MS, Dell, HP etc as a PC has the same capability of accessing copyrighted material???

NASA plans seven-year trip to Jupiter – can we come with you, please?

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Obligatory Film References

Why is Psyche 16 so bright??? My God, its full of Stars!!!!

HAL, deploy the Multi-spectral scanner.

I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that. Dayyyzee, Dayyzee ...

NASA – get this – just launched 8 satellites from a rocket dropped from a plane at 40,000ft

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We have a choice of two comments

1 One of Picards vessels before the Enterprise - 'Make it so, Number One'


2 A classic Rainbow track - Looks like the wizard managed to get the right wings this time

Body cams too fragile for Canadian Mounties – so they won't be used

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RCMP Documentary

I used to watch a documentary about the RCMP= it was called Due South,

Do they still use deaf albino wolves?????

Mark Zuckerberg is dead – Facebook confirmed

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One Confirmed Fatality

The IT career of whoever the investigative committee find responsible- probably a low/middle level drone rather than a higher manager.

Rule 1- don't make the boss look silly

Smoking hole found on Mars where Schiaparelli lander, er, 'landed'

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It's WAR!

Who you gonna call??

1 Duck Dodger of the 24 1/2 century to deal with Marvin the Martian


2 Captain Scarlet to deal with the Mysterons

NFL is No Fondleslab League: Top coach says he'd rather use pen and paper than Surface tab

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It Sucks

Bill managed to keep a lid on it- I dread to think what Jim Mora would have said


Spinal Tap’s bass player sues former French sewer

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Not The Drummer

Good job he didn't play the drummer or he might be involved in a nasty 'accident' that would halt the legal proceedings

Smell burning? Samsung’s 'Death Note 7' could still cause a contagion

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New Employers

Those ex-VW engineers came with glowing references. Maybe they shouldn't have been in charge of the testing

Bees bring down US stealth fighter

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Old Joke

Did they collect their waste to fuel the aircraft- everyone knows vehicles run better on BeePee

Coat, exit, now

Larry Ellison, Oracle and litigation: A business that's not a business

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Truth In Error

"Litigation is part of doing business, but aside from God Larry Ellison is possibly the only person at Oracle who knows the true size of Oracle's total legal bill over these last years."

It's probably how Larry thinks of himself but there should be a comma separating him from being a deity

Thief dresses as Apple Store drone, walks off with $16,000 in iGear

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Can they take a leaf from the car world- break them for spares and still make a profit?? How much for a genuine unused screen assembly??

North Korea clones Facebook, forgot to change default creds

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Choices, Choices

Who would you trust least with your personal data???

www.facebook.nk or www.facebook.com ???

Streaming now outsells downloads – Recording Industry Ass. of America

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Streaming- a question

Do you pay per track or for a period of time? Is the majority of a subscription not used? A comparison of tracks purchased/downloaded would be interesting

Flying Scotsman attacked by drone

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Re: Maybe it wasn't a drone?

Hmmm, anybody know if Dick Dastardly and Mutley are employed at the moment???

US Marines kill noisy BigDog robo-mule for blowing their cover

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I guess Spot was painted in jungle stripes to hide it.

Getting my field jacket now- its the one with the cracker jokes in the pocket

Death Stars are a waste of time – here's the best way to take over the galaxy

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Suggested Viewing

Probably not the first version but check out the Replicators in Stargate SG1. Small building blocks that can join together to form more complex structures, stripping planets of resources as they go. Probably at their most scary as swarms of insectoids/arachnids. Thank heaven for primitive projectile waepons

Japan unveils net-wielding police drones for air patrol

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New Game Show

Robot Wars is soooo last decade. TV Execs are drawing up the plans now

Craig Charles, Meh! Philiipa in her leather jeans, yes please!!


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