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BT shifts network, blame to fourth party

Paris Hilton

Another FAIL for out-sourcing

To save money and increase profit they out-source to another company who will also want to save money and increase profit.

So basically they'll be doing the job for a lot less, but still making a profit.....

What's the catch?

Oh yeah, monkeys, working for peanuts, delivering a service full of banana skins.

Paris, because she knows a good screw and potential cock-up when she sees one.

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m


Nice spot of business there.....

Fair-play in my eyes, TBP becomes worthless once its becomes "legit" anyway, so take the cash and start again! Watch out for new domain registrations...



Nice bit of business and no doubt they have a nice backup of data to help them start from scratch elsewhere.

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