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Nokia N97



OK, fair enough. The iPhone has a couple of capabilities that the N97 can't even begin to compete with - it can change colour and you can fry an egg on it.


Umm - yes, I did.

Thanks for re-iterating my comments anonymous coward. You could just try the N97 for yourself like I suggested before you attempt to ridicule my opinion.

Yes, I did register simply to add my comment. Is there another reason to register other than to add comments?

I feel the review lacks balance and I wanted to share my thoughts on the N97, I think it's a great phone. I have had no problems at all with the keyboard size/layout or the interface. I agree that the touch sensitive screen is not as functionally rich as the iPhone's but it certainly works well for my purposes (it does take a little getting used to though).

Taking everything into consideration, this is one hell of a piece of engineering. Yes, 21st Century Swiss army knife - I stand by every word.

One other thing which is important to me...this phone is damn tough. Have a look at the N97 test videos on Youtube to see for yourself - try that with a [insert latest smartphone of choice].


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Strange because I think mine's fantastic

I received my N97 only a couple of days ago and am generally an early adopter. Most of my friends would probably call me a gadget freak. I agree entirely with the review by Paul_B and urge people to make up their own minds about the N97.

I have noticed a few minor software problems that have been resolved by closing the application and starting again, no doubt these will be fixed shortly by an update. Other than that I have a fantastic phone (which is the primary reason for owning it) and I also have what is effectively a micro laptop in my pocket.

Email is effortless, surfing is a massive improvement over the N95 and the host of other functions make this the equivalent of a top of the range Swiss army knife for the 21st Century.

The iPhone is a fantastic toy but the N97 is for Business. (Try synching the iPhone with your in-car Bluetooth kit and you'll get an idea of what I mean).


P.S. I like the E Series and the Blackberrys too but I don't have big enough pockets to carry them, the N97 is barely larger than the N95.


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