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Got a few minutes to help LOHAN suck?



No air means it will be difficult to transport the coldness of the ice. (Or more correctly; the Hotness of Lohan). Will need to cool down the engine itself BEFORE you put it in there. The vacuum will work as a nice thermos bottle.

Mole-cruiser planned to attack Iranian nuke bunkers



The big problem with moles is heat. You create an awfull sogging lot of it, and you don't really have anywhere to put it.

Trouser-bomb clown attacks - how much should we laugh?


tax free bombs

Bombs need a detonator and a propellant. For a detonator, your legal 100 mL is more than enough. As for propellant, they sell that stuff in the tax free shops by the gallon. Any chemist want to predict what is going to happen if a 100 mL glass bottle of dehydrated sulphuric acid gets smashed between two big bottles of vodka?

EU plays catch up on mobile single charger standard


no power limit

the USB standard says what the MINIMUM amps are, and those are all you will get from your laptop, but if you use a power brick, you can pump amps til the plug melts..

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