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EU to lift flight ban on carry-on liquids

The Impostor

Duty Free?

I'm a bit confused about the emphasis on duty free sales in this article. If you are flying EU to EU airport, you are already able to take on-board whatever quantity of liquid purchased in duty free, in departures, after going through security, you like. Therefore the bottle scanner will have much more significant implications for other carry on liquid items bought from outside of an EU airport, including duty free bought in an airport outside the EU where there is a transfer through an EU airport (when carry on liquids are not allowed to be transferred). Duty free sales inside the EU will not be significantly affected.


Desktop Colour Laser Printers: Best Buys

The Impostor

Data Representation

I'd just like to comment on the wholly inappropriate use of line graphs to represent the data on the speed and cost tests. Such graphs are for representing continuous data where sampling has occurred at particular points and it is assumed that the data follows the line between the points. For example, I should be able to read from the graphs that if there was some magical hybrid printer which is half HP CP1215 and half Lexmark C540N then I should expect 13.1 ppm black text performance and a colour page cost of 17p.

A simple bar chart would have been far more appropriate.


Barclays computers suffer Monday morning meltdown

The Impostor

And some ATMs?

Once I finally got through to Barclays on the phone I was told they had been having issues for about an hour and a half and that some ATMs were affected as well. I'm wondering if it affected merchant services in shops at all?

Do other banks have these kinds of problems so regularly?


Freeview HD to debut in December

The Impostor

Freeview HD TVs?

Any news of LCD TVs with integrated Freeview HD receivers in the pipeline? I hope there will be some available in time for December.

I look forward to the day when HD broadcasting is standard. But then how long did it take for widescreen to become the norm!



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