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'Hippy' energy kingpin's electric Noddy-car in epic FAIL

David 80


Range anxiety? Really?

I drove a Tesla to Land's End from London and got it down to 0 miles on the display when I plugged in twice on the way there and one more time on the way back. Funny... I didn't get stuck on the side of the A30...

Seriously, I'm wondering what exactly Tesla did to get Mr Page's back up...


Tesla's first UK showroom opens for business

David 80

"And I'm probably not far off being correct."

@ David Coveney

"And I'm probably not far off being correct."

Nothing like a bit of unsubstantiated intellectual arrogance to brighten up a Monday lunchtime.

Your train/plane analogy may have a point about the cost of proving services (and believe me, planes are heavily subsidised through tax breaks), but it says nothing about their relative greenness.

And yes, of course the Tesla Roadster is a "gateway car". Go and have a look at what else they are planning.



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