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MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu


Apple II Forever.

It's probably written in compiled Applesoft BASIC.

Pirate Bay judge cleared of bias by Swedish appeal court


@Steen Hive

"[C]opyright infringement is not 'still a crime' - It never has been in countries with non-Mickey-Mouse legal systems. This is civil law here."

Nonsense. Copyright Infringers may also be subject to criminal prosecution if the infringement is found to be "willful" and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain. That is the law in most "non-Mickey-Mouse legal systems." The copyright infringement by the users of TPB was most certainly willful and TPB's owners willfully aided and abetted in the infringement.


@Steen Hive

One does not need to provide “quantifiable evidence of damage to the plaintiff” to prove copyright infringement. To establish copyright infringement in a court of law, a copyright owner must establish proof copyright ownership and proof of copying.

TPB advertises itself as the place to “Download music, movies, games, software!” They host thousands of bit torrent links to copyrighted works. They don’t call themselves “The Pirate Bay” for nothing. Furthermore, according to their “About” page: “The Pirate Bay was started by the swedish anti copyright organization Piratbyrån in the late 2003, but is since October 2004 separated and run by dedicated individuals.”

So what we have here, in their own words, is a web site, started by an “anti-copyright organization” for “Download[ing] music, movies, games, software.” You can spin the technicalities of the case all you want, the bottom line is that Pirate Bay set themselves up to aid and abet copyright infringement and they got busted for it.

This line from TPB’s “About” page is just precious: “Using the site is free of charge, but since running it costs money, donations are very much appreciated.” Gee whiz, it's too bad Pirate Bay doesn't feel the same way about all the people who spent millions of dollars creating the copyrighted works they help give away for free, huh? They are nothing but a bunch of arrogant and hypocritical thugs.

The users of TPB perform the actual copyright infringement and TPB knowingly brings them together to do so.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “aid and abet” as “To assist or facilitate the commission of a crime or to promote its accomplishment.” Copyright infringement is still a crime and TPB facilitated in the commission of that crime.

TPB was convicted of aiding and abetting copyright infringement. Their conviction squares with the facts of the case. They got what they deserved.


The legal Einsteins are comming out of the woodwork!

There is no such thing as an unbiased judge.

In order for the defendants to get a retrial they would have to demonstrate how their conviction does not square with the facts of the case. The judge's bias is irrelevant if his decision was based firmly on the facts and how they relate to the law. The appeals court agreed with the lower court.

The Pirate Bay hosted thousands of links to copyrighted material for the expressed purpose of bringing users together for copyright infringement. Anyone who actually believes TPB had no idea or control over the links posted on their web site has either never looked there or is a liar. That’s a textbook example of aiding and abetting. It’s a slam-dunk conviction. Grow up and deal with it, kiddies.

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m


A fool and his money are soon parted.

Question: Hasn't the Global Gaming Factory X AB ever heard of Napster?

Arrrrrr! Shiver me timbers! Crime does pay afterall!

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