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When ISPs hijack your rights to NXDOMAIN


I know it's hard for startup puppies to remember

there's a whole rest of the internet out there, champ. port 80 isn't the only one that people look for domains on -- and an opt-out system based on browser cookies doesn't really cut it.

yammer about "frustration barriers" all you want, but the web is basically the only internet protocol that even pretends to give a crap about letting idiots use it. the rest of us are trying to get work done, and we'd appreciate it if ISPs would stop fucking us.

also: please stop defending them when they fuck us. thanks.

Silverlight 3: closer to what client-side .NET should have been


How in the hell is this "cross-platform"?

It barely works at all on Macs, doesn't work at all on Linux -- is "vista and xp" now considered cross-platform on el reg?

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