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Mozilla man accuses Jobs of 'bypass the web' scheme

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Yes it is...

I guess you didn't read the part where i stated that I was a lifelong Windows user.

I still frequently fix many PCs belonging to friends - 95% software problems, not hardware related.

Yes, you do still have to make a concerted effort to maintain and optimise PCs to get the best out of them. And yes there are still frequent driver issues, hardware conflicts, software conflicts etc, etc.

Calling me an iDiot, with no rationale argument just shows you up as ignorant.

Funnily enough, I am yet to get a call from any of my many (rapidly increasing) Mac owning friends to fix their computers.......

Gary F 1


"the store forbids "beta," "demo," "trial," and "test" apps, and if an app crashes or so much as "exhibits a bug" – yes, exhibits a bug – it will be rejected as well".

So let me get this straight.

You are criticising, taking the p*ss, and decrying Apple for them wanting to apply some quality standards.

Are you so used to buggy, incomplete alpha software being sold to you, that you will lambast Apple for saying that you should only be sold working programs??

Jesus, I know that Windows users are used to buggy crap. I know that having to tweak, mess with drivers, pray to the software gods is the norm on the PC, but surely you can't complain about someone wanting to prevent that?

I moved from being a lifelong Windows user, to the Mac 5 years ago, I now spend my time on my computer doing what I want to do, not half my time optimising, maintaining and fixing.

Yes, some Apple stuff can be buggy, but it is few and far between, and usually quickly fixed.

It's a sad world when trying to put complete, bug free software into a users hands is seen as something to attack.

Jobs: One million iPads sold

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Bitter, Bitter Little boys

Amusing to read all the bitterness here.

Oh dear, despite the Reg nerdcores usual predictions of doom for Apple hardware, the iPad is a success.

Just like all the wise men here predicting the failure of the iPhone, you are so very wrong again.

And also, as I predicted here in a previous post, the "oh, so superior" saviour pads are once more proven to be vapourware - sad, bitter attempts to steal the limelight from Apple.

The courier mock up video was so fake, but you all so desperately wanted to believe it would work. I said at the time that there was no way a windows product would work that smoothly and look that good. Guess who was right?

And the "slates" that Ballmer announced - dead too. (how embarrassing for him and MS).

Do you see the difference here? Apple announce products, and deliver them, and they work.

These aren't mock-ups, prototypes or fantasy island devices. They are out there now.

Meanwhile, you all wait for your cheap copies from Acer, Dell and whoever and hope that they might come close to the ease of use, stability and functionality (and pray that they aren't too ugly in comparison).

Hilarious how you all so desperately hate the iPhone and iPad but can't seem to stop reading and commenting on articles about them.

Your penis envy is so obvious, it is kinda sad.

(On a side note, also amusing is the whole "Slate" thing. When the rumours went around that Apples new device was going to be called iSlate, suddenly everyone was talking about "slate" this and "slate" that (even Ballmer).

Now it's back to "Pads" again. You know you are on top when even the rumoured name for your device changes the game).

Apple delays UK iPad launch

Gary F 1

Desperate and pathetic.

Good grief, you lot are a sad bunch.

The nerdcore here are so in denial about the iPads success so far, that you have to desperately come up with reasons to explain the international launch delay.

It couldn't possibly be the actual given reason, could it. The iPad couldn't possibly be popular, and selling out, with demand outstripping supply.

No, they must be lying, it's a conspiracy because of production problems / hardware issues / attempts to build demand / aliens etc.

Children, put your tinfoil hats away. The iPad is successful. Your predictions of failure are wrong. Get over it.

It's just like when all the losers here predicted the failure of the iPhone. You all said that it would crash and burn and you were so very wrong.

Next you predict the failure of the iPad, and that doesn't seem to be panning out for you either.

You guys seriously have no credibility with your predictions or projections. Face it. You are a few vocal geeks and are out of touch with most people.

Nobody wanted your first saviour (The Palm Pre - oh look, a for sale sign. Goodbye Palm) and nobody wants your next one (The Google phone - massively reduced sales projections after pathetic initial sales).

I'll make you a prediction. The iPad will sell, you will hate it, but no-one will give a damn what you think. We'll just be enjoying our devices.

Oh, and the Google Pad will fail in comparison, and the HP / Windows pad will work nothing like the mock-up and will actually suck. Badly.

Jobsian email axes early-iPhone support

Gary F 1

Who else???

I'll re-state the obvious question that no-one seems to want to answer, probably because it totally removes any validity of the Apple / iPhone bashing going on here.

When did Motorola, HTC, LG, Nokia etc ever add NEW features to a 2 year old product?

When did they even add NEW features to a 1 year old product?

When did they even update or fix the existing features beyond a year?

Pretty much never.

Apple has not only continuously supported the launch features, they have repeatedly ADDED NEW FEATURES over the last 2 years.

Want a new feature on a Nokia / Motorola? Buy a new phone - that's how they've always been.

And don't start with that Android crap. They haven't been in the market long enough to prove any long standing support or added value to the platform, so anything stated about its longevity is merely conjecture and fanboy speculation at this stage.

But then, why talk about a proven, immensely popular items great, existing track record when you can compare it to persistantly abandoned hardware or speculation.

This is the Reg after all.

Carrier apathy depresses Google Phone outlook

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Nexus FAIL.

Great news - absolutely love it.

Prior to the iPhones launch, The Register, its writers, commentators and the nerdcore here all predicted its dismal failure

Prior to the Nexus launch, The Register, its writers, commentators and the nerdcore all predicted its outstanding success.


The iPhone spectacularly exceeds everybodies expectations.

The Nexus FAILS spectacularly. 70% reduction in projected sales - ouch.

Just fantastic that it is demonstrated how truly irrelevant and out of touch you all are.

Please, bring on all your witty and clever retorts. Tell me how this phone and that phone are SO much better. Tell me how Apple are the big evil control freak corporation.

NO-ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK! Have you not got that yet?

Outside of your tiny elitist tech circles you are nothing. Very small (minded) fish in a big pond.

I'm sure Apple quake with fear about your insightful observations and comments as they count the mountain of cash.

I bet it really hurts when someone looks over your shoulder at your phone, and then turns up their nose, because it isn't an iPhone, but just a copy.

I can hear you all now, desperately trying to explain and justify why the Nexus is so much better.

I know because I've already heard an arrogant, snobby nexus owner try and fail to do just that.


Microsoft's dual-screen booklet shows 'face' on web

Gary F 1

Hey Boss, the plane, THE PLANE...

I seriously laughed out loud watching this. This is from Fantasy Island.

Surely even the Windows fanboys aren't gonna swallow this ?

Do you truly believe that MS are going to produce such a streamlined, smooth, intuitive interface with a backend to power it (and all based on the Zune / Win mobile platform).


The can't even make a decent, elegant interface on a top end PC, never mind a lowly tablet.

If you do believe it, then I have a nice bridge in London to sell you at a nice price.

What next, MS introduce Windows 8 using clips with Tom Cruise using the Holographic interface from "Minority Report".

At least when Apple announce a product, they show the real hardware, with the real software running on it, not this concept bullsh*t.

Seriously, leave the fairy tales to the brother Grimm.

iPhone keeps buried earthquake victim alive for three days

Gary F 1


"Hence you always try and keep overdose victims conscious".

No you bloody don't - you let them sleep as much as possible.

There is no good medical rationale to keep overdosers conscious.

If you do, the pathetic, miserable, non-coping whiners will bore you to tears with their oh-so-valid reason for taking the overdose - split with girl/boyfriend, no job, no friends (no surprise) wanting sympathy, bored, fancied a trip to hospital etc.

There is reason to treat the overdose, but no need to keep the loser awake whilst you do it.

Lenovo demos mini laptop with slip-out screen

Gary F 1


One word: LAG.

When he demonstrates the UI it is laughably laggy and slow.

Watch the machine desperately trying to catch up with his actions; first, when he goes to the photos and even more when he changes the screen orientation. He even slows his talking right down to let the screen catch up.

Truly pathetic.

When he talked about it being an "optimised interface" I actually laughed out loud.

(I also note that a couple of months ago, these things were called tablet PCs. Then, as soon as it's leaked that Apple has registered iSlate.com, every one switches from calling them tablets to slates)

Lenovo: FAIL


Oh look, there's Steve Ballmer, wonder what he's got? (CLUE: another device jumping on the slate bandwagon)

Ballmer preempts Jobs with tablet slate trio

Gary F 1

Leave them to it.

I think that Jobs would just comfortably leave them to it.

Even though they have announced today, before Apple, in reality we all know it is a desperate act of jumping on the bandwagon.

The sudden adoption of the "Slate" name is no coincidence, and reeks of desperation and spoiling tactics.

But then MS and Ballmer are never too shy to steal a good idea and dip it in Microsoft sewerage to bring out an inferior product.

iPod - Zune

OSX - Vista / Windows 7

Apple retail stores - Microsoft stores

Sony Playstation - Xbox

Palm - Pocket PC

And now for the iSlate, Ballmer whores for HP to desperately try and appear that MS beat Apple to the launch. (Although I'd bet good money that Apple will beat them by a mile in getting an actual device to retail and into consumers hands).

Google uncloaks the Nexus One

Gary F 1

All that hype for minimum impact...

Google launch a phone and most of the world yawn. (All except the Apple hating, Reg nerdcore)

Innovation = none.

Imitation = maximum.

I love how they self appoint themselves into the non-existent "Superphone" category.

If they can do that, then I nominate myself into the "worlds cleverest and bestest lover, king of the world" category.


Ooooh look nerdcore........ it's a crappy HTC iphone copy with Google branding....... quick, purchase and worship it (But only because its not Apple and it's "alternative" and will make all the girls think you are edgy, subversive and cool).

Sorry, but I will wait a few more months to see what the REAL innovators will do, not make do with a Google branded, catch-up phone.

iSlate? I spy more control from Cupertino

Gary F 1


I laughed out loud at this article and all the comments.

How pathetically desperate is the Reg and the Nerdcore?

Your Mac and iPhone envy is so bad that now, you have to criticise and malign a product that is unannounced.

No-one knows what it looks like, it has no advertised specifications.

All that exists is rumour and speculation, and from that, the morons here automatically assume that it will be an ultra expensive, poor battery life, locked down enlarged iphone.


Seriously, for a bunch that hates Apple, Macs and iPhones, you sure waste a lot of time commenting and hating.

If you are so happy with your Windows box and wonderful non-iphone phone, why waste time here?

Stinks of insecurity and envy.

Or perhaps you follow news from Apple so that you can see what you will be buying from your favourite manufacturer next year when they catch up.

Vista / Windows 7: Desperately trying to emulate OSX

Every other phone manufacturer: Caught napping and playing catch-up with the iPhone since its launch. Every phone trying to be an "iPhone Killer" says it all. Like it or not nerdcore, all major phones from the last 2 years have been directly influenced by the iPhone.

The iTablet (whatever it turns out to be) - what Dell, HP and everyone else will be trying to emulate for their netbook design in 6-12 months time.

Googlephone debuts Jan. 5, says everyone but Google

Gary F 1

Here we go again

The iPhone is dead now because the new:

Blackberry - errrr, I mean..........

The Palm Pre - No, hang on...............

The Nokia - Ha Ha just joking...........

Wait, I meant to say,

The Motorola Droid.........No........ I've really got it this time.....

The iPhone is dead because of the almighty Google Phone.

And yet it still lives, and lives strong.

Keep trying and wishing.

Happy New Year to the Registry Nerdcore.

Adobe predicted as top 2010 hacker target

Gary F 1


In other news, flu vaccine manufacturer predicts pandemic - recommends to vaccinate now.

Seriously, does anyone expect them to look into their crystal balls and predict that there will be less virii and trojans around and that virus writers will become dumber and less sophisticated.

Blatant scare mongering to try and ensure a renewed yearly subscription.

Really must be a slow news week.

iTunes gifts Blighty 12 freebies of Christmas

Gary F 1


"...and installing iTunes is a price I'm just not willing to pay"

And yet, you happily choose to have Windows on you machine.


Gary F 1


Dennis, you forgot that this is The Register.

If Google or Palm had been offering exactly the same things for free, the nerdcore here would be wetting themselves with glee and declaring it the best thing ever.

Apple could cure all cancer and the haters here would just complain about the cost and about Apple contributing to the over-population problem.

Apple preempts Win 7 with fresh iMacs, Macbooks

Gary F 1

To AC Re: Nice But..

"Not at those prices. I have an i7 desktop of the same spec as the top end box, except I have 12GB memory and Win 7. Mine cost £1100 - iMac with 4GB is £1600. Add £500 for an extra 8GB.

They look nice, but that premium?"

You're missing the point.

Whatever the PC looks like, no matter how fast and shiny it is, it is still lumbered with crappy Windows.

I used to be Windows/PC all the way for years.

Converted to Mac 3 years ago.

I'd happily pay £500 so that I would never have to use Windows ever again, including the all new, much celebrated Windows 7(which is what Vista should have been, only 2 years late (like most MS products)).

Windows 7 - Trying to be a OSX since Vista, but still falling short.

No Thanks, I'll pay the premium.

And I don't mind admitting, yes, I'll also enjoy having a better looking, less cluttered desktop too, cos my Mac is aesthetically beautiful compared to EVERY PC I have ever seen.

Hint to the Nerdcore: Having visible components and fans and lots of coloured lights in your computer is not cool, it's trashy and identifies you as a no-life, no girlfriend loser.

Palm Pre re-re-introduces iTunes synchronization

Gary F 1

Firmware update

An easy solution to this is for Apple to issue a firmware update for all iPods / iPhones.

If a device that has identified itself wrongly as an iPod gets "accidentally" bricked by that update, then the owners should complain to the manufacturer who wrongly used the incorrect USB device code.

Apple would have been innocent as they would have been issuing an update to their users on their device code.

Or, issue a firmware update that rebrands the Pre as an Apple product (e.g. iPhone - cheap knock-off edition).

Again, if the device was using its own USB device code, it would be safe from this.

Google hits Android dev with cease-and-desist letter

Gary F 1

Bloody Apple

Those B**tards at Apple!

Who do they think they are? Why do they try to stop developers and end users putting what they like on the phones they have purchased?

Nazis! They shouldn't try to control content and.....

What?........ It wasn't Apple.

It's Google?........ Oh damn how do I delete this post.

I'm a Reg reader and Apple hater. I can't criticise the Nerd saviours at Google.

Apple are Bad. All hail Palm...... No, I mean Google.... Aaarrgh must find a way to blame Apple for this.


USB supreme court backs Apple in Palm Pre kerfuffle

Gary F 1


Please read Michael Cs reasoned and very well constructed reply a few posts up.

He pretty much invalidates all of your points in a reasonable, friendly and detailed way. (Much better and nicer than I would or could have).

Lets just put it simply for all of you Palm apologists / Apple haters.

1) Apple is not stopping you from putting your purchased music on other devices.

2) ITunes is essentially a glorified driver, firmware manager and music organiser written for use with iPods / iPhones.

3) Palm could (and should) have provided their own software to organise and sync that exact same music, but instead chose to leech from Apples own software.

4) Apple have no obligation to provide any drivers or music organisation software for any other device (and I ask again, why on earth should they do this for the competitions hardware?).

5) And once again, for those in the cheap seats, the downloaded music can be used without iTunes, and can be synced to other devices, IF your hardware manufacturer can be bothered to provide THEIR customers with the means.

Put more simply:

i) Purchased music - usable on other software and devices.

ii) Free iTunes software - a device driver / music organiser for purchasers of iPods / iPhones (Apples paying customers).

"Palm spent their time and money giving their customers a choice"

No, they spent nothing and then fooled their customers into believing that syncing with iTunes was a done deal.

Its amazing that you defend Palm in this.

You talk like Palm have made every possible effort to enable music to be synced to the Pre, when in reality, they tried taking the easiest, cheapest (and dodgiest) route and got caught out.

And somehow this is Apples fault.

Really, take off the blinkers.

Gary F 1


"I also think that Apple are being their usual shit eating selves by allowing the primary media library on OSX to synch only with iPods"

The library can be synced with other devices, just not by using iTunes.

"Allowing 3rd parties to write their own software is an AWFUL solution"

Are you truly stupid or just so much of an Apple hater, that when talking about them you can't help the drivel that comes out?

Why should Apple spend their time and money to offer support for the competitions hardware?

iTunes is Apples software used to sync to Apple hardware.

Do you also want HP to offer support for Epson and Cannon Printer in thier drivers?

3rd parties writing software to support their own hardware is entirely the point. If they can't or won't support their own device in that basic way, then I don't want their device.

Why buy hardware that the manufacturer doesn't fully support, instead expecting another company to do the job for them?

" Apple are encouraging it, and confusing their customers at the same time"


By that rationale, every Printer, camera and peripheral manufacturer is confusing their customers when they give drivers/software for their devices, whether on Windows or Mac OS.

"Apple use their OS to sell more iPods, a practice which is as detestable as it is lapped up by every fanboi with more money than sense".

You obviously haven't used OSX if you think it is just a platform to sell iPods. This statement alone singles you out as a trolling simpleton.

And the old "Macs are expensive" argument? Are they? seriously?

I honestly don't class them as anything near expensive.

It would seem your issue is probably that Burger King aren't paying you enough, so just because you can't afford a Mac, you have to hate them instead.


O2 confirms UK Pré launch date

Gary F 1

Palm what???

"The network operator will release the must-have device...."

Must have for who? The Reg "Journalists", iPhone haters and the Nerdcore?

A sad last gasp from a once reasonable company.

After watching previous Palm devices and Palm OS stagnate from lack of support and development, there is no way I would trust Palm again.

The will it / won't it sync with iTunes debacle is a good indicator of Palms desperation.

They are either too lazy / unable to develop their own music syncing software or are desperate to sell the device by piggybacking onto someone else's technology and success.

Palms protest about Apple blocking itunes syncing it laughable.

Itunes is Apples own software (continuously developed at Apples expense) used to sync with Apple hardware.

Defending Palm in this case is pathetic (and obviously only done by the Apple haters).

Would these people listen if Epson moaned that HP Printer drivers didn't support their devices?


Palm should develop their own support software for their own hardware, and not expect Apple to do the work for them. If they don't want to fund that development, then accept that your device will not offer those features.

Do the same detractors expect Apple to allow Microsofts Zune to sync with iTunes too?


Good luck with your 2 year contract with a Palm Pre. That contract is looking very likely to last a lot longer than Palm itself.

Microsoft whips out Office 2008 patch for Mac lovers

Gary F 1

Badly broken

Office 2008 for Mac is plain atrocious.

I had a presentation sent to me by work, which had been made on a windows version of office. When opening it in Office 2008 for Mac, the Layout and formatting were obviously wrong (I had already seen it running on a windows machine).

I then opened the same presentation in iWork and Open Office and it displayed perfectly.

So, non-Microsoft Office programs can open Microsoft Office created documents better.


Try it yourself. Create a simple document in Office 2008 for Mac, then open it in Office for Windows and vice versa.

The vast majority of the time they will not display the same. That is unforgivable, particularly when iWork and Open Office get it right.

Ten of the best... iPhone beaters

Gary F 1


"It's a slider with four-line Qwerty keypad, which will always beat the iPhone's rather cramped onscreen keyboard for ease of use"

Seriously, has the person who wrote that line actually used either device to type?

So a landscape onscreen keyboard is more cramped than those tiny little slide out keys.

Even the standard iPhone keyboard isn't as cramped as the Pre keyboard.

But then it is the Pre vs the iPhone so I guess you have to find something to try to make the imitator sound better.

After all the hype (at least amongst the geeky circles), the Pre hasn't exactly caused the expected excitement and mass defections from the iPhone.

Maybe people have wised up to the fact that this is Palms last gasp and won't risk having a phone that is doomed to be left behind with no support when Palm fall.

The nerdcore here just don't get it, do they.

People LIKE the iPhone. Whether you do or not. And they don't care if you like it or not.

It works for them. It does what they want it to do, and does it without huge user effort. It is well supported and has a huge amount of easily accessible apps to expand the experience.

You people can rant on about the pixels in the camera etc but only you care about that stuff.

Also, whatever phone you are using now, you should thank Apple.

Before the iPhone, mobiles had a slow upgrade cycle, adding one or two new features here and there to try and tempt you to upgrade. Touch screens were nowhere to be seen, multimedia and internet experiences were very poor and user interfaces were horrific.

Now 2 years later, look how your Nokias and Motorolas have been forced to offer you so much more.

Seriously, look at their hideous phones from 2 years ago and then look at todays. And then thank Apple for that huge leap.

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