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Kingston SSD Now V 40GB boot drive

Chris 12

Very tempting

Considering my current linux setup has 5 (yes five) oses on the 40gb boot drive with space to spare, this looks like the ideal upgrade.

No bloatware here thank you very much!

Fat Reg slims down for spanking new mobile phone version

Chris 12
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Thumbs up

from me too.

Non-Latin web addresses approved

Chris 12
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Good job

This is great for further democratising the web.

People who are complaining don't realise that the majority of the planet do not understand latin characters. Not only is 'google.com' meaningless, it is illegible.

Up to now, only the educated elite were able to get access. Now every literate person should be able to get online. Regardless of whether they speak arabic, chinese, russian, afghan, etc.

It'll take a little while to get used to seeing these 'weird' domain names. Get used it!

What I don't understand is why it's just the TLD that's changing, why not everything after www.?

Win 7 users shout: Where's my bloody ballot screen?

Chris 12

Not applicable to apple

To all the idiots who keep saying that it's not fair that apple don't get the same treatment.

Ms is a convicted monopolist. They are legally obliged to not use their market share unfairly.

They must follow different rules to the rest.

Get over it and shut up!

Half a million customer records: Zurich Insurance admits big data loss

Chris 12


Let's see what country is (roughly) between London and South Africa? Ooh look! It's Nigeria. I wonder what would happen if they go hold of the data...? (rhetorical)

I predict a spate of 419 scams....

I also wonder what punishment the ICO or FSA will mete out? I small fine, I suspect :(

Finally, what the hell were they doing sending tapes to SA in the first place...? That's taking offiste backup to an extreme!

Lloyds TSB's online banking system shows no love for Firefox

Chris 12

Doesn't bode well for HBOS...

If Lloyds decide to move HBOS infrastructure to their systems and thereby breaking compatibility, then I'm off.

I thought this kind of thing stopped a long time ago.

Does User Agent Switcher fix things?

Proles told to get online to save economy

Chris 12

Get 'em online and then lock 'em up?

'Coz the first thing they'll do is download as much free content as they can: films, music, etc.

Home Office declines to detail DNA-for-foreigns trial

Chris 12


They've clearly been watching too much csi.

Can we sue the producers for any future miscarriages of justice?

Students get deep Windows 7 price break

Chris 12

Campus agreement is better value

What's the point in students buying WIndows 7?

Most of them in the UK can get upgrade versions of Windows and several full MS apps for the cost of 'media' (£5-£10) via the Campus Agreement.

This and all the other deals that MS is having for W7 smack of desperation...

SA pigeon outpaces broadband

Chris 12

ah, but how does it compare...

to the unladened speed of a swallow?

Shuttle offers Linux-loaded all-in-one Atom desktop

Chris 12

I want

But at ~£450 it's a bit steep to try and persuade the missus :(

Head shop rolls out disk size roadmap

Chris 12

So that's what they're doing now...

TDK cassette's were fandabulous. I used to buy their SA90's by the truckload. I've still got them somewhere, but my tapedeck's not been unpacked since our last move 3 years ago! </nostalgia>

Blue chip FTP logins found on cybercrime server

Chris 12


Who the hell still uses plain old ftp!? Anyone in their right mind would use sftp preferably with password less keys. Bloody idiots!


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