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Amazon throws toys out of pram, ditches plans for New York HQ2 after big trouble in Big Apple

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Amazon should have gone with Austin, Dallas or Raleigh - places that actually wanted them. Instead Amazon chose a toxic place simply to be near Bezo's NY home. Wonder what effect the divorce will play in any eventual HQ2 decision?

Santander hands over $700m to IBM in hopes of becoming incredible banking machine

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IBM has lollowed itself out to the extent that all it can offer customers is hordes of offshore bodies and some H1-B visa holders in the US. Their sales force is competent but there's no there there anymore for implementation.

Now, hold on. This may shock you... Oracle allegedly juices its cloud sales with threats and shoddy on-prem support

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Why *anyone* would willingly do business with Larry Ellison and Co is beyond me. Their track record of shaking down and abusing customers is the stuff of legend.

Euro bank regulator: Don't follow the crowd. Stay off the cloud

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Reward vs risk calculation

It's human nature to value reward over risk and our financial institutions seem more in tune with that than ever. The real problem with reports like this is that those who ignore the stated risks and get caught with their knickers down never seem to get any real punishment. Stupid pointy-haired-boss decisions mainly affect customers and low-level employees - otherwise known as scapegoats.

IBM Cloud TITSUP: Techies investigate troubling storage underperformance

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IBM, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing..

IBM turnover shrinks $28bn in 6 years but execs laugh all the way to the bank

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IBM has hollowed itself out with the knife of "shareholder value" while stiffing its employees and customer base. It's not difficult to see where this is going, and it's not going to be pretty.

No Falcon Way: NASA to stick with SLS, SpaceX more like space ex

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All pork is local..

..and ULA is in *my* district, says the Alabama congressional contingent.

NAND chips are going to stay too pricey for flash to slit disk's throat...

Dave 13


Friends don't let friends buy spinning rust..

Horn star Sudan, last male northern white rhino, dies aged 45

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Well, they'll all be impotent soon enough, won't they? Poachers are steadily dwindling the rhino population as I type.

We should pass laws to make Google's life hard! Oh no, sorry, did we say that out loud? asks IBM

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IBM is for any law that drags down successful 'upstarts' like FB, MS, Amazon and Google. They've painted themselves into a corner with the technology and business choices they've made, hollowing themselves out to the point where they offer little value to anyone but C-level suits in Armonk. The thinking there must be that if FB and Google are raking it in, and they're not, something must be illegal, or at least should be.

That said, the proposed laws on ad funding disclosure pose an interesting question - why would *anyone* be against that. Don't be evil, etc..

Twilight of the idols: The only philosophy HPE and IBM do these days is with an axe

Dave 13

Shrinky Dinky

Both HPE and IBM are rapidly shrinking themselves to irrelevance, having made poor bets on trends and value. Sadly, the folks at the top do *very* well while those who traditionally provided customer value don't.

Infinidat techie: Let me tell you a thing or two about ruler-format SSDs

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BS detector

My B.S. detector caught fire while reading this article. "Too much storage capacity" (HDD or SDD) has a way of sorting itself out rather quickly, in my experience. What we *really* need it a compute-storage interface that's not disk based and not PCI based, running at memory bus speeds. CPU/memory/storage all want to sing the same tune at the same (or similar) speeds.

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)

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Mixed success?

Mixed success? I don't see it that way. There are *no* reusable orbital competitors at this point in time, maybe ever. The loss of the center core is pretty minor, in the scheme of things. SpaceX is so successful that Arianespace is cobbling together a FH clone of sorts. Imitation is absolutely the highest form of flattery..

IBM lifts its 22-quarter shrinking sales curse: Finally, a whole 1% uptick

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IBM has been hollowed out by years of C-level blindness and by shortchanging customers. Who wouldn't want to do business with a company widely known to over-promise, under deliver, overcharge and shaft employees? Maybe Larry Ellison can buy it when the stock plummets..

NetApp HCI: More converged than hyperconverged?

Dave 13

Re: Lipstick on a pig

All the good plays in HCI are already taken - this is simply CI in a shiny new BOX.

Spectre and Meltdown fixes: How will they affect storage?

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Re: EMC would theoretically be affected

Letting unvetted code run on an [EMC/Dell/HPE/Hitachi/Whatever] array is extraordinarily unlikely. Patches will likely come out anyway but seriously, what attack vector would an exploit use?

Seagate's lightbulb moment: Make read-write heads operate independently

Dave 13


Friends don't let friends buy spinning rust - no matter how many heads.

Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign

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Re: VMware

Or Hyper-V. Potentially all host hypervisors are at some risk. Details will definitely sort this out in the near future and a lot will depend on what sorts of exploits this actually enables.

Dave 13

Re: Genetic Diversity?

Monoculture os a knife with no handle, incredibly sharp, but prone to the occasional loss of a finger.

Iranians resist internet censorship amid deadly street protests

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Censorchip = malfunction

Regimes worldwide struggle to keep up with technology.

"The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it."

--John Perry Barlow

America's 2020 Census systems are a $15bn cyber-security tire fire

Dave 13

The Census Bureau was moved under the executive branch on day one of the Obama Administration. Looking for scapegoats, at least be honest about it.

Keep your voice down in the data centre, the HDDs have ears! I SAID, KEEP...

Dave 13

Just say no..

Just say no to spinning rust. If you're still buying it today, you'll hate yourself in 6 months.

You can't find tech staff – wah, wah, wah. Start with your ridiculous job spec

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Braindead hiring practices

Just had our new boss (less than 2 months in the job) hire 2 additional headcount without any input from us individual contributors. He was looking for folks with certs while if he'd have asked us we would have told him how little that actually benefits us in our jobs. What'll likely happen is those folks will land in our group and be clueless, requiring additional cycles to bring them up to speed. Go figure.

Intel bolts bonus gubbins onto Skylake cores, bungs dozens into Purley Xeon chips

Dave 13

Intel might want to glance over to the AMD server CPU site and see how easy it is to compare CPU features and performance. Chipzilla's shooting itself in both feet with the 'simplification'.

Tesla death smash probe: Neither driver nor autopilot saw the truck

Dave 13

Simple solution

The autopilot could, after warning the driver a few times, simply slow the vehicle down until they put their hands back on the wheel and show they're conscious and aware. If the driver continues to ignore, pull over on the shoulder and stop. Software can address some human stupidity but it's a hard problem and the human owns the blame when SW can't get their attention.

NetApp puts everything it's got into a hyperconverged box

Dave 13


Meh. Too little, too inefficient a supply chain and too much competition. Just another SuperMicro reseller.

A tale of two conferences: AWS storms ahead, HPE seems to flounder

Dave 13

Bill and Dave

HP{E, Inc} lost its focus in critical ways, trying to be the bride at every wedding, etc. They're emblematic of the hollowing-out of first generation tech firms on the premise of increasing shareholder value. Bill and Dave were all about customers and the customer experience - not sure if that language is even spoken there now. IBM's pretty much doing the same thing, though more creatively. DellEMC seems to be trying to adapt to the new world in interesting ways.

Facebook hires Hillary Clinton to lead assault on fake news*

Dave 13


So glad the Ministry Of Truth has arrived. Been expecting them for some time now..

Donald Trump running insecure email servers

Dave 13


Irrelevant because he's not bound by law or US Government regulations on the subject, unlike Secretary Clinton was. If he wants to be an idiot on the subject - or any other - he's welcome to.

HPE: Come on in, cool cloud kids, we won't compete with you – unlike *cough* Dell

Dave 13


HPE's shrinking their way to success. Will the last boffin please get the lights as they leave? Thanks.

Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?

Dave 13


Weevils in order from greater to lesser; Trump, Clinton, Stein, Johnson. Of the bunch, Johnson seems most reasonable and honest. Sadly, most Americans will vote for what they see as the lesser of 2 weevils when what they'll get is simply a (we)evil.

Oracle says it is 'committed' to Java EE 8 – amid claims it quietly axed future development

Dave 13

Reciprocity's a bitch

Oracle doesn't trust its own customers, why should they trust Oracle?

Is Pure Storage a solid business or is skepticism justified?

Dave 13

Lawn dart

One trick pony. Very light on storage services and doesn't play well with others. Given the rate of VC burn, I give them 50% chance of making it far into 2017. Maybe Cisco will buy them.

The future is complicated - can technology make it simple?

Dave 13

"..and a former senior advisor for technology and innovation at Hillary Clinton’s State Department."

You can't make this stuff up. Did HPE's legal (or sanity) department look at this before they published it? Might be worth tuning in if only for the roast that person will likely receive.

Never-never chip tech Memristor shuffles closer to death row

Dave 13

Honey, I shrunk the company..

As EMC has shown with the DSSD product, you don't need to reinvent memory, just intelligently use what already exists. HPE has shrunk itself to just another box vendor - something the world can happily live without.

Cisco startup investment

Dave 13

Cisco's been burned dabbling in flash before. Lather, rinse, repeat. All this will do is encourage Dell to buy Arista..

Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you'll be glad when it does

Dave 13

Re: Screw this!

Would a victory for Oracle put 3rd party tools like Eclipse that generate Java code and use Java APIs out of business as well? When you create an open ecosystem as Sun did (remember when it was 'free'?) you have to balance adoption rate against monitization and proprietary aspects. Looks like Sun, and thus Oracle tilted too far on the open end to later close it up and cash in.

Smartwatches: I hate to say ‘I told you so’. But I told you so.

Dave 13

When they get the battery life over a month without recharging I'll be interested. Till then, it's an expensive lifestyle accessory for tech fashionistas.

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?

Dave 13


I ran across a very similar situation in which a co-worker was banging a supervisor in another organization. I simply let it be and the co-worker filed for divorce about 3 months later. Not my job to police morality, and I still stand by my decision.

Nimble CEO: When it comes to all-flash stars, there can be only... six

Dave 13

All-Flash startup VC money will surely be harder to get after the shakeout coming in the AFA market. 6 survivors? More like 3. Very few openings for compelling new IP in this market until the next (non-flash) cycle hits. Watch Intel/Micron for the opening move.

'Shut down the parts of internet used by Islamic State masterminds'

Dave 13


Sadly, this guy hails from my part of TX. I don't like his invincible ignorance either. But for every Republican technical illiterate elected, there's an even worse Democrat opposing them. At least he's not suggesting islands "tip over" when overpopulated. Must be something in the water - Gin and tonic from here on out for me, Bucko..

Riding on the memory bus: Micron brings out 8GB flash DIMM

Dave 13


NV memory is marching ever closer to the CPU. This particular model is only a baby step in that direction and not necessarily a useful one, but it's obvious that NV memory and CPUs are cozying up to one another. Whether it's this model or some other high BW low latency connection scheme, it's going to be interesting. Intel/Micron and others are determined to breach the memory wall.

HPE trots out benchmark blaster flash array as PCs become distant memory

Dave 13


Yawn. HPE is still a distant third in storage. The game of benchmarketing leapfrog continues.

Whitman's split: The end of Fiorina's HP grand expansion era

Dave 13

Bill and Dave's excellent adventure is well and truly dead now. Take a note from Dell buying EMC private that a huge public company is hard to steer but a huge private one isn't. Whitman tries unzipping HP while IBM sacrifices all on the altar of shareholder value. Who's right? Time will tell.

Block storage is dead, says ex-HP and Supermicro data bigwig

Dave 13

My thoughts exactly.

Finally, a USEFUL smart device: Intel boffins cook up gyro-magneto-'puter bike helmet

Dave 13

Evidence at the trial

As an avid cyclist, I think they should add front&rear cameras with a 30 second video buffer so the person who hit you with their car can be prosecuted for your death. This would be enough alone for me to buy the helmet. I've noticed an increasing number of front&rear GoPro cameras mounted on bikes lately.. expensive.

It's a boxless, super-flash, hyper-converged world: But what'll we do for BULK STORAGE?

Dave 13

Jumpin Jack Flash

We've gone to all-flash on the tier-one storage (HP 7450) and backup to the cloud. Looked at cloud storage overall but response times were a bad joke. Speed of light will dictate what's useful and what isn't, not trendy CIO swarms flocking to the latest thing.

HP starts a memristor-based space program to launch ... THE MACHINE

Dave 13


Great to see some visionary thinking at Silicon Valley's seminal company. I wish them the best in this long and somewhat risky journey. This is the kind of thinking that might have saved Intel from the coming oblivion of the x86 architecture at the hands of Arm and spinoffs. Go HP, go..

How I nearly sold rocket windows to the crazy North Koreans

Dave 13


I suspect what we're seeing is the DPRK version of Wag The Dog - meant primarily for internal consumption and the establishment/preservation of Dear Leader Jr's power. That said, it could easily go horrible wrong and tyrn the DPRK into a nuclear wasteland. China is the key.

Texas Higgs hunters mourn the particle that got away

Dave 13

Better yet..

..what's in store for the LHC? In 5 years might it look much like the old SSC site? As several posters mentioned, where do we go from here? No obvious next step for the LHC..


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