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Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought

Roland 3

re: su-35

politicians and faceless bureaucrats have stuffed the eurofighter. changing an aircrafts purpose stuffs up the goals perused by the designers. its TSR-2 all over again. "no one" is to blame for the indecision and "no one" is to blame for interfering!

the su-35 is a great aircraft. however the "top speeds" are not so important if you factor in being able to supercruise with weapons load. russia cocked up supplying jets to the west when they left the german air force out to dry with spares and support for the mig 29s! had they bent over backwards im sure some su-35s and mig-35s would be adorning many western air forces.

if you want ground attack - the A10 tankbuster is a great platform. cheap & rugged & in service! technically you only have to be better then your opponent. the biggest non-western powers are china and india and i cant see either being invaded any time soon!

as for the f35 - reports already say "cant run, cant climb and cant hide" and is too overrunning costs by a large margin.

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