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FCoE: Divergence vs convergence


Brocade's Take -- Hear Here! (or something like that)

Completely agreed on more than a couple points. Have a couple of pieces here illustrating same, one is a video of CTO Dave Stevens discussing FCoE reality from the (financial) analyst day. It's the featured video on our YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/brocadevideo.

The other is a blog post from SVP of Products and Offerings Marc Randall posted just today, and addressing the organizational issues brought up on page two here. It's available on our Wingspan blog here: http://community.brocade.com/home/community/brocadeblogs/wingspan/blog/2009/06/25/what-you-do-speaks-so-loudly . You can tell from the title, "“What you do speaks so loudly…” where this is going.

Ultimately, we are supportive (we have launched FCoE products and will continue to do so) but pragmatic about "convergence", looking to and developing for future needs while supporting the current and near-term.

Thanks for helping your readers keep their feet on the ground and their productivity in focus with this piece.

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