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Apple races developer to censor smut

Chris 46
Paris Hilton

@Steve Evans

Actually, the law / code of conduct (not sure which) has now changed and only 18's and over can now "wap them out" in a national newspaper.

Believe this was on the back of certain 16 yr olds who appeared in the Daily Sport getting teased, bullied etc as they were still at school

Paris?: She knows all about wapping them out


IT contractors demand overhaul of company transfer visas

Chris 46

@Value For Money AC - 25/06 09:10

"Permanent UK employees are substantially cheaper than any contractor (local or imported), and the Government should be encouraging employers to create permanent posts. My sympathies go out to any permanent employee made redundant by outsourcing. Contractors - make yourself value for money."

You obviously have a poor grasp of economics. Permanent UK employees are not substantially cheaper. If you were on a salary of £35,000 - the cost to your company is usually double, so in this case £70,000. Given that you can get a TechMahindra contractor for about £25,000 your argument is "well flawed" or is that floored :-)



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