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A walk on the Dark side

Peter Rose

Our experiances

I run a software development business, my son who is 28 years old, is a web developer ( UI designer) in the business.

In August 2005 he was struck down with meningitus and was in ICU for 5 weeks and on a ward awaiting rehab for a further 2 months.

He has now left rehab (April 2006), after a fast track rehab, and is begining to get back to work, although with some consiferable level of impairment in speach and speed of thinking, although improving all the time.

We spent as much time with him as we could whilst he was in ICU and on the ward, we provided considerable amounts of memorabilia , in the form of photo's and his favourite music etc.

I would be interested in having further information about this project.

Peter Rose



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