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Femtocell Forum grows big – rebrands as Small

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The ITU moved the goalposts at least 2 -3 years ago so that vanilla LTE met the requirements.

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multifunction devices

The Technicolor TG870 does wifi + ADSL + femto + USB connectivity for a media server


Been around for a while, but never seen one in the flesh.

New Earth-observing satellite snaps 'blue marble' shot

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Yeah, several Finns pointed out some degree of commonality with Hungarian, so I think it is true. Having lived in Finland for a few months it's a bad ass language to try and guess the meaning of words, for sure - other than those they've just imported from English and added a vowel on the end. Back to the Nokia parts database!

induktanssi = inductor - not difficult to guess

kondensaattori = condenser = capacitor - not difficult to guess

Vastus = resistor - no chance!

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suomi indeed

Many moons ago I worked for a certain Finnish (well it was then) telecoms company, I needed some cable ties, at that time the parts system was still in Finnish, so I asked one of my Finnish comrades what cable ties was in Finnish. He scrawls a word down on a post-it note, I dutifully enter it into the parts system, no results. I check my spelling with a couple of other Finns, they just laugh.

Turns out my comrade from the North had actually written down the word for pubic hair; who says Finns don't have a sense of humour ;-)

P.S. cable tie in Finnish is nippuside just in case anyone needs to know.

pubic hair / ladygarden is pillunkarva

Current Comet owner hit with half year loss

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Presumably they'll shut down all but the most profitable / least lossy stores and flog off any tangible assets,

O2 smears 4G trial over capital

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HSPA+ is already 'combat proven' to a fair degree by many operators; the idea of a trial network is to try out new stuff and see if it breaks. Vodafone are keen to push HSPA+ as their main tool for mobile broadband, presumably O2 want to try out something 'better'.

All 4G telcos must hit 98% coverage, Ofcom told

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2G into 3G

Technically there's nothing much to stop it working here, it's more of a legal issue as outlined in the article.

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I assume this would be 98% of population coverage, as 98% georphical coverage would be a tad expensive to implement.

Voda to plug not-spots with mini-masts in boozers

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Not so Sure Signal

Mine allows me to make 15 minute plus phone calls, but there's a 25% chance it'll fall over when I terminate the call, and when it does fall over, I have to reboot the femto and my router.

Plus it does occasionally fall over for no apparent reason, maybe once a week. Once it managed to jam my 3G coverage, so I had to switch to 2G to get any signal. Oh, and it used to fall over as soon as I started uploading anything via my ADSL, but a firmware upgrade of my router seems to have cured that one.

Having said that it is sufficiently useful to justify its existence, my in house coverage has gone from maybe 1 bar to 5 bars most of the time.

Can't see how using femtos will fly in pubs and such like, not enough capacity, unless they make a 'super femto'; but then that's almost a Pico.

Digital UK names date for end of analogue TV era

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HDTV format wars

Circa 1934:-


Ten... Freeview HD recorders

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Does export to PC work with HD content? I thought most of these boxes, at least the 'big name' ones, locked down HD content so it can only be replayed on the box it was recorded on, I was hoping some of the more 'left field' brands might not have been so rigorous about DRM.

UK patent office spawns free search site

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Huh? they've always been free

From the European Patent Office at least:-


Agree with MAE on the language, you have to use the word 'plurality' as often as possible IMX in patent applications.

AT&T asks Apple to signal iPhone 4S is a 4G phone

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4G: the goalposts were moved!

Can't recall exactly when, maybe 18 months ago, but I'm pretty sure the ITU changed the definition of 4G such that vanilla LTE met the definition, so it is legitimate to call it 4G.

See the following for example:-


Ofcom admits 4G auction will slip

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"Not that the operators will complain; as long as no one else has 4G there's great incentive to push ahead quickly."

I think there should be a 'no' in front of the 'great' or that sentence doesn't make sense.

Cambridge Audio iD100 hi-fi dock

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A ten quid cable adaptor with a 140 quid shiny shiny paperweight attached; OK maybe another tenner for the remote control, make that 130 quid paperweight.

Sonos Play:3 network music player

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@Tim Walker

Maybe worth looking at a Squeezebox Duet on the Logitech site, they have some 'blemished box' ones for 120 notes:-


Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 hi-fi streamer

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no gapless playback!

unimpressive an such an expensive box

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400 quid.!!!! no thankyou

Far too expensive for a streamer that offers little more functionality than my 50 quid 'Logik' box - which doesn't have a 4 second delay when I press the buttons on the remote; as for 24/96; why bother when so few people can hear any difference, and only then when played really really loud, see following for example:-


Ofcom checks up on mobile coverage

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@Red Bren

Yes there are a variety of products that will do that, in the old days a phone with modded SW would be used to report signal level and quality back via SMS, a variety of fancy tools available these days, for example:-


The Ericsson (now Ascom) TEMS system has been a commonly used tool for yonks:-


Local TV pioneers sought by Ministry of Fun

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where's the business case?

As already pointed out local/regional radio makes very little if any money for anyone, regional TV has all but disappeared from ITV, so who on earth is going to stump up the cash to run local TV?

That's assuming UK Freeview boxes can cope with these extra muxes.

Pure Sirocco 550 music combo

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wouldn't buy PURE again

Another DMX-50 owner with a dead CD player here, now using a 1989 vintage Sony player via AUX 1 on the PURE. Oh, mine loses its memory now and again, so I have to reflash the firmware. Seems like British Leyland's modus operandi; good concept, poor execution. Amazon reviews show other PURE products with the CD issue so I certainly wouldn't buy another.

Yes you could get the same functionality with netbook plus other bits but it's a lot clunkier and not everyone wants their living room to look like PCWorld.

Diary of a not-spot: Vulture hack vows, I will never pay BT again!

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rain fade

Indeed, depends to a degree on the transmission frequency but it's normal to allow around 30dB for rain fade when doing a microwave point to point link budget, so if it's marginal on a dry day it will disappear completely in heavy rain.

The lack of 999 capability would be my main worry.

Energy scavenger eats leftover wireless signals

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what a silly idea

I agree with Vic and Paul Turner, this is a daft idea, most of this 'stray' energy has been transmitted with a purpose, and that purpose wasn't providing someone else with a very inefficient source of 'free' power.

Good luck trying to make a mobile phone call with a few dozen of these things attenuating the signal between you and the base station.

Microsoft COO: Our greatest enemy is old Windows

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"The last useful new feature added to Word - the squiggly red underlining. And that was, what, over 15 years ago?"

IMHO WYSIWYG font selection was the last useful Word update, that was in Office 2000 IIRC. Even then that's only in a home user context, at work I know what Times New Roman and Arial look like.

Heat sink breakthrough threatens ventblockers

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"There seem to be a lot of readers who've never checked their existing fan rotation speeds (it's often shown in the BIOS, or HWmonitor or similar will show it if it's a Window box)."

The issue is more than rpm, this system seems to rely on creating turbulence, that will increase acoustic noise. In addition this is a heavy lump of metal doing 2000rpm, rather than a lightweight plastic or ali. 'normal' fan, which means more energy and more destructive power.

Agree with Colin Millar, Peltiers are very much a last resort due to cost, poor efficiency and long term reliability issues.

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I don't think this one flies...

Turbulent air = acoustic noise = big problem in most potential applications.

How many degrees from horizontal can this be mounted before it stops working?

Aussie retailer accuses UK shops of HDMI 'scam'

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@AC 14:49

“The argument that "10110" is "10110" is only part of the story. There's slew rate, ringing, over-shoot and under-shoot.”

Well yeah, that’s why I said one post up….

“It is of course possible to make a HDMI cable so crap it doesn't work correctly, after all a gigabit signal has fast rise/fall times and there's little to no error correction on the payload.”

But nevertheless if 10110 is decoded then it give EXACTLY the same picture irrespective of the cost of the cable.

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there go the laws of physics

"when it comes to digital cables, i suggest anyone to compare cheap hdmi and hdmi from audioquest for example. if you can't see the difference then you probably don't need that hd telly you're buying cable for"

Sorry but 10110 is 10110 irrespective of whether the cable cost 2 quid or 2000 and will give EXACTLY the same picture.

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results of an objective test:-


£1.50 cable or £100 cable, same hash code from frame grab = exactly the same data.

It is of course possible to make a HDMI cable so crap it doesn't work correctly, after all a gigabit signal has fast rise/fall times and there's little to no error correction on the payload. But any HDMI spec. compliant cable will give precisely the same picture as any other.

Femtocells at tipping point: Don't want to become also-RANs

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cellular and wifi in on phone

Yeah, there have been a few handsets around that support GAN/UMA which in theory allows seamless roaming from cellular to wifi.


The 6301 supports UMA, not sure what others. Technology been around for a while now but never seemed to take off, as Ben says.

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@ hugo tyson

why not use the landline?

Personally the vast majority of my calls are incoming, far more people have my mobile number than the landline, so they'll ring my mobile.

i do still browse t'internet etc. via WiFi on my phone as I don't have a big data allowance (250 MB/month IIRC)

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@Femtocell is a crap name

By the looks of it Technicolor (Thomson consumer electronics in old money) make one of those, apart from the 'open' bit, it supports uPnP as well:-


Huawei also have a smarter box although not as fancy as the above one:-


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I didn't pay for my SureSignal; Vodafone phoned me to offer me a free phone upgrade, so while they were on the line I asked about a SureSignal due to my crao coverage and they agreed. I'm on a 15 quid a month contract so it's not like they're making megabucks out of me. So it's probably worth phoning up and moaning about coverage if you want a free Femto.

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well it sort of works

Having had a Vodafone SureSignal for a few weeks, what's in it for this end user is decent coverage anywhere in the house, as opposed to having to walk into the garden to make a call. Well, at least until I start uploading photos to my Skydrive account (other clouds are available), then the poor little thing loses synch. until I stop uploading. How typical my experience is I'm not sure, but it's still not 100% consumer friendly judging by the amount of issues raised on various forums. I'm on a bog standard ADSL+ line that gives around 6 meg down, 370K up.

@yeahyeahno - this is a tech. site, acronym overload comes with the territory.

HTC Wildfire S Android smartphone

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the battery is NOT the same as a Wildfire

For some bizarre reason Vodaphone phoned me yesterday and said I could have a 'free' upgrade, so I currently have my old Wildfire and a brand new Wildfire S in front of me, and the batteries are, annoyingly, very different physical sizes, even if the capacity is the same.

WTF is... 4G

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A few thoughts

I thought the ITU moved the goalposts a few months back so that R8 LTE was now officially 4G?


"What is the bandwidth, radio, etc is all of very little importance. It is the other bits which matter."

I disagree; for sure there is more to increasing end to end data throughput than the air interface, but optimising the rest of the network would be pretty pointless if more advanced technology wasn't being used over the airwaves to achieve higher raw data rates.

In terms of approaching the Shannon limit then LTE should give close to twice the raw bits/Hz efficiency of HSPA+; but MIMO is needed to push data rates higher - and that increases complexity and design challenges further.

Dixons' best chance? Quit the UK and move to Sweden

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Closing stores? what stores?

I thought Dixons only operated onlne in the UK these days, or does the article actually refer to DSGI i.e PCWorld + Currys

Mobile operators ditch Tube plans

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well they made it work in Stockholm

Their underground system (OK less complex than London's) has pretty much 100% coverage in tunnels and stations, they must've installed plenty of capacity as well because pretty much everybody on the T-Bana uses a phone, even though a fair percentage are listening to music rather than making voice/data calls. Methinks this decision has more to do with money than technical issues, no surprise there.

BT wholesale kit crash silences thousands of customers

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my teenage daughters had to endure FIVE HOURS without Facebook

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. My physical connection to the interweb was OK but connection to Plusnet failed due to 'CHAP authentication failure' between 5 and 10 p.m ish. I'm an RF guy so that's all greek to me.

I'm the kiss of death to ISPs; I moved to Pipex and they got bought by Tiscali, I move to Plusnet and they're bought by BT.

Digital player maker 'incited consumers to break the law', says ASA

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What exactly are the ASA's powers anyway?

IANAL but I think all they can do is moan a bit, I don't think they have any legal powers to issue fines or anything scary.

Personally I'd rather use a netbook and a USB sound card than this one Brennan one trick pony, but if you want a neat one box solution then this is it.

What sealed Nokia's fate?

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It all went downhill from 2003

Nokia started spending billions on share buybacks rather than investing in new products or markets in 2003; trying to appease major shareholders in the short term, whilst jeopardising the company's long term future. All downhill from there.

Onkyo CS-545 combo mini hi-fi

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Is there a product at this price point that includes streaming as well?

I looked at xmas and couldn't find one with CD/MP3&WMA/ DAB/FM + streaming. There are still units out there that only support MP3, full stop. This one is flexible by comparison. I guess it's a straight shoot-out versus the aforementioned Denon D-M38 in practical terms for most folks, the Denon supports DAB+ as well, just in case that ever gets implemented here..

No more books on Ireland's banned book list

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The Wild One?

'Looking and acting like an employee' didn't make him one

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"Tilson had a payment agreement with Silversun Solutions, which received and passed on his pay for a 3 per cent charge. It provided his services to agency Morson Human Resources, which in turn provided them to Alstom."

I doubt if he went this was for tax purposes then, presumably he was effectively an employee of this umbrella/payroll company.

Pure One Mi portable DAB/FM radio

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seems a fair review to me

"This is a convenient portable rather than a gutsy boombox, so DAB and FM are equal performers at this scale; and if your favourite stations are digital-only, then you’ll at least get to hear them in more diverse locations."

Thanks for not going down the tediously predictable "DAB sounds worse than FM" route. I just wish they'd turn the power up a bit on DAB so indoor coverage is free of boiling mud for most people.

Having said that I tend to use my mobile (SE K750i or HTC Wildfire) with headphones for most listening round the house these days, the latter usually streaming via WiFi rather than FM.

Hitachi refrigerates rack rears

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They aren't creating the 43.5KW; what it means is that it takes 1KW of power to move the 43.5KW from the heat source to the area where its dissipated.

After a quick skim through the article it sounds like they've re-invented thermo-syphons.

Pentax X90 superzoom bridge camera

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dynamic range?

>>The build quality of the lens is excellent continuing Pentax’s established tradition of >>manufacturing good affordable optics. It has large dynamic range

I'm wondering what 'dynamic range' means in the context of lens performance? Surely a sensor characteristic.

Digital Stream DHR8203U Freeview HD DVR

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Just a few thoughts.

Seems an odd marketing strategy to have two boxes with fairly similar size HDDs and not much price differential between them; just creates extra stock tracking hassle for retailers, I can't see them selling many of the 320GB box when the 500GB is only 20 quid more.

The Vestel SD HDD boxes I use at home also have the same quirk in terms of red button versus 'OK' having different options when recording, makes me wonder who wrote the SW for these boxes.

Will any of these Freeview HD HDD boxes ever be capable of copying recordings without hacking?


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