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French top MOT failure league

Hatan Skaaf

Fleet and Commercial vehicles

Just a thought - compare the so-called reliability of the Ford Fusion (car) and Ford Transit Connect (small commercial van) - both effectively the same vehicle. The Fusion has a failure rate of about 16%, because most are owned by elderly gents who check the oil and water daily and keep them garaged. The Transit Connect (failure rate 30%) is driven by electricians, plumbers and plasterers...

Hatan Skaaf

@Tom Smith - Incomplete Data

Tom, I think you misunderstood the year marker - it's the year of first use, not the number of cars MOTd in that year. So there were some 5544 '95-reg 205s, 2125 '96-reg ones and a handful of '97-reg ones that garages had sold in the January to clear stock because the 206 had come out to replace it.

Just my $0.02,


PGP disk encrypt approved by MoD for military use

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RAF Chislewick

The AC above must have inside knowledge - I can't find RAF Chislewick. It must be a TOP SECRET base. For black helicopters. So it won't have a runway... Or something...

Historian slams 'absolutely crazy' UK time zone

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@Alastair McFarlane

Some people might be looking forward to an hour's extra sleep on Sunday, but I'm certainly not looking forward to my kids waking up at what will appear to be 5am...

Especially as we're off round to friends Saturday night for a dinner party...

Lloyds TSB's online banking system shows no love for Firefox

Hatan Skaaf

Not as bad as Abbey

I've just tried it with FF 3.0.14 on XP SP2 and it's fine.

Has anyone seen Abbey/Santander's efforts at online security? Their single logon page asks for your Personal ID, passcode and registration number all on one page with no challenge/response - if you've got a keylooger you're fscked. Not to mention that it keeps saying I'm using an unsupported browser when I use IE8 (I know, I know...)

Windows 7 still baking in oven, insists Microsoft

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Not this build

It's Windows 7 - surely the RTM build will be 7777?

iPhone makes eyes at T-Mobile and Orange

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Apples and Oranges

If the iPhone appears on Orange will they want to brand it with their logos and UI 'enhancements'? Or will they just change the apple on the back for an orange?

Mine's the one that looks like a Jobsian black polo-neck - thanks.

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography

Hatan Skaaf

Badgers' paws...

Aah, poor badgers...


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