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Stiff upper lips and sun glasses: the Chancellor bets on Brexit feeling


Re: The Sky is falling..

Small point, but given fall in the value of the pound since the referendum announcement and then the further collapse after the result we are most likely the 6th or maybe even the 7th largest economy in the world not the 5th.

Also it's not a simple as abandon everything you know, your language, heritage, culture, family, friends etc. and just relocate to Europe not least, because Brexit has just made us all a whole lot less attractive as employees. We used to enjoy that freedom but it's been taken away, unsurprisingly we aren't happy about it so I for one will continue to remoan or protest as it's properly called in a democracy. If you don't like my freedom to do so I suggest it is you sir who should leave.


Trickle-down economics WORKS: SpaceShipTwo is a PRIME EXAMPLE


Piffle using self selected evidence as proof

What utter cobblers, many research projects over the decades have been state sponsored. I give you the Marine chronometer as an example, paid for by the British government and it revolutionised shipping in it's day, eventually trickling down to make goods cheaper for households worldwide. This wasn't done at the whim of what some rich lunatic fancied having a go at but on the opinion of a group of elected officials considering what would best benefit the country as a whole. According to Tim Worstall that should constitute PROOF that state sponsored research is the best way to go.

Sadly this hoary old chestnut boils down to the same argument as the "charity is better than state benefits", they both essentially come down to let your betters do what they will and sometimes on a whim they'll give you some crumbs from their table.



Paris Hilton

Only Paris would trust CNN for her news

I wouldn't even use CNN as a secondary news source, the app can have all the glitz and functionality it wants but in the end content is king.


JustGiving.com website goes titsup after upgrade


Poor Timing for me

I'd just finished a much less impressive bike ride at only 40 miles but I was still expecting to raise some money for Cancer Research UK. No such luck the site was down in the crucial couple of days before the ride and buggy since!



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