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Mobile email: Let's have a heated debate

Dean Murphy

The strategic approach

Mobile working means different things to different people and is generally based on their personal experience and sphere of knowledge. I know people that wouldn’t consider anything other than Citrix for mobile working and others that wouldn’t give up their laptop for anything. These options aren’t mutually exclusive and it is important to have the right technology delivering the right information at the right time.

I use a laptop in my job and through various wireless connections can access all my office systems. I also use an HP iPAQ loaded with Good Mobile Messaging (formerly GoodLink) to enable me to be productive when truly mobile and during times when laptop use isn’t appropriate. Admittedly I don’t using my iPAQ in the same way that I use my laptop and I don’t claim to deal with all my email with it. I can decide how to respond and acknowledge messages so that the expectations of both clients and colleagues are managed. This combination works well for me but won’t for all depending on their role and working style.

To provide comment for the debate I thought I’d take the headings in turn:

Push email comes of age:

There are options beyond the Microsoft and BlackBerry offerings with products such as Good Mobile Messaging (formerly GoodLink) providing a better user experience with more functionality, security and choice. The user is free to choose from a range of platforms, devices and mobile operators. This enables them to source the components from vendors they trust.

Scaling it up:

Mobile messaging is the tip of the mobility iceberg and is fast becoming commoditised. It is important that a strategic mobile technology platform can cater for the needs of the user beyond email. The Good Mobile Intranet product is fully integrated with the Good Mobile Messaging suite and enables the delivery of key business applications to handheld devices. This integrated approach reduces the demand placed on wireless data connections, device resources such as memory and CPU and provides the user with a small number of application they need to become familiar with.

Openness of technology:

By adopting products such as those from Good Technology the enterprise can embrace industry standards and benefit from the availability of skills, knowledge and experience. This openness allows the business to choose the technology and platforms that are right for them rather than the limited choice available from vendors such as BlackBerry.


Mobile technology forces the enterprise to extent the security perimeter and managing that can be challenging. The Good Mobile Defence product is fully integrated with the other Good products and completes the comprehensive suite providing a solution that offers end-to-end message security, device access control, encryption coupled with remote management and device wipe tools.

Business matters:

Quantifying the benefits for mobile working will differ from one individual/organisation to the next. Some will be happy to deal with business matters in their personal time if it gives them more of it. One example was a client evaluating the Good Mobile Messaging product whilst on holiday. He was able to secure a new client by responding to an urgent request for information. This new business paid for the solution many times over.


When considering mobile technologies or developing a mobile strategy it is important to:

consider what you want to achieve today AND tomorrow so that you can choose technologies that will grow and evolve with you.

take small, incremental, measurable steps so that you can review where successes are being made and use that knowledge and experience in subsequent phases.

pay close attention to the usability of the solution as any investment will be wasted if the users cannot use it.



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